Doing the right thing is hard

Discussion in 'Your Religion & Spiritual Center' started by cherylmcgr, Mar 31, 2011.

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  1. cherylmcgr

    cherylmcgr New Member

    I have been noticing that I have been really negative lately so I looked into myself and realized that I have been to self centered and gossipy about things. So of course I have been working on it but it is hard not to be jealous of others blessings and I find when I think I got it I get tested and really have to work on it. I know baby steps are needed. It is just hard.

  2. charisse

    charisse Been hanging here for 8 years


    Its really a process isn't it. Been working on myself and there are ups and downs. I've mastered a few things but then there is those others :D I've noticed of course when I don't feel well that can affect my growth for that day, but then I give myself a pass and say tomorrow is another day. Heres to your walk on the path of happiness in your life.
  3. egross

    egross New Member

    I think the biggest and hardest thing to do is recognizing and admitting shortcomings. I admire you for doing so. Just being willing is half the battle. Like Charisse said, it is a process, don't be too hard on yourself.
  4. June-

    June- New Member


    You sound like a pretty good person to me.
  5. dizzysheba01

    dizzysheba01 New Member

    This is sort of what Caroline's post and saying today is about. We al must work on this one tiny step at a time and eventually we become a finished product -- or do we ever become a finished product? Not really. We just keep learning and becoming better.
  6. Aznalla

    Aznalla New Member

    I bet you have many things going on in your life that others would consider a blessing too. If you are loved you have blessings.

    I too am working on own self-improvement project too.
  7. Rhemajoy

    Rhemajoy New Member

    It's a journey and it never really ends.
  8. Titus

    Titus New Member

    The best thing about it is that God understands and is walking right along with you.....even when we stumble :)
  9. Aznalla

    Aznalla New Member

    I passed a signed a few weeks ago it said- "The secret to having a blessed life is believing you already have it." At the time I thought it was so profound I wanted to make it my mantra for the year. I realized I took for granted what I do have-which by some people's standards may be a lot and others almost nothing. However, for me its good.
  10. Aliza

    Aliza I'm still standing, alone but upright

    Doing the right thing is often hard! Over time it becomes easier as we gain confidence. And I'm sure we've all experienced the rubberband effect, pull hard in one direction and it snaps back.

    Anything worth doing is worth doing right. :)

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