A prayer for my forum family.

Discussion in 'Your Religion & Spiritual Center' started by lulu48, Nov 11, 2010.

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  1. lulu48

    lulu48 New Member

    May God shine his light on all of you and give you the strength and courage you need to cope with this disease every day. May you feel his love in your heart and carry it with you always. Amen.
  2. CarolineJ.

    CarolineJ. New Member

    Thank you Lulu ;D
  3. solari

    solari Administrator Staff Member

    And we are off to a good start!

  4. Chris0515

    Chris0515 New Member

    Thanks Lulu and glad you are back. ;D
  5. Cara

    Cara New Member

  6. carolyn33

    carolyn33 New Member

    Thank you LuLa Bell..
  7. leigh

    leigh New Member

    Kind words from a kind and loving person. Thank you Lulu

  8. dizzysheba01

    dizzysheba01 New Member

    Thank you Little LuLu. I pray for everyone on this forum every day.
  9. cdedie

    cdedie Designed by DizzyNBlue

  10. Funshine

    Funshine New Member

    Lovely, thank you LuLu...Ms. Sunshine in a bottle!
  11. lulu48

    lulu48 New Member

    I hope you all have a great day and are feeling well and spin-free. :-*
  12. lulu48

    lulu48 New Member

    I'm still praying for all of you especially those of you who are suffering right now. You are in my thoughts and my prayers. :-*
  13. egross

    egross New Member

    Lulu, you're such a good loving soul. :-* :-*
  14. Mommywoe

    Mommywoe New Member

    A good prayer is always needed. Thanks, Lulu.
  15. rev

    rev New Member

    In mine as well - thanks Lulu!
  16. lulu48

    lulu48 New Member

    Thank you as well for the prayers Rev.
  17. Chris0515

    Chris0515 New Member

    Lulu are you ok or did something go horribly wrong for you today?
  18. lulu48

    lulu48 New Member

    Prayers to those of you who are suffering today...not only with this disease. But for those of you who have heavy hearts and may be feeling lost. My prayer is that you find peace and comfort from God's loving touch upon your heart.
  19. phildsc

    phildsc New Member

    Thanks for caring for us and remember, we care for you.
  20. lulu48

    lulu48 New Member

    Thank you Phil.....you are very kind, dear man.

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