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Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by Sholly, Jun 6, 2011.

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  1. John of Ohio

    John of Ohio New Member

    Years ago (before PDF) people were able to copy, paste, and print out the regimen. But it was very clear that the majority of readers couldn't or wouldn't do that. I now very much prefer a downloadable PDF file, which facilitates the downloading and printing of a full, complete copy of the entire regimen, which can then be given to a physician for review, etc.

    Merely posting here the many pages of the new document, asking people to copy it and then paste it into a word processor for printing just doesn't work. People need to merely click on the provided URL and click on a download button, to have a complete copy on their computer for later printing and reading.

    The new regimen PDF has a number of references to pages on other alternative Meniere's therapies on the database pages of this website.

    I hope this matter can be resolved.

    --John of Ohio
  2. Sholly

    Sholly New Member

    Thank you for wishing me luck. I am sorry you have been going thru some tough times. Please don't lose hope. Glad you are trying the regimen again with the increased lysine. Good luck with that!
  3. Henrysullivan

    Henrysullivan New Member

    Leanne, I write what occurs to me to write. That's it. On this thread, I read from a very nice fellow, who lives a half a world away from me, who writes that the people who have benefited from JOH's regimen likely owe their recovery to something that does not exist, namely something he calls, 'remission factor.' Well, I think that is a misleading statement and may lead someone away from a treatment that could very well work for them. And whether JOH's regimen helped these folks in question or not, there is no such causative factor as a 'remission.' Remission is a result, not a cause. And I state that and then back up what I state with reasons that what I assert is true.

    Now just because I write something, you do not have to read it, certainly not like it. And you do not have to try to understand it. And just as I sometimes seem to be writing in a foreign language from others who respond to what I write, I can say the same thing in reverse. Sometimes I read what they write, and it makes no sense to me from anything that I can make of the English language. So are they writing over my head? According to you, they must be.

    The average person to whom you tell me I should be writing believes that remission of idiopathic symptoms just happens. It is just chance, or luck. That is what their doctors tell them. The doctors might even quote statistics on the matter, that a certain number of people who have Meniere's symptoms will 'go into remission.' That leaves the sufferer with the mindset to merely hope that he or she is one of that number. Coming from where I come from in all this, and I expect JOH agrees with me, I do not believe that spending time hoping for spontaneous remission is very useful time spent. But that is the natural inclination of people who have been told that they have a disease that has no known cause and no known cure but that sometimes the symptoms go into remission.

    I can write about this because I have been there. I know exactly how it feels to be told that. I know how all of this feels. I know what raging tinnitus feels like, what aural fullness feels like, what it feels like to echo inside your own head. I know what vertigo feels like. I know what it feels like to have a vertigo attack coming on when I am driving, 60 miles from home, praying for green lights. I know how it feels to open the door to my vehicle after driving 60 miles like that and pour myself out of my vehicle and crawl to the house and into bed for the next 14 hours.

    You see, Leanne, I know exactly what you are going through, or very close to it. I empathize with you. Remember, I did not come to this site when I was sick, asking for help and support. I did not come here to boost my ego. No, I came here after I figured out what was causing my symptoms, and for one reason, to try to help others to find their answers. I know what it took for me to find mine. JOH knows what it took for him to find his. So you can take what I write with a grain of salt. Many people do. But many people have taken what I have written and benefited from it as well. I do not have all the answers. But I know that believing that there is a factor out there that doles out random remission, and then hoping that this factor shines his light on me, is not a healthy way to deal with these symptoms. So I say that. I point out what seems perfectly obvious to me and I back it up with reasons. And I do it because I really do care, Leanne.

    If I did this out of some deep seated need of glorification, or ego boost, well frankly this is the wrong place. I've been shot down more times, had more venom spit at me on this site than anyone can imagine. I've had threats, had my personal address published on this site by folks who wished me harm. I've actually wondered on occasion if one of these nutcases might actually act to do harm to me. So I'm not receiving the glorification you seem to think I'm seeking. No, I know what I understand as the truth, and I say the truth. And I do it to try to help people understand that if they are going to get better, then they owe it to themselves and their families and loved ones to take their health into their own hands, and try treatments that are non-invasive, which may seem as though they make no sense, yet someone whom they conversed with on this forum made a reasonable claim that it helped them. Because if folks don't, the odds are very great that they will not get better, only worse, and the population of people on this site who suffer daily, and have for years, getting worse and worse, proves my point. And if I do not deliver this message, if JOH doesn't, if the few others who have conquered their symptoms do not, then that message does not get heard. You asked why I do this. That's it.

    My best wishes to you. I know that you suffer these symptoms. And if there were anything that I could do to help you, I would.
  4. bulldogs

    bulldogs New Member


    You are right driving 60 mph hoping for green lights and than crawling up to bed for 14 hours, is terrible. I usually just pull over so not to harm anybody.
  5. jaypr

    jaypr New Member

    I get what you say Henry. It is my belief that the cessation of symptoms doesn't just happen as also the start of symptoms doesn't just happen. I believe there is a cause, inclusion or ommission of something for both.

