Anyone ever heard of this Dr./Treatment out of Italy?

Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by SweetTater, Jul 26, 2011.

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  1. strngday

    strngday New Member

    My doctor here agreed to trying the treatment. I will let everyone know how it works out!
  2. SweetTater

    SweetTater New Member

    I'm so happy for you! I pray for you to have success! Thanks for the update!
  3. acujen

    acujen New Member

    What Dr agreed? ENT or general?
  4. strngday

    strngday New Member

    My general agreed. He even said, "I would never say no to anything you want to try". I was going to begin the treatment today, but due to family circumstances, I will be holding off for a few more weeks. I just had a hearing test yesterday.Right ear is back to normal, and left ear is almost there. I now only have a mild loss in the left ear. I continue to drink water. I think this is the number one reason my tinnitus has finally shut up. Still have the fullness though...
  5. Intrepid

    Intrepid New Member

    I drink between 2 to 3 quarts of water every day and it hasn't made any difference in my symptoms.

    Are you drinking more? I was told not to by my physician as too much water causes serious electrolyte dysfunction.
  6. strngday

    strngday New Member

    I have been drinking 3 liters a day. I drink 1/2 a liter as soon as I wake up. 1 liter broken up in the morning to lunch. Another liter between lunch and dinner, and then 1/2 a liter between dinner and bedtime. I stopped taking my diuretic as well. I find that it has helped me tremendously. Also, if anyone lives int eh NY area, I went to see a Dr Andrea Vambutus at North Shore LIJ. She is currently conducting a clinical trial that seems promising. :
  7. Intrepid

    Intrepid New Member

    That is pretty much my water intake too.

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