23% of Canadians vs. Only 8% of Americans: a heathen lot we Canucks...

Discussion in 'Your Religion & Spiritual Center' started by Caribbean, Dec 11, 2010.

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    23% of Canadians vs. Only 8% of Americans don't believe in God? "Some Interesting Stat's I found not Intended to be debated!"


    Before 1971, less than 1 per cent of Canadians ticked the "no religion" box on national surveys. Two generations later, nearly a quarter of the population, or 23 per cent, say they aren't religious.

    At a time of year when many Canadians traditionally turn to their faith, The Globe and Mail begins a look at the state of religion in Canada. What we've seen is a sea change in 40 years, a march toward secularization that mirrors what's happened in Europe.

    Fully 92 percent of Americans say they believe in God, 85 percent in heaven and 82 percent in miracles, according to the latest FOX News poll

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    I'd like to see the poll and the sample.
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    Most Americans Believe in Higher Power, Poll Finds.


    The study detailed Americans' deep and broad religiosity, finding that 92 percent believe in God or a universal spirit -- including one in five of those who call themselves atheists. More than half of Americans polled pray at least once a day.

    But Americans aren't rigid about their beliefs. Most of those studied -- even many of the most religiously conservative -- have a remarkably nonexclusive attitude toward other faiths. Seventy percent of those affiliated with a religion believe that many religions can lead to eternal salvation. And only about one-quarter of those surveyed believe there is only one way to interpret their religion's teachings.

    Most Americans Say God Exists; Fewer Are 'Absolutely Certain'
    Though eight in ten Americans say they believe in God, only about three in five say they are "absolutely certain" God exists, a new poll shows.


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