Zoloft or other antidepressants

Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by 2DAMNDIZZY, Nov 16, 2006.

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    2DAMNDIZZY New Member

    Hi All,
    Hope everyone is having a good day. Just wondering if any of you have taken Zoloft or any other antidepressants? If so, did they help, what side effects did you have, and how long before you noticed a change in yourself?

    I am thinking about going on a mild one but they scare me :-\ But I have to do something because this anxiety and depression is kicking my ass.

    Take Care,
  2. jrw

    jrw New Member

    Yes, a few of us admit to anti-depressants. In my case I tried a couple of types but had what my therapist called record breaking side effects. The newer variety is suppose to be kinder and gentler and most people find them that way. And they do provide an important aspect of getting out of the depression/anxiety if therapy doesn't do the trick. If you're going to have side effects they should show up quickly, I would think. Good luck to you in beating this.
  3. abra

    abra New Member

    Just started one this morning and for the same reason...I was living every single day in constant terror and just couldn't take it any longer.

    Will let you know how it goes.
  4. Stacey3048

    Stacey3048 New Member

    Hello Maggie,

    I have never tried Zoloft. I have been on Prozac for many years. I was first prescribed it to help control hot flashes due to a hysterectomy. It worked like a charm. However, since the MM beast has raised cane, I have had my dosage increased. It helps take the edge off.

    I am not sure if I experienced any side effects because I am on numerous meds for other health issues.

    I wish I could have been more help to you. I wish you luck and please keep us posted!

  5. Amethyst

    Amethyst She believed she could, so she did.

    Hi Maggie,

    I've taken Zoloft on and off for many years now - if I remember correctly it's the med I started during a depression study I participated in. I was taking it before it even got out on the market. Over the years I tried nearly all of the older anti-depressants and stopped once I got to Zoloft because for me it definitely works the best. I think everyone is different and finding the right anti-depressant can be a bit of a long process...but once the right one is found what a difference it can make. Zoloft is a great one to start on. Some other meds caused that horrible side-effect in me of skyrocketing anger, not Zoloft though. The one side-effect I get from it is weight gain. Actually I gain weight immediately after going on any anti-depressant. I don't think it's exactly that way for everyone - some are more prone to it. Other than that, no side effects at all for me.

    As for a change in myself, it usually takes me 3 weeks and at the most 4 weeks. I'm not completely better at that point but the light at the end of the tunnel starts shinning brightly.

    Hope it works well with you.
  6. annegina

    annegina New Member

    I have been on Lexapro going on 5 weeks now and it has definitely helped
    Even after a few days I could rest better, it has helped with the anxiety and I could more easily stop the fear spirals--it cleared my mind a little. Side effects? The famous ssri weight gain hasnt reared its ugly head yet, and no sexual side effects praise God.
    My MD picked the best one for me based on my symptoms---anxiety about my
    tinnitus and hearing and OCD about "checking" on them all the time. Lexapro is supposed to help with serotonin which is supposed to be a soothing neurotransmitter. Even though it made me a little antsy at first I think it actually helps with sleep. I take it first thing in the morning. I take Klonopin and phenergan at night and off to sleep I go. Unless really ugly tinnitus rears
    its head to wake me I do well.
    Is my depression gone and am I dancing in the street? No. Because I am still struggling with the fact that I have lost so much hearing in the past few months
    and my head noise is very disturbing at times. But Lexapro has got me to where I can blow it off much better and function when I have to. It has been a Godsend. Im at the point where Im not afraid to pharmacologically take what I need to function. Good Luck!
  7. sparrow

    sparrow Guest

    Hi Maggie ~

    I am currently on a first generation trycyclic antidepressant called Pamelor. I try to stay away from the newer generation of antidepressants and SSRI's as there are no long term studies and what I mean by that is that I don't want to be a guinea pig after the FDA approves a medication.

    I have tried most of what is on the market and I can't tolerate the side effects so this is what I am left with.

    Sparrow :D
  8. shudabenanun

    shudabenanun Laters baby

    Hi Maggie...
    Yes I tried Zoloft before I liked it really well... I first tried Paxil and didn't do very well on it then I switched to Zoloft and I really like it but I maxed out on it and it wasn't working as well. Now I'm on Wellbutrin XL and I love it.. I think everyones body reacts differently to medicines..I hope you find one that works best for you.
  9. mcfarkus3

    mcfarkus3 New Member

    Hello Maggie! I have been on lots of different SSRIs. My depression started in 1997. I started on Prozac, which worked very well for about a year, then switched to Paxil. Since then, I end up switching after about a year, it's just something about how I process these drugs. (I also have to switch antihistamines once a year for the same reason.) A common alternative to the SSRIs is Welbutrin, which doesn't carry the side effects that the SSRIs do.

