Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by smaapark, Apr 26, 2007.

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  1. nave alta

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    Yeah, but I took the picture! ;D ;D
  2. gardenfish

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  3. Henrysullivan

    Henrysullivan New Member

    That is very hard to believe. In fact, I do not believe it. I think this chap made that up. I think he lies. Of course I could be wrong, being a moron and all I would come by that naturally.

    On the other hand, that was quite an American Idol show last night. The part with Elvis was really excellent entertainment.
  4. Henrysullivan

    Henrysullivan New Member

    Uh oh! Larry, we've been caught! :)
  5. nave alta

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  6. ToniG

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    Hank, I specifically brought up NUCCA chiropractic care as a treatment for menieres as testimony in court and the MEDICAL EXPERTS said it has no scientific fact to treat menieres. It doesn't cure menieres. It is "False hope".
  7. LisaB

    LisaB New Member

    Cheese, I just have to say that no matter how bad a day anyone had, or how frustrated they are, it is no excuse, none, to belittle others. My kids learned this when they were still little. I find it hard to read when people defend others who attacked members on this board. Have any opinion you want- it is wrong to call others names. Is there any room for argument here??? I believe that we are all adults, and if we choose to seek out any treatment, we need to take responsibility for it ourselves. No one led anyone by the hand here to get treatment they didn't want. It works for some, not for others. It was their choice. Take responsibility for it. You say we should expect people to get abusive when they feel let down by the treatment option that they choose? One that is documented here to work for more than a few members, by their own claim??? Come on, that argument makes no sense. Do you think if my gent fails to keep working in a few months then I can look up the people it worked for and call them names? Okay, enough...........Lisa
    Toni, that is something your docs say. My docs say that they want patients to seek out whatever gives them relief, and with a disease like menieres, they are all ears. I guess it's good that the people who got relief here from NUCCA had docs who supported different ideas. (Again, I have never tried Nucca. I just hate all those that attack those who have found relief for it. A few years ago those same people were naysaying meniette users. Funny the irony, huh?)
  8. LisaB

    LisaB New Member

    P.S. Correction: I don't "hate" those that attack others........I misstated that. I meant I hate that they attack others. Lisa
  9. Caribbean

    Caribbean New Member

    Just a second, wait, wait, wait, its coming to me...........................yes Hank I think I got the answer!
    She has been to a NUCCA 2 Chiropractor, of course...... that explains the neckline above the Atlas, I should have known right away!

    Larry :eek: ;D ::) ;)
  10. Soccermom

    Soccermom New Member

    Wait a minute here.....
    The "MEDICAL EXPERTS" also (most of them around here anyway) said that there is no scientific fact that Acyclovir treats or cures Meniere's either. Many on this board can prove otherwise.
    It is NOT FALSE HOPE. It may help some, and it may not help others. But it is NOT false hope. Please don't say that it is.

    I thought we were here to help, support, and encourage each other. If everything was about "there is no cure" or don't try it because it didn't work for me...then many (including my husband) would still be suffering.

    Thanks for listening.

  11. cheese

    cheese New Member

    hmmm... I seem to be have been misunderstood ...yet again.

    I wasn't excusing smaaparks' poor behaviour. Merely saying that frustration is a part of life, particularly evident in those with chronic disease. Frustration froths to the surface in all forms ....some excusable, some not so. Smaapark falls into the 'not so' category.

    There was a guy here a few months ago who joined and told everyone here that they're basically full of shit etc .....every one of the usual suspects got stuck into him like a locus swarm ....One or two very kind people could see beyond his outburst to see just how helpless and at the end of the rope the poor guy was. He was literally on his last legs, and perhaps suicidal. It was easy to tell him he was a prick, but much harder to see the poor man reaching out for help. When he calmed down he could see he was out of line, but when frustration gets the better of you, people can tinker on the edge of what is acceptable and what's not. It's part of being human, though not our most flattering trait.

    The point it is, smaaparks poor delivery shouldn't take away from the fact that his experience is real, and his frustrations are warranted.

    And things like gentamicin, and even acyclovir should not be bracketed with NUCCA. Both have medical evidence to support their use. Acyclovir doesn't have a lot, but the temporal bone findings published by the TBR are enough to make it credible. And I know with almost 100% certainty that any ENT worth their salt would not spruik either as being a cure, like many NUCCA's do.
  12. ToniG

    ToniG Guest

    Laura...I have said to try John of Ohio regiment's along with anti-viral such as Acyvloir or Famvir. But, newbies need to need to know there's NO CURE.

