How many of you have fear of heights / roller coasters?

Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by bubbagump, Apr 21, 2014.

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  1. Juz

    Juz New Member

    In answer to the original question, I had very little fear of heights pre MM.

    I loved roller coasters and have been skydiving. As a kid I used to climb to the top of pine trees and enjoy the swaying of the tree's trunk in the breeze. I would climb up on the roof of the house and hang out, or climb onto the roof of the garage and jump off for fun.

    Post MM, I still have little fear of heights but don't trust myself. For example when we visited the Grand Canyon it took me a fair while to get right up to the edge for a proper look. I can't ride on roller coasters as they give me a nasty dose of seasickness. Being up high definitely gives me an uneasy feeling due to my screwy vestibular system. but it's certainly not fear.
  2. bubbagump

    bubbagump New Member

    thanks for the note, however, this doesn't apply to me though. can you let me know where I said I am against research or against continuing to fight this disease?

    it seems like FadedRoses, Nathan, and some other people due to their strange faulty logic has seriously confused a lot of people on this thread. if you ignore their posts then this thread would make a lot more sense.
  3. FadedRose

    FadedRose New Member

    Sorry bubbagump that I confused your thread. I promise to stay out of it from now on.

    I am truly honoured to be considered to have the same logic as Nathan and Intrepid.
  4. bubbagump

    bubbagump New Member

    I don't know about intrepid (i think she's a victim of the confusion) but nathan's logic is truly flawed. I recommend aim higher.
  5. Nathan

    Nathan New Member


    Causation - Vestibular problems "basically" causes acrophobia.

    It doesn't.

    I haven't told you how you should feel. Please do reread my comments & quote any sentence which states how I think you should feel.

    No, it doesn't. Must a geologist be a rock to understand the solid matter that constitutes the Earth?

    I've yet required a dictionary to understand the definitions of the words you've used.

    If you feel the need to do so, go ahead.

    I never debated that Meniere's wasn't a condition or syndrome. Again, please do reread my comments.

    Definitions matter. If they didn't, you could state that you enjoy eating bricks, if by bricks you mean chocolate cake.

    No, it doesn't. It states exactly what I've already told you.

    Dear Goddess, I'm quoting wiki.

    Wiki quote 1) "Traditionally, acrophobia has been attributed, like other phobias, to conditioning or a traumatic experience involving heights."

    Wiki quote 2) "The newer non-association theory is that fear of heights is an evolved adaptation to a world where falls posed a significant danger. The degree of fear varies and the term phobia is reserved for those at the extreme end of the spectrum. Researchers have argued that fear of heights is an instinct found in many mammals, including domestic animals and humans."

    Wiki quote 3) "A possible contributing factor is dysfunction in maintaining balance. In this case the anxiety is both well founded and secondary."

    Again, I neither said "being tossed around in a roller coaster" doesn't impact on the body physically or that arachnophobia & coasterphobia aren't both phobias.

    My use of analogy never denies this difference. Furthermore, I never used this analogy to distinguish this difference. I used it to analogize the similarities of two different physiological conditions sensitive to specific physical environments which induce two different rational psychological fears.

    I repeat, for the second time

    This, by implication, should tell you I do understand that phobia is present in those suffering acrophobia & coasterphobia prior to experiencing Meniere's. However this fact doesn't render my use of analogy irrelevant to the topic, nor does it prove anything other than acrophobics & coasterphobics may develop Meniere's just like individuals who are nonphobic.

    What I'm doing is explaining to you why there is no correlation.

    The point is to provide knowledge, in hope that you, or anybody else reading your thread, acquires it.

    Contributions to this thread don't have to be supportive of your conjecture to be productive contributions. Unless you personally consider all opposing comments as illogical & incomprehensive because you're only appreciative of comments which comfort your ignorance.
  6. bubbagump

    bubbagump New Member

    Wow, it's great you have so much time on your hands to separate out all these quotes, congrats on being meticulous, I'm sure you can win the award for best internet arguing skills ever. Once again, every single line makes zero sense.

    1) You talk about "causing" Meniere's, now when I give ask you to quote, you can't find it, and post something else. You want to accuse someone, then find proof. If you don't have it, stop making things up.

    2) You cannot grasp the concept of correlation vs. causation.

    3) You are saying what I have is a mental condition, not physical. That is not how I feel. So you are telling me how I should feel. Get it?

    4) You want me to give you examples of wrong definitions?? Are you kidding me? Rhode Island is not an island?? American Indians are not Indians? The list GOES ON. Stop wasting my time.

    5) Meniere's definition is to show how ignorant you are. MENIERE'S IS WRONGLY DEFINED. The one term everyone is talking about is WRONGLY DEFINED. If you love definitions so much then why are you on a forum that talks about a wrongly defined term?

    6) Still insisting on albinos. You say albino and then sunburnt. I say sunburnt and then albino (as an example for you, to educated you in your own terms, i don't even like using ridiculous examples). You still don't understand the difference between BEFORE and AFTER?? Say you have an event number 1 that happens, and then event number two happens. 1 happens BEFORE, 2 happens AFTER.

    7) When you quote wiki you leave out the part about vestibular issues. How convenient is that?

    8) Great example with the bricks and chocolate cakes by the way, I don't see the point of it but I guess you think people confuse the two. Oooookay.

