Turmeric Root: Another person sees their symptoms begin to vanish

Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by earshurt, Dec 26, 2010.

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  1. earshurt

    earshurt New Member

    This was in my mailbox today from a forum member named Tom47. I am sharing this because I know he won't care. He wants us all to be well.

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    Sorry I haven't messaged in awhile, I've been busy with x-mas and work. I though I'd let you know I've bought that allepy by the pound, and this stuff is really working. I should not have wasted my money on those pills. I'm slowly watching my floaters die off, and I know if I can cure my floaters I think I can cure the rest of my body.


    What he means by "Allepey" is Turmeric Root that comes from Allepey India. What he meant by "pills" was buying Turmeric Root in capsules. The capsules are hard to know which strain of Turmeric Root is being bought and all Turmeric is not created equal. Frontier has two types which are Organic and Alleppey. This message came to me from Tom47 a member of this forum. I told him to buy Turmeric Root "allepey" from frontiercoop.com by the pound. It only costs 7.30 a pound. Two teaspoons a day makes a new human out of a lot of people. Turmeric Root gave me my life back. You can take more but I am a fan of the less is more club. The least you can take to make the problem the better and still get results. You may get relief from one teaspoon a day. You can play with the dose. You can take more if needed because it is not toxic. The only complication I know of is a possible Herxheimer reaction which means flu like symptoms from rapid pathogen die off and usually only lasts a couple of days but most people never have this happen. Herxheimer reactions mean the treatment is working well. The only other possible complication would be if you are allegergic to it but you should be no more allergic to it than you would be to peas, potatoes, tomatoes, etc...
  2. utalledo

    utalledo Paradise

    Okay so what is this? ground turmeric right?

    how are we supposed to take it and does this work for vertigo or what exactly?

  3. dolfan

    dolfan New Member

    do we mix it in milk with ovaltine?
  4. Funshine

    Funshine New Member

    How about Bosco? Can we mix it with Bosco?
  5. gardenfish

    gardenfish New Member

    what specific symptoms did/does it relieve? The post is too general to gain anything from it regarding Menieres
  6. dolfan

    dolfan New Member

  7. dolfan

    dolfan New Member

    seriously, is it as good as Advil for pain?
  8. Papajoe

    Papajoe Myco-dental Freak of Nature

    My wife is taking it for joint pain, and she says she can tell a difference on those days she forgets to take it.
  9. CGR

    CGR Guest

    When he says "floaters" is he referring to the ones in our eyes?
  10. earshurt

    earshurt New Member

    I started taking two to three teaspoons a day and saw improvement with brain fog, confusion, unsteadiness, fatigue, after the second dose. Tom47 said the same thing happened to him. First he noticed the brain fog, confusion, and massive fatigue begin to vanish. He said the capsules he bought (which are too expensive) didn't really do the trick. So he bought by the pound as I suggested (turmeric from Allepey) and got results much magnified.

    After the third day I was cutting down trees in my mom's yard because I had so much energy I didn't know what to do with myself. Since then I can sometimes go days without taking it and still be ok but I notice if I stop taking it completely the symptoms can slowly start to return. The thing I like about it also is that instead of harming a liver it will rehab a liver and many other organs. There have been hundreds of studies done on Turmeric Root and it is a potent healer. Give credit to the good people of India for this one. It is full of B6 vitamins and a lot of other good substances.

    Okay so what is this? ground turmeric right?

    how are we supposed to take it and does this work for vertigo or what exactly?


    This is ground Turmeric Root. The most potent I know of is grown in Aleppey, India. This is not the same thing as Curry Powder. Curry Powder only has a little bit of Turmeric Root in it. You want pure ground Turmeric Root all by itself. It is light orange in color.

    Other Turmerics are also grown in China, Peru, etc...They tend to be darker in color and when mixed together with Aleppey you can see a distinct difference in the color. The lighter in color the higher the curcumin content. I use measuring spoons. I take one teaspoon twice to three times a day.

    The way it may work for vertigo is complicated. For now lets say it can knock out the swelling and inflammation around the ear, and for this it is really good. If the inflammation is caused by a toxin such as a pathogen (which i suspect is the case for a lot of us) it will mop up the toxin and portage it from the blood as well as kill the pathogen. I also suspect it plays a role in the G Protein synthesis but I need more study on that to be certain.

