Xanax and Valium? Can I use in between--for anxiety and 'carnival ride' feeling

Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by yanksgirl, Jul 18, 2009.

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  1. yanksgirl

    yanksgirl New Member

    :( I may have asked this before. I don't want to be 'doped up' but in between the Valium (2 mg), can I take 1/2 tablet (of 5 mg) tablet to help with anxiety of symptoms getting worse? I only take 2 Valium a day unless it's a very bad day and most often only one a day. this past week is bad and we are leaving on a short vacation tomorrow. Today has been bad--the carnival ride feeling in my head. Not vertigo, just the 'dizzy' or drunk feeling and head pressure. My hearing is ok except yesterday it shut down awhile and is back today. thanks.
  2. tucker

    tucker The Meniere's DVD Guy!

    I would call your DR first thing in the morning as ask to speak to one of the nurses there and get their opiinion

    Have a fun time
  3. Caribbean

    Caribbean New Member

    I would think you'd be OK with that however as Tuck indicated above give you're Doc a quick call first...
  4. yanksgirl

    yanksgirl New Member

    Well, tomorrow is Sunday and we leave about 10:30 so can't do that. I'll just use my best judgement I guess. I've used it before and the Xanax helped I thought, but don't do it on a regular basis and thought I might need to on our trip so thought I'd 'check in' here. Wish I'd done so earlier. Also, do most of you take 2 mg. of Valium or 5 mg? And if 5 mg, how many a day is the max. you've taken? For me, I can take 3 per day or even 4 of the 2 mg. if needed but only did that 3 days one time. Most of the time, it's 1 to 2 a day when I'm having problems. I do get awfully heavy eyelids and want to just sleep when I take more doses. Feel really 'doped' and I don't like that feeling at all.
  5. Caribbean

    Caribbean New Member

    I think you've answered you're own question... My wife doesn't take it, however periodically I'll give her 5mg of Xanex to help her sleep.

    Have a nice trip
  6. mikeg

    mikeg New Member

    I was talking to my brother in law about mm, hes a doc himself. He said while he hardly ever treats anyone with mm one of his nurses has it and takes valium 10mg 3 times a day. 10 mg of Valium would be the same as .5 mg Xanax. He says she does fine on that dose but if she cuts back or starts missing doses shes on the floor sick. Hes not a big fan of treating people with benzos cause like alot of docs they just don`t want to go to the trouble and thinks theres to much risk.
  7. Aladdin

    Aladdin Guest

    ...my surgeon/oto is not a prescriber of valium for MM...I would suggest meclizine for carnival ride feeling - it helps me sometimes
  8. yanksgirl

    yanksgirl New Member

    sounds like my low dosage of both meds would be ok to use if need be. One being for anxiety and the other for the 'head pressure' and carnival ride feeling. I'll try to do with less but will use if necessary. Thanks everyone. Feeling some better today so far. We're leaving soon.
  9. Aladdin

    Aladdin Guest

    I see dr. chole at washington university - st. louis and I thought I read you saw a oto in same department - isn't it funny how Dr. Chole will not prescribe valium and others in his department will. I've taken valium in the past from another ent and the valium gave me weird feeling and a bad headache. Again, I am no doctor but the dosage you suggested should be ok...best wishes on your trip.

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