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Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by tucker, Sep 27, 2006.

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  1. tucker

    tucker The Meniere's DVD Guy!


    My website is up and running, for those that are interested in seeing some photos that are on my Meniere's DVD. The site also includes ordering and pricing information.....still only $15.00

    There are testamonial feedbacks about the DVD and Meniere's information, and links.

    Enjoy :)
  2. angels29

    angels29 New Member

    Hi! Nice website, you did a very nice job! Good luck with the DVD too! Take care! (((hugs and smiles)))

    2DAMNDIZZY New Member

    Great web-site. I am bumping this for you.

  4. Willie Marie

    Willie Marie New Member

    WOW! the web site is great. I was able to SHOW my husband exactly what my world is like--that is great.

    Thanks--hopefully when money is a little more plentiful I'll be able to order the DVD--I would love to have it to show friends.

    Willie Marie
  5. tucker

    tucker The Meniere's DVD Guy!

    I just wanted to add a note......I know a lot of us are strapped for money, if it is difficult for you, let me know. we can discuss options, I would rather have someone pay a bit for the dvd and receive it rather than not having someone get one that could benefit from it.

  6. tucker

    tucker The Meniere's DVD Guy!

    some new feedback on the dvd.....

    Dear Danny,

    My husband & I viewed the DVD ( It was so hard for me to watch as I have the visual vertigo

    very easy- those blinds & distortions really set it off :). I think for the first time in 5 years,

    my husband truly had an accurate glimpse of what & how I feel- other than me trying

    to explain it to him. He couldn't believe how it affected him watching this & how it affects me all the

    time. You described in your note in the DVD how much trouble you had on the computer & with

    turning your head - describes me exactly.

    Thank you soo much for taking the time to so accurately portray how Meniere's affects us- a

    picture truly is worth a thousand words. I'm so sorry you've had such a rough time since surgery-

    I have been diagnosed with 76% loss on right vestibular nerve but I strongly suspect I'm bilateral

    as I have left facial pain, numbness, left trigeminal neuralgia but the docs won't confirm it-

    even though I've had severe bilateral tinnitus from the beginning, severe hyperacusis, & severe

    imbalance, disequilibrium 24/7. I've never been able to compensate because it's always fluctuating-

    I've been through vestibular rehab 2 times- (use the tips they taught me every day) but again like you,

    I had to stop or back down on the exercises because I got so deathly sick after doing them.

    Even cutting down on them, didn't help- I was still down for hours afterwards.

    I have a teenage daughter, now 19, & in college. I'm hoping she will watch the DVD. Not for

    sympathy or even empathy-- just for simple understanding--- of this disease that is so hard for

    people to comprehend. People understand heart disease & cancer - no problem.

    My daughter, at the beginning, before I was diagnosed- thought I was making all the symptoms

    up. It's been so tough on her the last 3-4 yrs - as she's had to drive, do the shopping, etc-

    but we're getting through it. My husband is also a huge help- he's much more understanding.

    I hope & pray she'll understand a little better if she'll watch it.

    Just wanted to let you know you've made a huge difference- by making the DVD-

    you've definitely found one of your purposes in life!!! BTW, the photos on your website are

    awesome! You are very talented.

    I'm hoping you'll have some better days- you certainly deserve them. Just know you've really

    made a positive difference in our lives by your DVD.


  7. USMC

    USMC New Member

    Danny - as I have said before you did a great job on the DVD. I have shown it to my co-workers and family. It really let them know that even though most of us look perfectly normal on the outside we are fighting a battle on the inside.

    Recommend all to get this DVD. The pictures on his site are just the tip of the iceberg.

  8. rev

    rev New Member

    Thanks for sending me the DVD. I bought yours and Aaron's. Now, where did I put it?????

    Seriously, I can't find it in my hobbit hole!!!

    Where did I put it so that I could find it and watch it? I haven't even watched it yet. I did find the mailing envelope that it came in.
    ??? ??? ??? ???
  9. pardonme

    pardonme Guest

  10. pardonme

    pardonme Guest

  11. rev

    rev New Member

    Still looking for it.....Not in the machine, I just checked. I occasionally wear glasses when I read - if it is small print.
  12. minnesotadizzy

    minnesotadizzy New Member

    BUY this DVD!!! I did and your friends and family will have a better understanding into your world. Danny did a great job and read my post on "A Good Way to Help Others Understand".

    I am not kidding..... BUY it. If you can't afford it, take him up on his offer.

  13. tucker

    tucker The Meniere's DVD Guy!

    Bump de abump bump...bump bump
  14. rev

    rev New Member

    I found it!!! Right where I put it:)
  15. Willie Marie

    Willie Marie New Member

    Just bumping this up.
    Willie Marie

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