An Updated, Successful, Over-the-Counter Treatment Approach for Meniere's

Discussion in 'Meniere's Disease "Database"' started by Linda1002, Oct 3, 2006.

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  1. Linda1002

    Linda1002 New Member

    John of Ohio's updated regimen (June 2008):
  2. Linda1002

    Linda1002 New Member

    Re: John of Ohio Info

  3. Linda1002

    Linda1002 New Member

    Re: John of Ohio Info

  4. slxguru2003

    slxguru2003 New Member

    Re: John of Ohio Info

    has anyone tried this regimen??
  5. nave alta

    nave alta Guest

    Re: John of Ohio Info

    Yes, many here have used this, either in it's entirety, or parts of it, with much success.  Please note that John does not promote his regimen as a "cure", and that he does not profit from it. 
    Although some will benefit from it, some will not.  It's a very individual thing.  It's worth a try, though.  Just be sure to research each component for possible side-effects or interactions with any prescription you may be on.
    BTW, welcome to the forum!
  6. edie814

    edie814 New Member

    Re: John of Ohio Info

    I tried the bioflaviod alone and it help for about 1.5 years i went off and a year later it is back so now I am trying the flavioids and a few other parts of it and I started 2 weeks ago expecially the gluten avoidence and i think it is working
  7. Linda1002

    Linda1002 New Member

    Please note that John has updated his regimen -- click on the link in the first post.
  8. kim

    kim New Member

    I ordered everything on John's regime with the exception of the Ginko as I have auto immune problems and was told not to take this as it stimulates the immune system and mine is already running. I am expecting my delivery on Friday from Nutri Express and will begin the regime. I wake up everyday believing that today is the day I will go into a remission. Positve thoughts and hope. Some days are harder then others, but I try and stay grateful that I can still work and have some days that are more tolerable then others. Positive vibes to all.
  9. ~Becky~

    ~Becky~ New Member

    This regimen has me excited! I am sick and tired of my water pill / low sodium treatment not working...coupled with the fact that my doctor won't even try other treatment options, I'm determined to find another doctor and another treatment. Plus, I like the fact this is a homeopathic approach to the situation, rather than other alternatives.
  10. John of Ohio

    John of Ohio New Member

    The most up to date and successful version of the regimen is here:

    --John of Ohio
  11. rottiesrule

    rottiesrule New Member

    The lemon bios have been extremely effective in reducing the hydrops. I have virtually no problem with fullness since I've been taking the lemon bios. I take 3 per day, and if I have any fullness at all, I take a fourth.
  12. CJ

    CJ New Member

    Agree! When my ears are exceptionally full I take 4 lemon bios and I feel better pretty quickly. I am slated for an out-patient surgery next week so I had to stop all herbal meds 2 weeks out. Thus the JOH is out until after the surgery. Last weekend I had some dizziness going on and now heavy ear fullness. I cannot wait to get this surgery done so I can start back up on JOH. I sure felt better than I do right now!
  13. Gina05

    Gina05 Guest

    I've added Lysine and Ginko Biloba to my regimen.
  14. kater

    kater New Member

    Hi This is my first time on the site as a member. i visited last week and was very impressed by John of Ohio's regime. I have had Meniere's for 7 years and it has been very severe this year-that is- the attacks of vertigo are increasing in frequency. I recently tried the Asana vitamin regimen which has been succesful for many people. However, it is very expensive and takes a long time before any relief is expected-maybe in months, maybe never. I ordered all of John of Ohio's suggestions and received two of the vitamins today. it feels as if the fullness in my right (bad ) ear is a little improved after taking two of the C complex vitamins and two of the beta 1,3, glucans. I'm sure it's not placebo effect as I've lived with extreme fullness for so long. Can hardly wait to get the rest of my shipment from Nutrition Express. (Was really unhappy with "The Vitamin Shoppe" customer care, and will only deal with Nutrition Express in the future.) Many thanks to John for his generosity in sharing freely what worked for him.
  15. Angie1163