    If your vertigo is caused by a misalignment is the spine it may also help by alleviating the swelling and inflammation in the joints. My wrist has crushed bones in it. It is so painful I can barely use it. When I use Turmeric I can literally swing an axe without pain.

    My wife is taking it for joint pain, and she says she can tell a difference on those days she forgets to take it.

    Yes Turmeric is very effective for this if you get the right type and it won't blow out your organs like NSAIDS. (tylenol, ibuprofen, etc...)


    seriously, is it as good as Advil for pain?

    Better in my opinion. But, it won't alleviate the muscle spasms that come with joint pain. Many people confuse muscle spasms with the pain in the joint itself so the relief it will offer will be mixed. In the lower back there are huge muscles and they create much of the pain associated with lower back pain. It is really hard to alleviate the pain of muscle spasms with an anti-inflammatory sometimes.


    what specific symptoms did/does it relieve? The post is too general to gain anything from it regarding Menieres

    Thank you gardenfish you are accurate.

    X means gone.
    I means improved with a percentage of improvement.
    DH means I never had the symptom
    GBT means it went away before I started Turmeric

    ◦Dizziness X
    Unsteadiness X
    Rocking Swaying Sensations X
    Sensation Of Ground Moving X
    ◦Difficulty reading or writing (words may appear to move while reading) X
    ◦Blurred vision X
    ◦Vertigo True Spinning In Circles DH (maybe because I didn't advance to that stage, don't know for sure)
    Difficulty focusing X
    ◦Appearance of aura around words or objects X
    ◦Eye fatigue X
    ◦Tendency to close eyes or look down DH
    ◦Decreased night vision X
    ◦Decreased tolerance to glare, fluorescent lights, sun, or bright lights X
    ◦Decreased depth perception X
    ◦Increased dizziness in busy environments X
    ◦Decreased tolerance hearing disturbances to loud or busy environments X
    ◦Disequilibrium or imbalance X
    ◦Inability to walk straight X
    ◦Poor coordination or clumsiness X
    ◦Floaters In Eyes/Flashing Lights In Eyes X
    ◦Appearance of the world bouncing X
    ◦Feeling of drunkenness X
    ◦Tinnitus (popping, buzzing, swooshing, or ringing in the ears) I 50% to 75%
    ◦Ear pressure or fullness I 50% to 70%
    ◦Difficulty concentrating X
    ◦Difficulty following instructions or directions X
    ◦Decreased memory X
    ◦Confusion or disorientation X
    ◦Slurred speech X
    ◦Nausea DH (probably due to lack of true spin)
    ◦Vomiting DH (probably due to lack of true spin)
    ◦Motion sickness DH
    ◦Anxiety I 75%
    ◦Depression X
    ◦Headaches DH
    ◦Neck pain X
    ◦Hearing Disturbances X
    ◦Hearing loss (had high frequency loss, not tested since Turmeric, maybe never get it back due to damage)
    Fluctuation in hearing I (improved 80% rarely see this anymore)
    ◦Fatigue X (totally and completely vanished, full energy return to me)

    How about Bosco? Can we mix it with Bosco?
    do we mix it in milk with ovaltine?

    Good question. There is probably something you could mix it with that would negate its effects but I don't know what these mix substances would be. I would guess that you could mix it with most things. I encourage you to mix it if you cannot take it alone by itself. Get it down however you can.

    In an effort not to negate its effects I put one teaspoon in three ounces of water, stir, swirl briskly by hand, and kill it like a shot. It does not have much taste. Add 1/4 teaspoon Black Pepper because Turmeric is hard to digest for some people. Adding Black Pepper increases the uptake to the body cells several fold. Believe it or not the Black Pepper goes down smooth as silk and you can barely taste it and does not burn the mouth or throat. Chase with a few sips of clean water.


    When he says "floaters" is he referring to the ones in our eyes?

    Yes. The little black spots in our vision or flashes of light some people may have. I have my own theories as to why some people have these and others don't but it is too complicated for this thread.


    Feel free to ask questions. There are no dumb questions. There are only questions we have no answers for, and some we think we do. This may not work for everybody but for 7 dollars and 30 cents a pound it is worth a try.

    If it works for you then I believe we have narrowed your problem, the cause, down to a smaller and perhaps known set of possibilities.
  11. CGR

    CGR Guest

    Thx for the info. I think i will give it a go.
  12. Coach M

    Coach M New Member

    I might give it a shot myself.
  13. earshurt

    earshurt New Member

    A question in my mailbox from today.