    Medical experts as in medical doctors who have treated 1,000's of menieres patients.

    The meniett pump has a FDA code, medical equipment code, numerous foreign and US studies, and is proven to be effective IF you have menieres. That is why there is a FREE 6 week trial period.

    I'm sorry, but what Hank and Larry are doing is adding salt to the original's posters wound.
  13. Soccermom

    Soccermom New Member

    I totally disagree (respectfully). The original poster should've said something like, "It did not work for ME, and I am pissed off." That should've been the end of it. He/She made it out that it does NOT work for anyone, that anyone who suggests otherwise is a "moron" etc....That is just plain not right in my book.

    I feel for this person, and anyone/everyone else on this board. Really, I do. That is why I relish hearing any and all success stories. I abhor those who trash other's ideas, because that one person's success story might be the one thing that the next person might benefit from.

  14. ToniG

    ToniG Guest

    Laura; then you and I are IN agreement, but Larry has made amends to his acylvoir that it isn't a cure all and hopefully Hank will now do the same. :)
  15. LisaB

    LisaB New Member

    Steve- thanks for clarifying. We need to be on the lookout for people having a terrible time and support them. I don't know if I extend that support to people calling each other names, though. It seems you agree, I just think it's bad to fuel their fire. Maybe we should say we're are here for full support, but can we do it in a respectful way? Ray makes clear at the head of the board that the personal attacks are just not allowed. People seem to ignore that. Toni, respectfully, all I can say is that a lot of medical experts support non-mainstream ideas. You won't find John of Ohio's treatment in any doctor's office either. Or the vitamin B that practically, I'll say it "cured" my tinnitus. I know this is unusual, but thank goodness the friend it worked for told me! To me, that's the beauty of a board, alternative ideas that have helped others here. I don't understand how you can say it is false hope when others have found relief from it. And the meniette has insurance coverage in some venues didn't always and didn't always have an FDA code. When I fought and got coverage for it while it had an FDA code, it was not an accepted, covered item. They made that clear. That's why we all have to fight the good fight to get it covered. When it was covered for me it was an "experimental" item. Lisa
  16. Henrysullivan

    Henrysullivan New Member

    Toni, I respect everyone's opinion on this forum, yours included. Everyone's opinion, offered in a dignified and respectful manner, I must assume is based upon their best knowledge at the time they offer it. That includes me, you, everyone. But you are not in my shoes; nor are you in Rosie's shoes, or Peggoin's, or Milo's, or Eedad's, or Songbird's, or SpinnininOhio's, or Pardonme's, or Kass', or Hydrops’, or Tai Chi's, or Mostlyundecided's, or Clear's, or Maria's, or So Cal Cyclist's, or Jackiepieper's, or even the shoes of Steve from Colorado. Since I have been posting here, each of these folks have witnessed to you that upper cervical chiropractic has either helped them to a noticeable degree, a great degree or has gone so far as to restore to them the use of their lives. That does not count the number of people who come to this site, remain silent, get the information they need and go on their ways. But if each of these folks had your attitude, that the information I have given here is just FALSE HOPE, then each of them would be exactly where they were when they first heard about upper cervical chiropractic. It is remarkable to me that even with this kind of track record, time after time confirming the validity of what I have offered to this forum, folks attack me, attack my message, and for what reason or good?

    Now, the fellow that started this thread is without a doubt terribly ill. And to Cheese's point, perhaps we should all give him some special dispensation because of it. If you read back on this thread, you'll find that I tried that. But unless he has some serious psychological problems to go with Meniere's, what he has said on this thread is absolutely inexcusable and should not be embraced, even by those who disagree with me or my message. Yet that is what I see has happened. Many of the same folks who from time to time ignore the evidence to the contrary, evidence that is apparent to anyone who takes the time to read it, one by one have come to this thread to support this guy. To that point, I give Nassman much credit here. Nassman knows that what this fellow brought into our forum yesterday was pure poison. This fellow brought an open wound to the forum and decided to open a larger one. How you or anyone can embrace or even tolerate this, I cannot fathom.

    And now you tell me that I should make amends, I suppose somehow repent for my sins here on the forum? Are you serious? Well, okay. Rosie, and Peggoins, and Milo, and Eedad, and Songbird, and SpinnininOhio, and Pardonme, and Kass, and Hydrops, and Tai Chi, and Mostlyundecided, and Clear, and Maria, and So Cal Cyclist, and Jackiepieper, and even Steve from Colorado, I sure am sorry and hope you will forgive me for extending all this FALSE HOPE.


