Suicide, has anyone ever contemplated it as an end to this "BEAST" Meniere's?

Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by Caribbean, Mar 26, 2007.

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  1. Caribbean

    Caribbean New Member

    Just curious, in reading the posts here over the years, has anyone ever thought about suicide as an end to this dreaded affliction and perhaps been turned around by this site and the good people here?
    The newbies are also welcome to comment.

    I will start this thread off by saying........ When I found this site some four years ago, I was sick and tired of being sick and tired, and was at wits end.
    I keep a licenced 9mm. in the house to protect my family.
    So at that time I had actually considered ending the problem that lived within me.

    Then by the grace of God I discovered this help form and with the help of the wonderful people here I managed to try the things that had worked for others, until I found out what worked for me and turned my life around.

    Fortunately with the help of this board and the support of strangers, that day is long behind me!
    So in closing what I'm trying to say is that their is a light at the end of the tunnel, if you are strong and believe that MM will not get the better of you...............

    Be well / Larry
  2. ToniG

    ToniG Guest

    No, never. I had menieres 23 years, before I found this forum 4 years ago, 27 years total with menieres. I always had family and friends who have said "buck up" and it's helped me in the long run.
  3. DEBBIE3

    DEBBIE3 New Member


    No way!! I have not had the disease long, only 3 months. When I have attacks, which are pretty bad, and I have been having one at least 3 times a week! I admit that I have asked God to take me home, but I would never commit suicide! From what I have read about many of the people in this family is you learn to deal with it, and go on the best you can. I am working on managing the disease. I have a long way to go, but I'm going to fight it the best way I can. I'm glad you changed your mind about that awful decision. Thats not the answer. Good luck, and stay with us. I just joined the group last nite, and I already see that we are not alone with this and there are people who have a minor cases of it, and the worst cases of it. But they are all caring and willing to help you through it the best way they can. I can already see the support this group gives.


  4. NurseMom

    NurseMom New Member

    You know- there was a time when I was SO incredibly sick (this was before my allergic condition and the Menieres was diagnosed) that I honestly felt like my husband and son would have an easier and better life without me. I certainly wasn't happy- being housebound, weak, had no idea what was ravaging my body and spirit and I felt like if life was going to be like that, that I didn't want to be part of that.

    Then I was faced with the possibility of two different terminal diseases. I can't even begin to explain all the feelings that overwhelmed me as I waited for the test results to come in. The actual realization of having to say goodbye to my young son and husband hit me like a lead balloon. That's when I knew if God would give me another chance.... that I was going to fight whatever I was facing.

    So yes, Meniere's has greatly affected me, but since getting that diagnosis.... I look at it as a life sentence instead of a death sentence. The Meniere's leaves me a prisoner within my own body at times....but yet it still leaves me with life....and on those bright, sunny (asymptomatic days)-- I'm right out there living it to the fullest.

    Lifes a gift, I'll never take that for granted again!
  5. cheese

    cheese New Member

    Re: Suicide, has anyone ever contemplated it as an end to this "BEAST" Meniere'

    Holy crap, man. I'm not 100% sure that this thread is a great idea regardless of whether people have thought it or not.

    I'm not a noob, but even seeing the thread on the front page scared the crap out of me and gave me that sinking feeling.

    I can't imagine that reading about how MM has made people contemplate suicide is really all that sensible.

    I understand that it may be a valid thread considering the complexities of chronic health issues. But fark ....I really don't want to be reminded of stuff like this.

    don't mean to offend you. i'm just not sure whether this is responsible. Out of sight, out of mind!

    For the record never!
  6. gardenfish

    gardenfish New Member

    Re: Suicide, has anyone ever contemplated it as an end to this "BEAST" Meniere'

    no, because this disease pisses me off so much that I refuse to let it win.
  7. NurseMom

    NurseMom New Member


    I would like to respond on your comments. I know suicide is a sensitive subject... but it isn't out of sight, out of mind. Since I've been here - for over 2 years now....there have been many people who have come here at wits end and truly suicidal. I think this is a topic that was just brought up- to show where desperation comes in with the Menieres... but if you look at the replies... I think it also shows anyone who is reading this (and feels like they are at that point)- that there is hope.

    I think it's just showing that there is a delicate balance in life.... and that we truly do have control over it--if we learn to look at things in a different light.

    Just my opinion though!
  8. cheese

    cheese New Member

    Re: Suicide, has anyone ever contemplated it as an end to this "BEAST" Meniere'


    With respect, I have to whole heartedly disagree

    A thread stating "Don't give up" or "You can fight you're way through this" is a much better and sensible way to get that point across.

    If someone is suicidal they need to consult a health professional.

    I don't come here to read about how meniere's makes you want to neck yourself ...I come here for helpful information.

    I can only imagine a young new comer to the disease logging on and seeing that there life may be filled with suicidal thoughts would be terrifying and unnecessary etc.

    The relational frame theory states that with each word spoken, or spoken in the subconscious, the mind will relate that word to visual cues, past events, etc So just reading the word suicide can create mental pictures that are extremely unhelpful for someone who is already depressed.

    Each to their own though.
  9. cheese

    cheese New Member

    In saying that, I can see the benefits of reading about how people have fought off those thoughts.

