Zofran used IV for nausea during cataract surgery--really helped!

Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by yanksgirl, Jun 18, 2009.

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  1. yanksgirl

    yanksgirl New Member

    I wonder if it could help with nause due to our various related symptoms that cause nausea? It's used to treat nausea following anesthesia and patients on Chemo. I have a relative taking it for extreme nausea due to kidney disease. She was so sick she couldn't eat at all. Has been on the tablets for 6 mos. They aren't 'cheap' for sure. Any one here tried them? I had it IV today with my surgery. The surgery went well, but the bright lights and anxiety brought on some close calls with things moving in my head and the nausea. The Zofran took care of that.
  2. Jenny

    Jenny Nystagmus sucks. A lot.

    Glad to hear the surgery went well, yanksgirl!

    And yes, Zofran is amazing! Had it after the VNS and it was great! After you leave the hospital and you get the pill version... oh man. Those things are expensive! I mean, I think I got 5 days worth for $80, pre-insurance. Craziness.
  3. mikeg

    mikeg New Member

    Its good sfuff.
  4. June-

    June- New Member

    I am glad the surgery went well.
  5. yanksgirl

    yanksgirl New Member

    I plan to ask my ent doctor about it for sure. I just took Meclizine 12/5 mg. for a bout of it this morning and it's helped alot too.
    Eye is doing well, but I just 'forgot' that I'm not supposed to rub it and it itched and I wasn't thinking, and rubbed it and now see a sort of shadow on my left--hoping it's just nothing or perhaps I'm seeing my lashes for the first time in a long time. If it continues or gets worse, I'll call my eye doctor. This morning I saw her for the 24 hour check and was doing great!
  6. yanksgirl

    yanksgirl New Member

    I took two Meclizine in a 6 hour period--12.5 mg. each. I looked on the bottle and no dosage info was given. It just told what to take it for--nausea and vomiting, etc. I looked online and it says to take 1 tablet every 24 hours unless directed by physician for certain conditions. Did I do wrong? Boy my head has been 'swimmy' I call it. No vertigo but enough of things not right to still make me nauseated and very sleepy. I wonder too, if it's due to my glasses now that they aren't right. I've tried covering up one lens, closing the eye that just had the cataract surgery, wearing no glasses. All attempts are not helping right now. Any help anyone can give, I'd appreciate. Thanks. This is miserable.
  7. Aladdin

    Aladdin Guest

    zofran is available in generic form now :)
  8. yanksgirl

    yanksgirl New Member

    You won't believe! Last year I had my doctor mail me out a script that I could use if absolutely necessary for nausea. I looked at the meds, didn't recognize it and put it in the hall closet for future use. Until I had it during my cataract surgery, I didn't thing about the meds in the closet. I checked yesterday, and sure enough, it's Zofran (the generic)! I'm so glad I found it. It's still good and I'll use it if needed. Thanks for the help once again!
  9. Joe H

    Joe H New Member

    I was diagnosed with Miniere's 33 years ago. Other then the ringing in the left ear and a 20% hearing loss in that ear, I haven't experienced any bouts of vertigo or nausea. That is until this past February 2009. Since then I've had several Drop attacks, and a dozen or more severe vertigo attacks with nausea. The prescribed medications and treatments are not working. On the 23rd of June I am going to see a specialist about some surgical alternatives. Any input from the group would be greatly appreciated.

    Joe Heron

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