Walking doesn't work out so well!

Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by rondrums, May 5, 2014.

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  1. rondrums

    rondrums Bilateral

    I had to drop my car off at the local repair shop today. It's about four blocks from my house, so I figured I could walk home, no sweat.

    Man, was I wrong. I made it about 50 yards, and the ground started moving and tilting. I had nothing to hang on to, so I just kept my head down and slopped my way through it. When I got home, I immediately ate a Xanax and got horizontal.

    It's frigging amazing what Meniere's takes away from us. Walking, for God's sake! I used to walk for miles.

    The weird thing is, when my car was ready, I knew I couldn't walk back to the shop, so I rode my bicycle and threw it in the back of my vehicle. Riding a bike is no problem. I guess it's because my feet are off the ground (?). Go figure......

    Bless all,
  2. Intrepid

    Intrepid New Member

    It takes practice and consistency. You are retraining your brain. Stick with it.
  3. bulldogs

    bulldogs New Member

    I have often wondered if some of those people we see in wheelchairs that look otherwise normal have MM. If it ever came to it, I would get myself an electric wheelchair to get around, I have seen what falls can do to people and many Of them I see are in coffins.

    Getting old and falling scared me very much!
  4. Vicki615

    Vicki615 New Member

    Ron, I had some vestibular therapy a few years ago, besides the exercises I had to do, the therapist told me when I am dizzy focus on one spot. Maybe try that when you have to walk or when you feel dizzy, keep your eyes focused on one spot instead of looking around.
  5. recentlydizzy

    recentlydizzy New Member

    Darkness is my kryptonite. I really suck at walking in the dark, well pretty much anything in the dark. Also, I have a cat that is my best buddy but he has nearly caused some cattastrophies by getting under my feet. My major concern is at 40 my fall risk is within normal limits but another twenty years from now who knows. Thus far anytime I have been really bad the worst that has happened is bumping into something like a door or wall.
  6. Chinook

    Chinook New Member

    Rondrums, boy I hear what you're saying. Balance has been the remaining issue for me and some days it seems to be pretty close to normal (never normal anymore) yet other days it's like I'm walking on hills and slopes. Knowing that balance is also tied to eyesight, I wear single vision lenses but that doesn't help much. I've decided that my balance seems worse if I am doing long concentrated work on the computer. My eyes have a hard time recovering and as a result, my balance is affected. When I'm on vacation and away from the computer, things start to straighten out- somewhat. While I haven't gone to vestibular therapy, I have researched it and done some exercises on my own and that does seem to help a bit though not completely. I also try and focus on one spot when I feel like I'm walking on the side of a hill. I sure wish I had an answer, I guess just keep at it. And yeah, riding the bike is ok for me too. So strange, hang in there.
  7. Angelea

    Angelea New Member

    I have not found this to be true exactly. If someone's vestibular loss is stable, say after a laby, vns, or gent, then the brain might be able to compensate over time. But what I've experienced is that during periods of fluctuation, no amount of walking or exercises are going to help b/c my brain is constantly chasing a different ball.

    The last six months of last year I had severe balance issues, especially after driving/riding in a car even for a few minutes. When would I get to work, I had to walk about 2 blocks to my office and back. And everyday for those six months I was extremely fearful of falling and it required a tremendous amount of exhausting effort to make that walk safely. Despite this regular effort, it didn't help a bit b/c my ear was not stable.
  8. Intrepid

    Intrepid New Member


    What works for some doesn't work for all.
  9. yanksgirl

    yanksgirl New Member

    That is what my balance instructor told me to do. For a very long time, I had black dots on paper post-its all over my house to learn to focus on one spot when dizziness occurred. I do that when walking and try not to look from side to side except maybe when out in wide areas. Turning my head from side to side inside still makes me off balance so I turn my whole body instead. Also, when I drive--and I don't do much only because of head pressure and etc. lately, but I have no problem with driving--because the dizziness is due to your body trying to 'balance', while in a standing position.
  10. rondrums

    rondrums Bilateral

    Yeah, I'm like you. I can drive when I'm dizzy (although I'd rather not). When walking dizzy, I try to look down as much as possible.
    I did the balance exercises for a good while. They didn't seem to help a lot. I suppose I ought to get back to them....

    Bless all,
  11. bulldogs

    bulldogs New Member


    If it gives you a better quality of life get yourself a power chair if you are out and about. You never have to worry about falls, keeping up with others in social situations, your brain can relax and you can enjoy yourself.
    I cannot stress to people the danger of falling. I see it every week, somebody with bad balance falls hits their head or breaks a hip.

    Always safety first. Please don't be put there if you are in danger of falling.
  12. Karenplus8

    Karenplus8 New Member

    I bought a walking stick because I there wasn't a wall in the middle of church and I couldn't keep grabbing my husband. When I do get dizzy I focus right ahead of me and I don't move my head. I walk slow and that seems to help but my walking stick is wonderful tool for me. I got it at Brazos -walking-stick.com
  13. bulldogs

    bulldogs New Member

    Before my laby I had a nice walking stick, 2 months after my laby I was paddle boarding and water skiing again.

    I used to get pissed off and hit shit with my stick.
  14. msprygada

    msprygada New Member

    How are you doing these days Katniss? Is your balance good now with SS? How are you doing overall? I hope you are doing better each and every day.
  15. Angelea

    Angelea New Member

    I'm doing very well. Still have some minispins, worse this week with a small storm that rolled in. But they still just last about 30 seconds and then I feel fine in between. A lot less balance issues after driving/riding in the car. Hearing is still very good and only stable soft tinnitus.

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