    But getting back to Sholly and her anticipation, hope and excitement at starting the JOH.
    Sholly if it turns out that the cause of your mm symptoms is viral, as mine is, I think it is very important that you do not overlook the foods and drink factor i.e. the foods and drinks that the herpes virus feeds off.Otherwise you may not get as much relief as you could have had.

    I'm not sure of John of Ohios take on this subject and whether the 3 x 1000mg Lysine tablets per day are sufficient or whether you need to look for foods that are high in lysine content and low in arginine. I avoid certain foods and drinks because I know they trigger my symptoms. That has come through trial and error.

    Best of luck Sholly

  6. chrisj

    chrisj Guest

    Put that nasty old scarecrow away, Henry.....he is too floppy to lean on.
  7. shartsoe

    shartsoe New Member

    You can send me a copy of the PDF via email if you'd like. I can sent you a private message with my email address. Thanks so much!
  8. John of Ohio

    John of Ohio New Member

    Please send the PM, and I'll email an attached PDF of the new regimen.

    -John of Ohio
  9. John of Ohio

    John of Ohio New Member

    The Jan 2010 version of the regimen is back up and available for download, here:

    Still trying, somehow, to get the May 2011 version available for download.

  10. John of Ohio

    John of Ohio New Member

    Without any intent of creating unneeded debate or controversy, I point out that it was exactly the phenomenon of intermittent activity and remission of Meniere’s that pointed me to a viral etiology. Only the traits of herpes viruses seemed to match the active and inactive symptomatics of MM (and now, from Henry Sullivan’s work, this also applies to cervical dysfunctions, too). To assign inordinate phenomenology to "remissions" is to so conveniently claim, "I really have no idea what causes these symptoms, or why they come or go."

    In the light of the results from those many who have gained relief from my anti-viral regimen, Henry’s cervical dysfunction approach, or from high-dose vitamin C Meniere’s therapy, withdrawal to the “It’s just a normal remission” perspective is less useful. Symptomatic remissions must have physical causes. Retreat to a mystical non-explanation of “remissions” is rather pre-scientific.

    Each reader must decide individually, of course. This is posted for private pondering, not back and forth debate. I will post nothing more on the matter.

    –John of Ohio
  11. chrisj

    chrisj Guest

    My position did not involve a 'retreat to a non-explanation', nor an 'assignment of inordinate phenomenology'.

    FACT - Some MD sufferers experience periods of remission whilst undertaking no treatment at all.

    I do not offer an explanation as to why these remissions occur, I merely point out that they do, and they may possibly coincide with the sufferer having his/her neck tweaked, sticking lasers in the ear, megadosing on C, or using the JOH regimen.

    Any or all of these things may work to relieve the symptoms... or they may not.

    Time and science will tell.
  12. chrisj

    chrisj Guest

    And I agree, John.

    It is certainly less useful to contemplate relief by remission alone. For MD (and any other sufferer), this raises the spectre of 'non control'. We always feel more comfortable when we believe it is us who are making things happen.

    But remission is on the table. It is a fact that cannot be dismissed.
  13. bulldogs

    bulldogs New Member

    It is my belief, and I know it is not worth a shit, is that the only true cure is destructive methods, gent, vns, laby.

    We may get remissions, but in the end they always come back, just the nature of the disease.
    To be totally worry free of vertigo, those are your three options.

    The disease will eventually take hearing and balance.

    Akjim, Bob, Who Me have given us the roadmap. Let is run it's natural course or kill it, either way we end up in same place. I prefer to short circuit the vertigo and kill it. Balance will eventually return or be relearned and HA's or CI's will take care of hearing deficits.
  14. Henrysullivan

    Henrysullivan New Member

    And while we wait on science, time and experience will tell.
  15. chrisj

    chrisj Guest

    Ah yes, Hank....

    Your 'experience'... :)
  16. chrisj

    chrisj Guest


    Everyone's beliefs are worth something..


  17. bulldogs

    bulldogs New Member

    According to time and experience from many members on this forum, joh and nucca dd not cure their mm.

    It has worked for some, but certanly not the 85-90% claimed.
  18. chrisj

    chrisj Guest

    Take cover Joe,

    I think you have opened the floodgates of verbiage.

    Stand by.
  19. bulldogs

    bulldogs New Member


    there is a study bya prominent clinic in Florida, Silversteing institute that found that 50% of mm patients have control/ cessation of their vertigo after two years and 75% have control/cessation of their vertigo after 8 years by doing absolutely nothing. No medica treatment whatsoever.

    Do between 2 and 8 years most people do not have problems with vertigo.
  20. bulldogs

    bulldogs New Member

    Henry this is called spontaneous remission.

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