Wobbles aka Joe needs our prayers...

Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by Linda1002, Oct 23, 2006.

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  1. notgivingup

    notgivingup New Member

    Joe and Storm,

    Sorry to hear this........ sending prays and positive thoughts your way. Do hope thing's get better soon for you and Storm......... (((((((BIG HUG"S FOR JOE AND STORM)))))))

  2. Amethyst

    Amethyst She believed she could, so she did.

    Hugs to you both Joe and Storm.

    I think there's nothing worse than a sick animal friend. I have older dogs too and I just can't do enough for them....with all that they have done for me. All I can do is just cherish them fully and hope for a good long happy life for them. The ointment that Sparrow suggested sounds helpful, I hope you can get ahold of some.

    Get better soon, both of you.
  3. Wobbles

    Wobbles Storm (April 15, 1992 - November 17, 2006)

    Sparrow, thanks for your suggestion of an anointment for S’s eye. It gives me comfort to know that they work because I am already using an ophthalmic ointment to treat Storm’s eye. I apply it three times per day. The ointment is called Ciloxan 0.3% (ciprofloxacin hydrochloride).

    I also had a chat with my pharmacist to see if she could tell me if she knew of good ways to get antibiotics to the interior of an eye. She said that he did not know of a good way, except through surgical procedures. Storm is going to vet in 30 minutes for an assessment of the situation.

    This morning I had my blood clots reexamined and they still appear to be “superficial”, meaning that they are confined to veins close to surface of my skin. This is good news because these blood clots should not break away and end up in my lungs. The good doctor prescribed me heavy duty non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines to help lessen the pain.

    I have to get moving now because I need to get Storm ready for his trip to vet.

  4. Gwendelyn

    Gwendelyn New Member

    Well it's good to here that the clots are not as bad as you feared. Poor Stom. Such a good dog desearves better. Hopefully the vet can fix it all.

    Prayers for you and Storm.
  5. sparrow

    sparrow Guest

    ((((Healing hugs)))) Joe ~ Hoping your veterinarian will make some good suggestions for Storm, let me know what is said. The eye ointment is called Vetropolycin-HC. It is an antibacterial ointment with hydrocortisone acetate to be applied 3-4 times daily. Just a tiny little squiggle of it across the affected eye.

    You must be extremely relieved to hear your clots are on surface veins only (((Hugs))) !!!!!!!!!!!! Soo happy for you, doing the happy happy dance !!!

    P.S. I edited my post from last night and I did embarass myself. When I take Ambien at night I say things that are not always appropriate, so please accept my apologies !!!

    Sparrow :D :D
  6. Wobbles

    Wobbles Storm (April 15, 1992 - November 17, 2006)

    Sigh. My dog Storm is not doing well and he is having a surgical procedure being performed on him as I type this posting. His eye ulcer has gotten worse and the vet says that he has already lost a layer of his eye in one portion. Vet thinks it looks like an autoimmune reaction. Also, Storm is having renewed problems with his breathing and vet will try to get fluid samples from the alveoli of his lungs.

    The vet said that he will try to keep Storm on a light anesthetic to help him avoid complications.

    I’ll post again when I hear from vet’s office on outcome.

  7. Linda1002

    Linda1002 New Member

    Good thoughts coming your way for Storm. Big {hugs} from me for you both!
  8. Bergie

    Bergie New Member

    All my prayers are for Storm tonight.

    I hope Storms surgery goes well and that he has a full and speedy recovery!

    (Hang in there Joe...I know what you are going through...this is so hard.)
  9. wendyd

    wendyd New Member

    You and Storm are in my thoughts and prayers tonight. I hope he weathered the surgery well, and is recovering, and you are too.
    my best to both of you.
  10. sparrow

    sparrow Guest

    Joe ~ it sounds like Storm is in the best of hands with your veterinarian. Good for your vet for putting him on a light sedative. The fluid tap is nothing, takes about a few minutes to do that and Storm will get immediate relief from that, his breathing will restore to normal and his gums will pink up very fast. What is the prognosis of the eye?

    Following along with you, wish I could be there to hold your hand !!! Extending my hand for you as you read this Joe !!!

    You both are in my thoughts and prayers !!!

  11. Wobbles

    Wobbles Storm (April 15, 1992 - November 17, 2006)

    Good news!! Storm made it through the operation in good stead. The vet said he “debrided” the portion of his eye with the dead tissue. He said he could not remove all the dead tissue because he would have had to cut away too much of his cornea. The vet was also successful in getting fluid samples from Storm’s lungs. These will be sent to a pathologist for examination.

    I am breathing more easily now and feel as if a terrible weight has been lifted from my heart. If all continues to go well, I should be able to pick up Storm sometime tomorrow. Storm is not out of the woods but at least he is on a path that can lead to recovery and is no longer bushwhacking in devil’s club.

  12. Bergie

    Bergie New Member


    {{{{{{{{{{HUGS for both of you!!!}}}}}}}}}}}
  13. sparrow

    sparrow Guest

    Ohhhhhhhhhh, that truly is good news !!!! :D :D :D I understand the impact our furbabies can have on us. I have been where you were many times and I know the agony of it all !!! Will Storm be watched tonight, are you transfering him to a 24 hour emergency hospital to be supervised?

    Jumping for joy !!!

    Sparrow :D :D :D
  14. sparrow

    sparrow Guest

    I couldn't go to sleep tonight without knowing that you and Storm would be alright, so removing the toothpicks from my eyelids and wishing you and Storm a good night !!!!

    Tomorrow will be a good day for you two !!! A good pat on the back to your vet is in order tooo !!!

    Sparrow :D :D
  15. So Cal Cyclist

    So Cal Cyclist View Askew

    Glad to read that things are looking up.
    My thoughts and prayers go out to you both.
    -So Cal Cyclist
  16. jabber

    jabber New Member

    I'm so glad to hear that Storm is going to do ok- hope the night goes fast so you can get him home tomorrow, lots of prayers and healing hugs heading out for both you and Storm-- Loretta
  17. Robyn

    Robyn Russell the Wombat

    Lots of positive vibes and good thoughts coming yours and Storm's way Joe. :)
  18. wendyd

    wendyd New Member

    Whew! Thanks for posting Joe, very good news, and I hope every hour Storm improves and gets stronger. Sleep well tonight, what a difficult day for you.
  19. Linda1002

    Linda1002 New Member

    Joe - My heart is happy right now :)!
  20. NurseMom

    NurseMom New Member

    Joe- I'm so happy to hear the good news for Storm. I knew your baby had to be ok.... because he is your strength and love that you so desperately need right now..... and he wants to give all that puppy love to you that you have provided him over the years.

    In my thoughts,

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