Where are you from ????

Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by iowatriker, Nov 18, 2006.

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  1. blessed

    blessed New Member

    At the very tip of Southern Illinois.
  2. ripper roo

    ripper roo lisa

    ok, born in the UK

    but have lived in australia since 1965

  3. Isis_M

    Isis_M New Member

    I live on the Southern California coast, about 70 miles north of Los Angeles.
  4. burd

    burd New Member

    I don't remember but am I way off to think it may have been Mark "On The Border"???
  5. Pluto

    Pluto New Member

    nope, it was Cob. Mark rejuvenated it for a while, but it died out.
  6. Willie Marie

    Willie Marie New Member

    Born in Gerogia--now living inTennessee

    Willie Marie
  7. Soccerspin

    Soccerspin New Member

    Cincinnati, Ohio
  8. charlesj

    charlesj New Member

    Southwest Ontario
  9. jabber

    jabber New Member

    South central Ontario, I think
    Niagara Region
  10. Andrea1962

    Andrea1962 New Member

  11. fred3975

    fred3975 New Member

    Apparently you consider the UK not to be part of Europe.

    I agree. :)
  12. NurseMom

    NurseMom New Member

    Northeastern Oklahoma (Tulsa) to be exact
  13. GinaMc

    GinaMc Me and my friend Sally :)

    Michigan here.... UPPER MICHIGAN! anybody ever hear of a "YOOPER"?

  14. Mya46

    Mya46 Knowledge is POWER!

    Lovely New England in Southeastern Connecticut, nice and close to the ocean...love it. :-*
  15. Andrew

    Andrew New Member

    Gina, I'm reading a detective series about a woods cop working in the UP, a yooper for sure. The writer's name is Joseph Heywood and the detective's name is Service. My sister is the editor for the series, published by The Lyons Press. It's fun to read about the UP, all the wild animals that live there and all the interesting characters...
  16. USMC

    USMC New Member

    Born in Rochelle, IL and now live in the New Orleans, LA area.

  17. sparrow

    sparrow Guest

    Northern Virginia :D
  18. Titus

    Titus New Member

    Daytona Beach, Florida. Been here 29 years. Prior to that upstate NY, near Lake Placid.
  19. woozee

    woozee New Member

    Born and raised in Louisiana, now living in Tennessee.
  20. ThornInDaesSide

    ThornInDaesSide New Member

    Native Floridian, country girl, (HUGE Gator fan, Go Gators!), living in SC, wanting to return to NOLA.

    Before here, lived in Sicily, Spain, Illinois and Louisiana.

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