    PS- And if you follow up to this post by saying that I have told every one that upper cerivical chiropractic will work in all cases, and therefore I was wrong, please don't go there. I have said from the outset what I believe, and that is that in most cases Meniere's is caused by a misalignment of the first vertebra. I have said that I believe in most cases that are caught early, caught before permanent damage or invasive surgery, upper cervical chiropractic can help folks to recover from Meniere's. I believe that and I have seen nothing here or anywhere else that can dissuade me from that belief. But, let's just say I'm wrong. So what. I'm wrong. Ever been wrong about anything? I have said the following many times as well. Anyone who has Meniere's owes it to themselves to exhaust every non-invasive method or treatment, especially if that course has shown to help others. So one spends a few bucks doing so. So it takes a little time out of one's day. So what?

    I'm real sorry for this fellow, Toni; but he is waaaay out of bounds.

    Larry, I think Terry's man is cool. Whew! That was a close one!
  17. bryant99

    bryant99 New Member

    When I started seeing a chiropractor a few months ago with headaches and my back bothering me.Now I have no headaches and my lower back does not hurt me now so I'm off my pain meds.As stated there are bad in all of the medical fields.A good chiro will know what to do to help releive the bad symptems which for me has help alot.Not every one heals the same and no two people are the same.Hope you find releife.My tinnitus is still there but I've had mine since a child which there may not be any help for,but I'm not giving up on the journey on getting better.Good luck
  18. Adri_onboard

    Adri_onboard New Member

    I haven't try NUCCA my self, I have considered it but I haven't try it yet... but the fact is Meniere's is the most personal disease I have ever known, it is very different from each one of us, and what works for some of us does not help others, there is definetely no cure, hopefuly in future someone might find one, let's pray for it

    When Hank recomendes it, and peggs shared her experience they really wanted to help and bring some hope to others, just like smaapark wanted to prevent others for having a terrible experience, deep inside we all want to help, but it does not mean we can lose perspective and insulting each other, we are here to help and support our virtual friends, we have a very special strong and unique connection, and is based con comprehension, support and respect, and terrible suffering that nobody else can understand, we can never loose that, we are all here to support our friends when they need to vent and they are expecting us when we need a shoulder

    This disease might debilitate our bodies, and sometimes we might think it has broken our spirit, but the fact is we are warriors and survivors, and we are all researching for something that can makes us feel better, and when we find it, we can't wait to share it, beacuse deep inside just the idea to give some relief to someone who suffers like we do makes us feel better

    That is all about, fighting the beast and helping our friends, we must never lose respect again

    love you all
  19. jackiepiper

    jackiepiper New Member

    It is remarkable to me that even with this kind of track record, time after time confirming the validity of what I have offered to this forum, folks attack me, attack my message, and for what reason or good?

    Henry ... I for one do appreciate not only what you have to offer but what everyone as a collective dealing with these issues ("dis"ease) has to offer. For one, I believe stuff that happens in chat rooms maybe allows people to rant on and be their rudest self with basically no recriminations. That is sad...not the having to learn about their own bad behaviour but that apparently they don't have a safe space to learn about themselves or make themselves a "better" person in live life. Unfortunate, but I can feel nothing but sympathy for this person (sorry can't remember your name) that originally posted this issue. Just want to thank each and every one of you on this site who are here to help and add their comments and learn from and with....WE ARE all collectively awesome aside from the individuals that are having such difficulty they feel they need to attack...I hope this gentlemen finds solace soon...I personally wouldn't want to live his way.
  20. sotko

    sotko New Member

    Going back to doctors telling you to stop taking meds. I went to a Neuro, a highly respected one in OZ, and he said, stop taking the diuretic (it is the only med i was on) it does nothing.

    I was abit shocked, but the guy treated me like a 2 year old the whole time i was there, discrediting everything i tried to bring up. Although, in saying that, i stopped taking the diuretic.

    To NUCCA. I haven't done it, but i have been seeing an upper cervical chiro since late January. Only now am i seeing results. I have not had any dizzies now for 5 weeks, when i couldn't go 1 week without them. It has taken nearly 3 months for me to get results, and at the moment, i am doing really well. So well, i am back on my motorbike! I really have to say though, that my wife has been my rock. So many times i wanted to give up on upper cervical, but she kept pushing me to keep at it.

    I also have to mention Hank, Pardonme, mnme and Kass. They have all offered me support and ideas that have helped. If it doesn't work in 1, 2 or even 6 weeks, keep at it if you can. I for one am glad that i did.


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