Going out of my mind - And considering shunt surgery. Help?

Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by DizzyKay, Apr 27, 2014.

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  1. Joanne5170

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    I would recommend you talk to Dr.Brackman at the house and ear clinic in LA Calif

    before you make any decisions. The house is the best in the country.

    Tell him Joan Boyd sent you Good Luck
  2. Gustav123

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    I seem to remember reading a paper that argued that the shunt,when it works, isnt working due to a change in endolymph pressure but rather as an unknown consequence of the surgery on the ear ie. a change in the immune function in the sac. There was some evidence that shunts were not actually changing the volume/pressure of inner ear fluids as thought.
  3. james

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    I think you are probably right about this.Gene the guy who had the first Vestibular implant to control vertigo,he has posted here,had no vertigo after the implant so as far as I know they never got to test the device.The theory being that somehow the surgery did something to the ear that caused it to go back to normal,immune I'm not sure.You can dig around for the threads if you want more info.

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