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  1. Joanne5170

    Joanne5170 New Member

    I was doing my Zumba very fast class turning turning turning around and around

    and thinking thank god for the VNS. I had the worst case of Meineres you can imagine

    in 2000.

    In 20002 I got my VNS and my life back. My savior was the House and Ear Clinic

    Dr. Brackman. No more meds diets Life is Good since 2002

    Joan NY
  2. Philosopher

    Philosopher New Member

    Hi Joanne. Awesome to hear of your continued health and rejuvinated life after Brackmann's VNS.

    I saw Brackmann 10 years ago and must say he is the top doc in this field. The HEI overall is a top notch facility!
  3. mjscott

    mjscott New Member

    What, pray tell, is VNS?
  4. Jäger

    Jäger Me and My sweetie 15 years ago :)

    Vestibular Nerve Section

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