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Discussion in 'Your Front Porch' started by Intrepid, Nov 27, 2010.

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  1. Intrepid

    Intrepid New Member

    ...that first cup of hot coffee with the right amount of milk and sugar first thing in the morning while still between the sheets.
  2. karenlr

    karenlr New Member

    Or snuggles with my Joshua first thing in the morning.
  3. RKostiukR

    RKostiukR New Member

    Coffee and snuggles? Sounds good to me.

    Have a great Day.
  4. rev

    rev New Member

    spending the day on the beach, watching the sunset from the beach, waking up to see the sunrise at the beach - kinda hard to see a sunrise and a sunset from most beaches, but it is possible on a few.
  5. June-

    June- New Member

    A long bike ride on the beach at low tide early in the morning.
  6. thornapple

    thornapple New Member

    waking up at odd hours of the night to find orange kitty in yet another position that wraps her around my head, and that she is still purring, and even better...I can hear it.
  7. thornapple

    thornapple New Member

    I'm out of the sheets, but going to make some lovely Brazilian coffee right now!
  8. Chris0515

    Chris0515 New Member

    Having a cup of Colombian myself Thornapple and it's liquid magic for my lips.
  9. Lorrie K

    Lorrie K New Member

    Having a cup of Rawandan dark made from freshly ground whole beans (Drink Coffee Do Good).
  10. CGR

    CGR Guest

    Ah, the first bong-hit of the day. jk
  11. mrdizzy

    mrdizzy New Member

    or a good wild.... well i better not I dont want to get banned and this is a family forum.
  12. CGR

    CGR Guest

    I do in no way condone the use of illegal substances or cavort with unsavory characters.
  13. CGR

    CGR Guest

    Trying to sneak in druggie references huh? ::)
  14. CGR

    CGR Guest

    Jesus, it never ends! You're just a dope fiend.
  15. CGR

    CGR Guest

    I don't swing that way. :p
  16. CGR

    CGR Guest

    Although, if i weren't married and Johnny Depp was available....
  17. CGR

    CGR Guest

    You think Johnny is woman enough for both of us?
  18. CGR

    CGR Guest

    We could doll him up like the Sparkle Pony and then.... well, i better truncate the rest since Santa's Cat has been on the prowl lately. :)
  19. CGR

    CGR Guest

    After Johnny Depp and the Sparkle Pony there's nothing else left to think about.

    Except Clone Wars! I'm off to watch them. Later!
  20. Janice

    Janice New Member

    lindt chocolate balls melting in your mouth

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