~Another "monthly" Attack this early AM~

Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by hopefull, Nov 11, 2008.

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  1. hopefull

    hopefull New Member

    This was a tough one. Woke up at 5AM in a massive cold drenched sweat, did not want to move due to
    vertigo. Of course the dredded trip to the bathroom a few times as i barely made it there.
    Does any other females experience an attack right before monthly visitor?
    I have been nauseated ALL day, weak, fatigued...missed work. This sucks! I can't believe
    this came on a year ago and looks like I will have to live w/ it the rest of my life. Chace of it going away??
  2. princessmommy

    princessmommy New Member

    yes, Yes, YES!! Every month for about 11 months I have experienced the exact same thing. Then, 2 months ago, it went a way but guess what was worse than ever...

    I told my dr. about it and he said to double up on the diurectic, drink plenty of fluid, and see if that would help. It did. Just be careful not to be dyhydrated.

    Good luck. I feel for you!
  3. June

    June New Member

    No chance there is migraine involved is there? Just that I used to get migraines from hormones during the week the bcp pills were fake.
  4. vikx

    vikx New Member

    I felt really "odd" last night before bed. Took a Valium just in case. The feeling was kind of "blah" or down in the dumps. It seemed to work; no attack this am, just slight dizzies. Talk to your doc about trying V just before your time? VK
  5. Maple Street

    Maple Street New Member

    Hopefull - I've been lucky in that I never really had PMS but if I were to have a monthly attack like you do, just like clockwork, you can be sure I would be taking valium or meclizine or a combo starting a day or two before I expected things to start rolling. I agree with what June is asking - any chance it could be migraine related - headache not necessary for MAV.

  6. princessmommy

    princessmommy New Member

    Oh, it it makes you feel better, I took a Zanax almost every day for the duration. Still had vertigo. Don't you love being a woman!?!
  7. cherylmcgr

    cherylmcgr New Member

    I to noticed a connection between monthly amd vertigo. I double up on dieurectics per dr okay . I do not know if you just carry extra fluids and that causes more fluid in the ear. I am glad you brought this up because it is something I wondered about as well.
  8. hopefull

    hopefull New Member

    Thank you for all your support. And yes, I have checked w/ 3 docs...no migraine here. I was diagnosed w/ cochlear hydrops after 4 really tough episodes of vertigo. Full MRI etc.. My lft ear is REALLY full tonight. I really need to watch my sodium intake during this time. I've always experienced water retention so guess I'll try another water pill. I was so thankfull to wake up this morning not drenched in sweat and nauseated. Hope I do well tonight as well.

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