Aladdin ...How are you holding uP?????

Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by tucker, Nov 5, 2007.

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  1. Aladdin

    Aladdin Guest

  2. luckyswife

    luckyswife New Member

    When is your surgery?What kinds of tests did you need that you were waiting on?I wish you luck and prayers.
  3. Aladdin

    Aladdin Guest

    my surgery is very soon; cardio tests and since the surgery is general anethestic and four hours long had to make sure heart would keep on ticking...i say i'm at a good hospital just fix it while you're at my ear...just throw a cardiologist in there and i'm good to go
  4. sparrow

    sparrow Guest

    Aladdin ((((((healing hugs in advance)))))) Wow, sounds like a sensitive surgery my dear !!! When is the surgery? Glad you got the go-ahead !!! Will be thinking of you !!!

  5. vertigo247

    vertigo247 One cannot think crooked and walk straight.

    Best wishes to you, Aladdin. :)

  6. LisaB

    LisaB New Member

    Good luck. I wish you the very best. Lisa :)
  7. HeadNoise

    HeadNoise Invisible Me

    Surgery is tomorrow, a several hour drive to the hosp in the morning, pre op and then surgery. I have phone nbr for friend who is going with her and she will text me updates.

    Major prayers for hands and eyes of the surgeons and all the surgical staff and the success of this surgery and better days ahead for Aladdin!
  8. Verti_Geaux

    Verti_Geaux New Member

    I totally agree! Prayers are going up for you Aladdin!!! What do you have? MM, Mav, BPPV, or other things?
  9. feelbizarre

    feelbizarre New Member

    Sending you healing thoughts. Hope you have a speedy recovery!

  10. Soccerspin

    Soccerspin New Member

    All my love, please let us know how is goes!!!

  11. charisse

    charisse Been hanging here for 8 years


    You are in my thoughts and prayers. I will be praying you through the whole surgery :-*
  12. June

    June New Member

    And my thoughts and prayers as well. I will be thinking about you. We'll miss you! Hurry back when you can.
  13. Bergie

    Bergie New Member

    Best of luck to you Tammy!

    Prayers and hugs and all good thoughts!!

  14. dizzy teacher2

    dizzy teacher2 New Member

    Prayers and hugs coming your way. I'll pray for the doc too!

    Keep us updated!

  15. Sami

    Sami New Member

    Prayers are being said for you dear Aladdin, and your prayer has been posted. I send you healing hugs and wishes for a speedy recovery. GBWY my friend....

    Love and hugs.....
    Sami..... :-*
  16. Amethyst

    Amethyst She believed she could, so she did.

    Oh wow this day suddenly approached so fast Aladdin....I'll keep my thoughts on you all day today and hope that you have a speedy recovery and some real, tangible results very soon. Big huge hugs.
  17. Linda1002

    Linda1002 New Member

    Thinking of you today, Miss T. :-* :-*
  18. Daize

    Daize New Member

    Tammy my friend --- My prayers and caring vibes are with you and wishing you good recovery! xo

  19. luckyswife

    luckyswife New Member

    me toooooo.hope all is well
  20. luckyswife

    luckyswife New Member


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