Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by Buzx1313, Sep 28, 2006.

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  1. Buzx1313

    Buzx1313 New Member

    hi everyone

    i guess you have all been down this road, but has any one tried equitab if any sucsess??

  2. Robyn

    Robyn Russell the Wombat

    Nope, haven't tried equitab, but wanted to welcome you to the forum. :)
  3. brandon

    brandon New Member

    Hey, I'm not familiar with it at all, but I am sure going to look into it :)

    I've got their website pulled up right now and looking foward to learning more about it.

    Sorry that I can't give more constructive feedback about the success of equitab. If I try it, I will surely let you know what happens (for better or for worse).

  4. Aladdin

    Aladdin Guest

    what is it - is it available in the u.s.?
  5. SMC

    SMC Look for the footprints in the sand......

    First Welcome to the forum. Sorry but I haven't heard anything about Equitab. Are you currently on this? Please keep us posted on the outcome.
  6. Buzx1313

    Buzx1313 New Member

    hi thanks for the replies

    no i havent tried equitab, i was hoping some one on here might have before i sent my dosh, might just do it ,,, nowt to loose.. :)
  7. dmac

    dmac my sweet Holly

    :mad: The website doesn't reveal the ingredients. I sent an inquiry and they have yet to answer.

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