    2DAMNDIZZY New Member

    Thanks so much for your replies!!!!

    I am a constant worrier and you always hear how someone on an antidepressant has hurt themselves or someone and that scares the crap out of me because I have 3 kids and dont want to have any thoughts about stuff like that!!!! But I think I will talk over the pros and cons with my doctor. I have an appt with her on Tuesday.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend,
  11. cheese

    cheese New Member

    If I could have another crack at the last 2 years of my life, I definitely wouldnt have started taking Anti-Depressants.

    Their disgusting drugs IMO, and all they do to me is sap what little energy I have left

    I couldnt handle the SSRI's ....I was up 3 days straight dry reaching and spasming. So i was prescribed Avanza.(Remeron in the states)

    I hate the shit, and really wish i could stop. When i tried to stop it though I experienced anxiety levels that i never had experienced before starting them.

    I would explore all avenues 1st. Exercise. Walks along the beach. Engaging in fun activities. Talking to a psychologist. Practice mindfulness mediation. Learn diaphragmatic breathing techniques. Sex. Anything that can get your blood and endorphins flowing again.

    Some people truly need them to survive. And coping with a chronic illness can certainly place us in that category. But from my experience, once you start, it is hard to stop. It saps a lot of the "love" from your body IMO. Now I am just flat, cranky, and tired. Alot of it just because of the MM, but I also know a lot of it is because of the Avanza.

    just my $.02
  12. burd

    burd New Member

    Many do really good on Zoloft, just be aware of possible side effects. Esp. with withdrawal.
    My husband took it for about a year, then started getting big headaches, so we tapered the dosage down to a fraction for about another year, eventually the headaches came back and withdrawal was a slow process but had weird side effects of it's own.
    I believe the good side of it all was that his mood swings stabilized fairly well. It's all rather individual, so read about Zoloft on the internet, esp. comments from real people, not the companies or doctors that are pushing it.
    But we were surprised how well just a trace of the Zoloft worked for nearly a year after he had been on full dose for a while. Something to think about.
  13. annegina

    annegina New Member

    Maggie,good luck with your decision--Im just chiming in again to ask if maybe your MD can prescribe an antianxiety med till the antidepressant kicks in? Or
    ask what can be done to assess any side effects before they get too bad and stop the drug.if you decide on an anti-D
    Anxiety is so paralyzing and so is the fear of what is going to happen or when.
    This disease is just so unpredictable but so are many other things. For me personally it was somewhat of a passage of time, some acceptance, and yes,
    some pharmacological help. I agree with Cheese about the excersize and the endorphins and all the other stuff--but the anxiety that had me curled up in a ball on my bed for hours at a time has lightened--and yes I believe for me it was the antidepressant. Since I just started it, I dont even worry about how
    long I'll be on it--and less stress and more sleep sure helps me with my symptoms. My kids have their mom back and my hubby has his wife back.
    Not all the way back but Im trying. Again, Good luck!!
  14. phillyloobird

    phillyloobird New Member

    Hi Maggie,

    I've been taking one or another antidepressant for years. I've taken Prozac, Zoloft, Effexor, Wellbutrin, Paxil and Sinequan, and those are only the onese I can remember. Unfortunately none of them were very effective. Until now. I was recently diagnosed with bipolar II disorder, which is very similar to bipolar I, but I have more depressive episodes than manic ones. I'm being treated with Depakote, which seems to be working quite well and I'm feeling much better.
  15. rek83

    rek83 VanGogh had menieres. Maybe he painted what he saw

    I started off on Zoloft but I actually had anxiety disorder so it didn't help me, but it was mild for me. Effexor I tried but it got to the point where I couldn't take the medication without getting really sick. I'm on Lexapro which is a good, mild antidepressant that seems to also help my anxiety. None of them would have worked at all without therapy though.... And finding a good psychologist is hard, but worth the search.

    2DAMNDIZZY New Member

    Thanks again for all of the replies. I go to the doctor tomorrow morning at 9:30. I am going to get her to explain ALL the ups and downs of the anti-depressants. Just thinking about being on them still scares the shit out of me ???


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