ZYRTEC? Antihistamine

Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by utalledo, Dec 15, 2009.

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  1. utalledo

    utalledo Paradise

    Has anyone had bad reactions to it? I have been prescribed with it.....Cralitin D was horrible for me made me dizzy.....was wondering how Zyrtec will be...

    Any comments? :)
  2. Aladdin

    Aladdin Guest

    i take claritin (no D) and benadryl and singular at night and if I'm having a real congested day I take mucinex - with all of those antihistamines I still have mucous

    i've taken zyrtec will no problems
  3. June-

    June- New Member

    I'll tell you the truth and then you should ignore it. ALL antihistamines make my symptoms worse. In fact anything that has a drying effect on my body makes my symptoms worse. I don't know why and I suspect the dr's think I am squirrelly but it has been my experience. I once took zyrtec for 3 days and had good relief from the allergy/eustachian tube probably symptoms i was having. On the fourth day I experienced sudden near deafness, the worst I have ever had since this started. I was really scared. I took one of every pill (for ears) I had in the house and finally went to bed. About 24 hours later I was ok. I think this is really not a Meniere's thing but something to do with the anatomy of my ear but I don't take antihistamines. I have never heard anyone else report this problem so I think it is just me.

    I get good relief sometimes with flonase.
  4. ptmays

    ptmays New Member

    I take allegra-d twice a day. Opposed to the previous poster, the exact opposite works for me. The dryer I become, the fewer symptoms I experience. Some people respond positively to to antihistamines, others don't. Even while taking the antihistamines I still experience extreme brain fog. During these moments I can't concentrate to save my life.
  5. utalledo

    utalledo Paradise

    I will try it and then post my results....
  6. Mya46

    Mya46 Knowledge is POWER!

    I use Flonase and Allegra 180 as needed and helps me a lot! Allegra180 ( not D) does not cross blood brain barrier therefore no dizziness like I always got with others..ie Zyrtec.
  7. June-

    June- New Member

    Interesting.... Maybe I will try allegra 180 if my allergies kick up

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