    I can get some free capsules from a friend. Some say they have curcumin in it. Which ones should I get?


    Before I could be certain I would need to see the product label but this is what I know about these products.

    Curcumin is the supposed most active ingredient and most sought after. However using it alone may not provide full benefit. Turmeric Root is a compound of substances and not a single substance.

    The most effective way to use it is to use both the extracted curcumin in pure form and the raw turmeric root together. The reason being is because you get the synergistic benefit of all the helper components in the raw Turmeric Root and not just the curcumin. Using pure curcumin by itself you run the risk of it not having been properly extracted, thus no benefit. If this happens to you then you just suspected a good treatment does not work.

    Using both you get the best of both worlds and the security of knowing you GET IT ALL.

    If using pure curcumin alone, and it does not work, it does not mean it is not effective for what ails you. Equally as likely, and perhaps more likely, it means that it was not properly extracted. Try another brand.

    The "with curcumin" is either marketing tactic (it all has curcumin) or it has added pure curcumin extract. If it has pure curcumin extract, and raw turmeric root, this is the best of both worlds.

    BUT, if the curcumin was improperly extracted, and then you are only left with a little bitty bit of real Turmeric Root you have not done yourself any good. This is why I suggest the Allepey RAW Turmeric Root from frontiercoop.com because I know for a fact it is potent enough to get results. If you mixed Allepey and pure curcumin extract that was properly extracted you would have the most potent combination you could possibly have.

    However, that does not mean you should not try what you can get for free. BUT Tom47 USED TURMERIC IN CAPSULES AND GOT "NOT MUCH" RESULTS. WHEN HE USED THE ALLEPEY SUDDENLY THE RESULTS KICKED IN.

    I would try both. A whole pound from frontiercoop.com only costs 7 dollars and 30 cents. I ordered 5 pounds today. I plan to give some away to some people here in my town that are really sick, and also my dad, mother, and nephew.

    If you use what you get from your friend in capsules be careful NOT TO SUSPECT IT WON'T WORK. YOU SEE WHAT HAPPENED TO Tom47. Lucky for Tom he was smart enough to follow up and get the Allepey.


    And remember we never know when our sources may dry up. For me this is my life ring and savior. I buy it several pounds at a time. 5 pounds cost 37.00 plus shipping. Store in quart mason jars at room temp in a dark place. Direct light takes its power down. It will probably outlive us all under these conditions. This way you never are without your life line if it works for you. 37 dollars will give you a supply that lasts wayyyyy over a year probably and you have plenty of time to find another source if yours goes bad. I guard my Turmeric with my life, it is my life, as it provides me with a quality life. You don't have to live "paycheck to paycheck" with Turmeric, don't need a prescription, etc...If it works, get some to last.

    My next experiment is with Olive Leaf Extract. Stay tuned. It just came in today! Proper extraction methods on this one are crucial though. And finding the proper one may be like finding a needle in a haystack.
  14. earshurt

    earshurt New Member


    The above from The Dolfan. I assume the gentle swimming mammal is asking about times between dosage. If my memory serves me correctly the blood serum levels peak at roughly 4.5 hours. I could be mistaken because it has been a while since I studied it, but it does coincide with my personal experience.

    This means that a dose taken at 7 in the morning would wear off 5 in the evening, with max benefit being derived at 11:30 a.m. just before noon.

    However, I do notice that residual effects tend to last much longer at times, especially after it has been taken for several days in a row. This is because the body is "loaded" and the effective ingredients are stored in the body as a reserve. Based on the "storing principle" you will notice that is is more effective the longer you take it with max benefits being noticed (for me) in a couple of weeks (or so).
  15. earshurt

    earshurt New Member

    Be wary of "per serving" information on labels on capsules. These are tricky descriptions sometimes. When you buy a product that says "has X per serving" it has nothing to do with an effective dose sometimes. Also it often refers to certain ingredients "per serving" and you are also not sure the label is correct.

    Although less convenient, buying in bulk assures (to a greater degree) that you get what you expect. You can also buy capsules and pack them yourself for convenience.
  16. Jordan

    Jordan New Member

    I just wanted to mention that according to WebMD, pregnant and breastfeeding women should not take Turmeric in high doses:


    Taking turmeric by mouth in medicinal amounts is LIKELY UNSAFE in pregnancy. It might promote a menstrual period or stimulate the uterus, putting the pregnancy at risk. Don’t take turmeric if you are pregnant.