    Sorry ...I really don't want to argue about this sensitive issue, I probably shouldn't have even said anything. I can only speak for myself in saying that 'i' don't like the topic. But I can understand that others may find it beneficial.
  10. MedievalWriter

    MedievalWriter Ryan's Rose Pvt Ryan Winslow KIA Iraq 4-2006

    Re: Suicide, has anyone ever contemplated it as an end to this "BEAST" Meniere'

    We've had a lot of suicide in my extended family. Until you've gone through a family member suicide, you cannot imagine it. No, you cannot.

    No, I've never thought about it for myself. I would never do it to my family even if I had, though. It is something a family never recovers from, ever. And I mean never recovers down through history.

    I love my family more than I hate how I feel, I guess is what I'm saying.
  11. Julie

    Julie New Member

    I would have to say yes, although I don't think I could go through with it because I love my family too much to hurt them. When I've felt really ill, I've just asked God to just take me. After dealing with migraines, and two sick children (one with a brain tumour and the other a genetic illness), meneres felt like the last straw. Maybe I'm weak, but there have been times when I've felt so tired of it all. I'm thankful for this site. the people here offered alternatives and hope when I wasn't getting any help from the medical Dr. My family dr. was willing to try different things when I told her some were getting relief here. It really helped me. Thanks
  12. bryant99

    bryant99 New Member

    Re: Suicide, has anyone ever contemplated it as an end to this "BEAST" Meniere'

    This is a touchy subject.My mom and my sister both has tried suicide over the years and has learned to deal with their illness and go on.I've never even thought about doing anything like that and never will.I have a son that was born with hart problems and its one of the hardest things to watch and it makes you feel helpless.I've been through so much in my life time and seen a lot of stuff and am dealing with several health problems after been through all that I still never thought about suicide.Life is to precious to through away like that.
  13. SpinininOhio

    SpinininOhio New Member

    Only very briefly (and probably not truly seriously) when I was in the throes of a horrible vertigo attack, but then I learned how to live with the beast and began to get well via alternative therapies. What a sad, sad, sad mistake it would have been for me. Like MedievalWriter said, survivors never get over it. I could never do that to my family.

  14. burd

    burd New Member

    I have felt this way too.  But then again it is an illness, I'm talking about depression, that I have battled with since I was a teenager, even though I come from a solid, good family background and have the perfect marriage.  So of course when meniere's ran me down I slipped into that darkness that is always lurking in the background of my mind.  It wasn't like, "oh I have menieres, I want to die", but meniere's pitching me headfirst into the darkness that suffocates any desire to keep going on.  Those who say they've never had those thoughts don't know what that life-sucking darkness feels like, and they cannot understand.  It's not something you can just will away with a self-help pep talk.

    If it wasn't for my husband and my family I would not even be here to have experienced meniere's.  My husband's unselfish love is what keeps me going.  He gives me reasons to smile and to know that I will smile again.  I would never hurt him or my parents by ending my life.  But I would be lying to say those thoughts won't cross my mind again.

    Cheese, talking about these things won't put these thoughts in healthy minds.  And those that have these thoughts may be comforted in knowing they aren't alone, and will feel comfortable to come here to share their burdens, and that can give them strength to keep going. 
  15. Jazza

    Jazza Saved by Grace Thru Christ Jesus

    I have to agree with Burd that it's depression that makes us want to end it all. I have been so depressed when I was a teenager before I got sick like this that I did try to end it all. If anyone has any thought of not coping and that this is the way out PLEASE go and see someone about it. My family has a history of mental illness and Bi-Polar disorder. These conditions bring on thoughts of suicide. You can get better, there is medication to control it. Don't anyone think that there is no way you can handle another day it's only the depression talking. We can all live fulfilled lives even with the limitations of our illnesses. Joy or happiness is a State of Mind, a choice an attitude. Even on my most painful days I can think of something that makes living another day worthwhile. The pain I find doesn't last forever but comes and goes. I learn to make the most of the less painful days and on the painful ones I know there are better days ahead.

    For those of us who do get depressed this open discussion is helpful to help us see there is hope & there is an answer. Avoiding this topic could make the depressed & desperate think that they are not normal and push them over the edge.
  16. burd

    burd New Member

    Well said, Jazz Girl.
    (depression and a mild form of bipolar are in my family too)
  17. Linda1002

    Linda1002 New Member But there was a time early on that I prayed for God to take me in my sleep. That was a long time ago when I was first dx.
  18. Jazza

    Jazza Saved by Grace Thru Christ Jesus


    You & I can understand each other. I have loving close friends that never get really depressed or down hearted and are not able to understand what we go through. If it wasn't for a teacher that had worked me out at school I would not have begun to understand my tendency of deep depression. I was encouraged after High School to seek free counselling at Uni (I came from a poor family & couldn't afford to pay for it myself). So fortunately I was sponsored to go to Uni & got the help there I needed. As a result I encouraged a number of my family members to see their doctors about their depression and they also got the medication & help they needed as well. All thanks to one teacher who was on the ball enough to speak to me about it and got me to see the school counsellor.
  19. Trish

    Trish Guest

  20. Jazza

    Jazza Saved by Grace Thru Christ Jesus

    Trish & Cheese

    No-one claimed to be a professional counsellor or any other medical practioner in this field.  Your view is noted and I respect that you don't like to talk about this topic.  I also see and respect that there are people who are able to talk about this topic in mature way.

    Death is a topic many people have problems discussing along with mental illness.

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