Xanax vs Valium?? vertigo

Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by fitness122, Jul 3, 2012.

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  1. fitness122

    fitness122 New Member

    I just want to see what works well for other's? I get terrible headaches with Valium
    and feel xanax does not always work.................any feedback would be appreciated

    Thank you, James
  2. FadedRose

    FadedRose New Member

    have you tried ativan/lorazepam? When I was having vertigo attacks, I found .5mgs ativan under the tongue at the onset of the attack would have it under control within 20 minutes and it was as if it never happened.
  3. Gina05

    Gina05 Guest

    I have the Ativan and the Valium.

    I mostly take the Ativan, but when I get an attack or at night, I'll take 2 mg. Valium.

    Everyone's responds differently it seems, but I like the Ativan best, it doesn't make me sleepy, and not any residual side effects like the headaches.

    Good luck to you! It's kind of hit and miss. Keep a daily Journal of everything!
    It really helps.
    Also check your corresponding menstrual cycle, that affected my Menieres before my Hysterectomy.

  4. FadedRose

    FadedRose New Member

    I suspect that James likely doesn't need to worry about his menstrual cycle. ;)

  5. bulldogs

    bulldogs New Member

    James is that correct?
  6. cowcollector

    cowcollector Don't hug a tree, hug a cow!!

    meclizine helps me
  7. Terri-Lee

    Terri-Lee New Member

    Hi there,

    I asked my doctor to give me valium to see if it would stop an attack before it set on. She refused. I swallow a couple of gravol when I get an attack and (if I can keep them down), eventually sleep it off.
  8. Titus

    Titus New Member

    Valium works for me. Xanax works better for panic disorder but quite a few have used it for dizziness.

    When I went to the U of P Balance Center, they told me Ativan was their first choice for dizziness.

    Everyone's different....you just have to experiment.
  9. lulu48

    lulu48 New Member

    Hi James

    I take a 5 mg Valium for attacks. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

    All my best to you and I hope you can find something that will help.
  10. debin

    debin New Member

    I take 2 mg of Valium if I'm having an off day.
  11. bulldogs

    bulldogs New Member

    I'm with LuLu: 5 mg of Valium and at times I needed 10 mg and sometimes if I could not get t down quick enough---- I just had to ride it out. But I usually needed 5-10 mg of Valium.
  12. hollymm

    hollymm Me, 'in' a tree.

    James, how many mgs of xanax have you tried? It might not be enough. I know this entry is quiet late from your original one but maybe you're still around and can let us know what, if anything you have found out.
  13. Gina05

    Gina05 Guest

    James, I apologize for my error!

    Anyway, it appears that a woman's cycle can affect Menieres disease.

    Geez, I'm soooo embarrassed.
  14. Gustav123

    Gustav123 Life,enjoy it.

    I have used both. As an abortive I found xanax under the tongue often worked great. As a preventative(daily use), valium worked well for years.
    I no longer use either. I guess i reached burnout. Valium bit me on the ass though with discontinuation issues.
  15. Gina05

    Gina05 Guest

    Het, Gustavo, I had the same reaction going off the Xanax while stopping the Valium wasn't so bad!
    Isn't that funny how we all have different experiences with different meds!
    There was a time when I went off all meds, it was hard. It was like watching a drug addict detox cold turkey, but I did it!
    I needed a fresh start. My OTO and I worked very closely during That time. I did stay on the Lexapro through it all, and still take that.
    I now mostly use the Ativan as I stated above.
    But these days with other muscular issues, I find the 2mg. Valium to be enough. I try to take the lowest dosage possible on all my meds, too.

    I hope the original poster reads all of this. I hope they aren't too sick to come back.

    Good luck to everyone!


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