    There isn’t enough information to rate the safety of turmeric during breast-feeding. It’s best not to use it.


    Gallbladder problems. Turmeric can make gallbladder problems worse. Don’t use turmeric if you have gallstones or a bile duct obstruction.

    Surgery: Turmeric might slow blood clotting. It might cause extra bleeding during and after surgery. Stop using turmeric at least 2 weeks before a scheduled surgery.

    Another page talks about Turmeric Root (Goldenseal) in a separate entry. Although this appears to be different from the turmeric Earshurt is advocating there is potential for confusion because of the name. I am not sure which one Earshurt actually uses but this one also contains a severe warning for pregnant and breastfeeding women:


    Goldenseal is POSSIBLY SAFE when used as a single dose. There is not enough reliable information to know if goldenseal is safe for long-term use.

    Don't use goldenseal in newborn babies. It is LIKELY UNSAFE for them. It might cause brain damage (kernicterus).

    Special Precautions & Warnings:
    Pregnancy and breast-feeding: Using goldenseal during pregnancy or breast-feeding is LIKELY UNSAFE for the infant. A hazardous chemical in goldenseal can cross the placenta and can also find its way into breast milk. Brain damage (kernicterus) has developed in newborn infants exposed to goldenseal. Do not use goldenseal during pregnancy or breast-feeding.

    In both cases, there are also potential drug interactions for people who take various medications.
  17. earshurt

    earshurt New Member

    I appreciate the warning Jordan, I truly do. It is true that Turmeric can thin the blood a little. There is no confusion between goldenseal and turmeric as they are two different plants.

    And, I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but I found WebMD to be a notorious front for mainstream medicine and much of what they have to say is pure junk in many respects. Even though they are correct in some of the things they say, I find that their take home message usually revolves around "eat pills for a lifetime for symptoms but never get to the root cause of illness".

    "There isn’t enough information to rate the safety of turmeric" They would also likely say there is not enough evidence to warrant the fact that it can cure breast cancer which it obviously does without question in many cases. That sort of info does not sell much chemo.

    Having said the above, let us not let this thread devolve into the merits or lack of in WebMD corporate sponsorship. I can whip that subject out in short order without polluting this one with it.

    Most baby formulas are highly unsafe and stupid to use themselves. But I would rather keep this on topic. I think most humans understand that pregnancy is a time when caution should be considered.

    I do welcome the posting of negative effects though, I truly do, but WebMD I don't have much faith in when it comes down to getting away from corporate agenda.
  18. earshurt

    earshurt New Member

    True, but Turmeric is not Ashwandgha. However, as a service, I should probably look up what sorts of common edible plants people may be allergic to that would give them a clue as to the possibility they could be allergic. So overall, good point. If you come across these before I do please post them.
  19. birdmom3

    birdmom3 New Member

    I have taken Tumeric. Not for Meniere's, but for back pain. It did stop my pain. I would not take it if I was taking any prescription drugs. Without a doctors permission this is dangerous. There are not threats of addiction with Tumeric.

    I found MSN effective as Tumeric for back pain or joint pain.

  20. Jordan

    Jordan New Member

    I do think there is potential for confusion, Earshurt. If you noticed, the other name for Goldenseal is "Turmeric Root" (the title of your post). Someone who does not know the difference could easily purchase the wrong one. Also, although I live in the Middle East and have access to some of the finest and most authentic spices in the world (including fresh turmeric), it would be difficult for me (a layperson) to go to the market and confirm that I was getting the real deal. Why? Because some vendors might be mixing turmeric with another ingredient or selling a different spice entirely and labeling it turmeric. I would need the help of a friend or acquaintance who actually worked in the spice industry.

    Regarding WebMD, I am well aware that the site is driven by corporate sponsorship. When it comes to health warnings, however, there is no reason (in my view) to distrust the information posted there. The site provides information about medications and supplements of all types and is an easy quick reference when you need to check on interactions or side effects. If anything, however, the information may be incomplete so it is important to further check with a doctor or pharmacist before taking a new medication, supplement or vitamin. I would not have posted this information except for the statements you made saying that turmeric is not ever toxic. A lot of people have the impression that natural always means safe. It would be tragic for someone to take this at face value and not do his/her own research. And pregnant women need to be extra aware of the potential hazards of taking excess vitamins, supplements or herbs. It was not too long ago that another poster claimed that certain supplements should be safe for pregnant women and expressed surprise when challenged.

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