    Angie1163 New Member

    Hi, I just joined the group. I was diagnosed with atypical Meniere's or Hydrops 4 months ago, mostly because I have all of the symptoms except the rotational vertigo. My new ENT, who diagnosed me said I have an 85-90% chance of acquiring that at any time - I have had two tiny instances of what I would call rotational vertigo, I have had dizzy spells or lightheadedness, and I had two episodes of fainting last year - both within 20 minutes of each other. I got extremely sick to my stomach, ran to the bathroom to throw up and then passed out- never got sick... Just passed out. Scared my husband to death. I do have an irregular heartbeat, so my dr. ran all sorts of heart tests but couldn't find anything that would cause the fainting spells.

    I have a moderate to severe hearing loss, I have lost low-tone, severe tinnitus in right ear, small amount that comes and goes in left ear. Hearing is way worse in right - same ear with major tinnitus issues. Dr. put me on low salt, no caffeine, which I have done - boy was that hard. After 6 weeks, I am no longer convinced I have a tumor in the right side of my head! full feeling has gone away, but the tinnitus was not affected.

    I saw this protocol about a week ago.... I love this site! I am starting to buy the vitamins.... I need to have my dr. check out the one that has a risk of tachycardia since I have an irregular heartbeat. But would I need to worry about taking vertigoheel if I am not currently having problems with vertigo?

    I have also noticed that no one has posted about this in about a year? Why is that? I have noticed that there are now alot of clinical trials with Acyclovir and other antivirals, which would seem to give credence to the European theories of the herpes virus theory.....
  16. Charlotte Sue

    Charlotte Sue New Member

    Connection between Herpes Simplex and Meniere's Disease

    On two occasions, I have had viral infections (eg bronchitis) and cold sores just before having severe MM episodes. Research on the internet indicates that scientists are studying this relationship
  17. jimmykicker

    jimmykicker New Member

    You sound like my exact situation except for the heart issues you are experiencing. This regimen works for me. After 5 days on just the Lysine I was better. The rest of my stuff arrived a few days later and I went full on. No side effects so far. Whether is works for you I can't say, but according to John, it works with about 90% of people...coincidentally my doctor that I seeked out in Mobile, AL now has me on antivirals and I am hearing almost normally again and seem to continue to progress daily although now it is baby steps. I think most people would have to be crazy to not give this a shot. With me being a musician this was anything but easy. Thank god I don't have the vertigo either. The worst I ever had was feeling unsteady and brain fog....just feeling kind of out of it...Oh yeah, along with a lot of deafness, pressure DISTORTION and tinnitus which is also slowly subsiding. My recommendation? Get on the regimen ASAP! Hopefully you are like me and your hearing may return to some degree since you are a new sufferer as that seems to be par for the course for newbies. Old cases the hearing is usually destroyed by the time they get started. Time is of most importance here Angie. Start now. How quickly you respond is anyone's guess. John said with some it took months. I was better in 5 days...?
  18. jimmykicker

    jimmykicker New Member

    I think it is pretty hard to deny the correlation for many of us. I feel better every day I am on antivirals.
  19. John of Ohio

    John of Ohio New Member

    Again, the most recent, updated version of the regimen can be found and closely read here:

    Unfortunately, there are much older, less effective versions of the regimen still posted by others on the Internet. I have been unable to get these renewed or updated.

    One other point. One of the reasons the regimen has worked so well for James is because he has been able to use the regimen early in the course of the disease. The longer the disease persists, the longer the herpes virus has to ensconce itself into inner ear cells, and the more difficult it is to treat.

    But even in such situations, it's worth giving the regimen a six-month to one-year trial. It can take that long for the lysine and other elements to suppress a chronic, long-term infection. But when symptoms begin to subside, the persistence and wait will have been worthwhile.

    – John of Ohio

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