xanax under tongue

Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by missbelle, Jul 12, 2007.

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  1. missbelle

    missbelle New Member

    i was wondering if anyone does this and if they get relief faster.....
  2. nassman

    nassman Guest

    "Wow" is all I can say.
  3. missbelle

    missbelle New Member

    why wow???
  4. patride71

    patride71 New Member

    i've heard that works with valium, but had not heard that abou xanax.
  5. Caribbean

    Caribbean New Member

    Some rapid-acting forms of nitroglycerin are meant to be dissolved under the tongue or sprayed in the mouth, however I don't think this would apply to many other medications placed under the tongue....

    Found this article...

    Swedish sleeping pills in final clinical tests in USA
    A new Swedish drug can soon help sleepless Americans find rest. The product, a fast-relief sleeping pill which is placed under the tongue, was developed by Stockholm-based pharmaceutical company, Orexo.
    The new sleeping pill works fast and has less side effects than its competitors. Keen to register the drug for both the EU and the US before the end of the year, Orexo have applied to the American medical institute, FDA for Phase-III clinical testing to be carried out on the sleeping pill this spring.

    The new drug’s efficiency lies in the human body’s ability to absorb the active ingredients through mucous membrane (i.e. under the tongue) where as with usual sleeping drugs the body can only absorb the ingredients when it passes through the intestine. This means that less of Orexo’s drug is required for the same effect, and that there are no next-day side effects.
  6. nassman

    nassman Guest

    I'll tell you why I said wow.

    Xanax and all the other benzodiazepine / SSRI drugs many people on here talk so lightly about are STRONG drugs that have altering effects on the way the brain chemicals are produced and processed. We are not talking about aspirin here. Each time these drugs are dispenced, there are instructions as to how to ingest them, how often to take them, and other precautionary notes.

    The doctor has prescribed you a dosage which he/she believes will help with your symptoms. When the doctor makes the decision of what dosage to prescribe he/she assumes that the pills will be ingested. Sticking the pill under the tongue in order to speed the rate at which it enters the bloodtream is not how these drugs have been designed. These drugs have a release mechanism which is slow and thus, allows the drug to remain in the person's system for quite a while so that the patient can benefit from it. However, for this to happen, the drug must be ingested and enter through the "filtering" phase of the liver and kidneys.

    Simply sticking such a potent drug under the tongue is a very dangerous act indeed and I can guarantee that your doc would never condone such a thing.
  7. Lucky

    Lucky New Member

    Now that explains a lot more than just "wow".
  8. missbelle

    missbelle New Member

    thank you for your explanation
  9. nassman

    nassman Guest


    Are you telling Missbelle to try placing Xanax under her tongue? ARE YOU? Do you know if this is safe with XANAX? DO YOU? Do you know Miss Belle's dosage?

    Show some reponsibility for once in your life.
  10. Caribbean

    Caribbean New Member


  11. Lucky

    Lucky New Member

    Holy cow...Carib...did you put a gun to someone's head and force them to do something? LOL
  12. america57

    america57 New Member

    Carib...I'm putting on my cervical collar and coming to your house to beat you right now...no, wait...you might like it too much...can you come here and bring me a carribbean drink? With fruit? What were we talking about? Oh yeah, I put Lorazapham under my tongue, but my doctor told me to.

    Missbelle, ask you doctor before you do anything like that.....love!
  13. gtrvox

    gtrvox our pooch Hugo

    Nass, I could be wrong, but don't I remember you saying you were a laid back kind of guy on another thread? :)

  14. Moogs

    Moogs New Member

    Oh George ....
    rofl can we all say instigator?

  15. Caribbean

    Caribbean New Member

    Yes Chriss, coming right up...In fact its cocktail hour down here right now, so with that I think Ill join you and have a double...Oh yes almost forgot, Ill take mine neat, over and under the "TONGUE" [​IMG]
  16. america57

    america57 New Member

    Do you think the drink combined with the muscle relaxants will have any ill effects? Maybe we should ask our resident expert....no...maybe not...I don't want to get screamed at, I'm in too mellow a place right now.....sigh...lets just sit on the beach and listen to some Jimmy Buffet and watch the world go by....
  17. Mya46

    Mya46 Knowledge is POWER!

    I was just given Ativan, Valiums cousin, to use strictly for vertigo attacks. It is sub-lingual which means it was "designed" to put under the tongue. It desolves quicker just as was posted earlier. I have the prescription bottle in my hand. I used it 2x so far in past 2 weeks and it kicks ass stopping the vertigo (not dizzies, rotational vertigo). There is also a pill form in this brand to be swallowed as there is with all benzos.

    Anyone who wants to know questions such as these should consult a pharmacist or doctor for full confirmation.
  18. america57

    america57 New Member

    Yes! Lorazapham under the tongue is very effective for stopping vertigo too! I like these under the tongue drugs, but I agree, you need to ask a doctor before you use them that way.
  19. missbelle

    missbelle New Member

    ok this might sound like a dumb question..but what is the difference if i put xanax under my tongue or swallow it...i mean the only thing that could happen is it gets into my system faster right??
  20. Mya46

    Mya46 Knowledge is POWER!

    Missbelle, I think you need to ASK a pharmacist or doctor if that's how the drug is supposed to work. Did you read my post about being "sub-lingual" which means to use under the tongue only?

    Lorazapam is Ativans generic, do you take the pill under your tongue or is it the sub-lingual kind like I was given? My pill is totally different, really tiny little pills that desolve the minute I put under tongue.

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