    9) Another great example with the geologist and the rock. So a geologist knows what's it's like to BE a rock? A geologist know how a rock FEELS?? REALLY? Just awesome logic. Superb. What are you going to tell me next? You know what it feels like to be a tree?Nathan, you are starting to sound like a complete nutjob.

    All opinions are welcomed, but you Nathan, love to argue pointlessly and incessantly. You love to make borderline personal attacks. This is not the first time Nathan. In another thread I asked if anyone had a flu shot and you immediately accuse me of being anti-vaccine as if I want to risk millions of people's lives. The fact is there is a ton of "safe" medications and procedures that a few people have negative reactions to. That is why when they list all kinds of crazy side effects when they show a medicine commercial. It is perfectly logical to SUSPECT a negative reaction when they shoot a virus into your system, and even if I think so does not mean I am saying vaccines are bad, it's just my opinion. But I did not want to argue to you because it's pointless. But you keep following me around and keeping arguing using your flawed logic.

    Now who are you to tell me, and incessantly argue with me, that there is no correlation between between motion-phobia and meniere's? Are you a doctor? Nope. Are you a scientist? Nope. Do you have severe motion-phobia or acrophobia? Nope. Have you found any proof? Nope.

    My suggestion makes sense because:

    1) Acrophobia and motion-phobia has to do with balance, and meniere's has to do with balance.
    2) There are plenty of Meniere's folks out there with fear heights and motion sensitivity. See THIS THREAD. And please don't bring up the folks who do not have does not preclude the other, please don't make me explain the logic.
    3) There are studies and reports out there linking the two.
    4) Intrepid just quoted an ENTIRE BOOK in which the link is discussed
    5) I FEEL it in my own body.
    6) My doctor, who is harvard magna cum laude, harvard medical school, a neuro-oto specialist at one of the top 5 hospitals in the nation, says it could be correlated.

    Maybe you have all the time in the world to bicker and argue, and make 100% pointless , illogical, completely irrational, and ignorant statements. Did I mention POINTLESS? Other people have work, life, family, and not to mention this terrible disease to deal with. Please stop debating and arguing pointlessly. If you do not understand basic logic then there's nothing I can do. You win, okay? You're the internet argument master! You are a master at typing and hiding behind your computer! You want a gold sticker or a cookie or something? That's a rhetorical question.
  7. Aliza

    Aliza I'm still standing, alone but upright

  8. Intrepid

    Intrepid New Member

    Yeah but this doesn't mean I am dismissing what Nathan says :D
  9. FadedRose

    FadedRose New Member

    Wow Fair2PartlyCloudy. Good luck. Two years ago I forced myself to go on a hot air balloon ride with my husband as that is something he always wanted to do. Last September I went up to the top of the Shard and right after that we went on the Air Emerates flight. The London Eye was easier than the other two. I know that acrophobia is a mind over matter thing and I refuse to let it keep me from having adventures. I still like being on firm ground better, tho. :p
  10. shartsoe

    shartsoe New Member

    "thanks for the note, however, this doesn't apply to me though. can you let me know where I said I am against research or against continuing to fight this disease?"

    Geez lighten up. BR was basically supporting your right to continue to research correlation and causation however you see fit (not that you need or are looking for support). I think you would have gotten along really well with Johnni. The two of you in the same thread would have been great fun I'm sure. :)
  11. bubbagump

    bubbagump New Member

    I don't think you understand my comment. I have nothing against BR, I actually supported him in another thread. If you follow the thread it is clear he has been misled by Nathan. The culprit here is Nathan, who continuously tries to confuse others with silly debates.

    If someone keeps debating with you pointlessly, using absolutely zero logic, basically just arguing for the sake or arguing, you'd feel the same way too. You might want to tell Nathan to "lighten up".
  12. Intrepid

    Intrepid New Member

    Nathan is just fine. He is the least confrontational person on this forum. I think you are reading his replies the wrong way. Seriously, he is very chill and smart too. Just take what you want from his replies and leave the rest.
  13. bubbagump

    bubbagump New Member

    Based on what he's shown so far, I'd have to disagree. He loves to argue for the sake of arguing.

    I would also have to disagree with him being "smart". He cannot grasp basic logic concepts.

    Remember, he's the one arguing with me, multiple times on more than one thread, not the other way around.
  14. FadedRose

    FadedRose New Member

    This is one of those " is it me or is it them?" moments.
  15. shartsoe

    shartsoe New Member

    That's when I just shrug and walk away FR. Shrug and walk away.
  16. bubbagump

    bubbagump New Member

    That's a tough question.

    Me - making a logical statement

    Them - talking about albinos, confusing bricks and cakes, turning people into rocks.
  17. bubbagump

    bubbagump New Member

    Seems like easier said than done?
  18. Aliza

    Aliza I'm still standing, alone but upright

    Thank you! I too love my firm ground and if I follow through with the jump I will surely kiss the ground when I have that safe landing. :) I wanna love it so much that I'll do it again.
  19. FadedRose

    FadedRose New Member

    I hope you do love it that much. Fair2. I am going to keep working at the desensitizing , keep challenging myself to go up high, etc. but I know for sure I am not about to jump out of anything, so good on ya. Happy landing .

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