What s it like where you are.

Discussion in 'Your Front Porch' started by alibell, May 9, 2011.

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  1. alibell

    alibell New Member

    Its been a great day here.
  2. survivedit

    survivedit New Member

    Great pic - is that in New Zealand?
  3. alibell

    alibell New Member

    To be honest I cant remember where that one was taken.
    It sums up how I am feeling at the moment.
    Just getting over a bout of MM the storm clouds are parting and the sun is coming back in.
  4. alibell

    alibell New Member

    I have just had an idea maybe I can take you all on a trip round NZ and you can share your countries
    it could take some time.
  5. alibell

    alibell New Member

    Great let's do it pick up your cameras and get those shutters clicking
  6. rottiesrule

    rottiesrule New Member


    Welcome to beautiful southwest Florida.
  7. Janice

    Janice New Member

    cold cold and cold - welcome to Melbourne in Autumn
  8. alibell

    alibell New Member

    Rottie it looks idilic like a pacific island

    Janice I love Melbourne 4seaons in one day and so much good food.
  9. Janice

    Janice New Member

    great food, so many good restaurants and if you don't like the weather wait 10 minutes
  10. CarolineJ.

    CarolineJ. New Member

    We are finally getting some sun and warm temperatures here in Toronto... still quite chilly at night though.
  11. AmandaJ

    AmandaJ New Member

    sunshine....rain....thunder lightning....sunshine....high winds...thunder lol strange day
  12. lulu48

    lulu48 New Member

    It's beautiful here this morning Ali. Sunny and warming up very nicely. I'll have to get my camera charged up so I can take some pics later!

    I love the photos that you and Rottie posted. They're so pretty! Can't wait to see more!! ;D
  13. Rhemajoy

    Rhemajoy New Member

    Hmmm .. I guess this is to remind me I need to get out of the cave.
  14. citrinequartzlp

    citrinequartzlp laugh as often as you can - even at yourself

    I'm trying to post a pic and it's only 343 kb. It won't attach and tells me the uploader is full and to contact an admistrator. Who's the admin? I really like this pic and want to share it.
  15. Titus

    Titus New Member

    It's 80 degrees, sunny, with an ocean breeze......perfect.
    Daytona Beach, Florida
  16. alibell

    alibell New Member

    citrinequartzlp are you trying to upload it through photobucket?
  17. Daize

    Daize New Member

    upper 60's here in N.H. :)
  18. dizzysheba01

    dizzysheba01 New Member

    It's a beautiful day in Chicago
  19. alibell

    alibell New Member



    Ill start the tour with Lake Taupo central North Island. This is one enormous volcanic crater
  20. alibell

    alibell New Member

    Its grey and overcast in Hamilton today. The first signs of winter.

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