Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by Titus, Sep 27, 2006.

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  1. Titus

    Titus New Member

    New Beginnings!

    Believe it or not, the holiday season is just around the corner. Shall we have a Thanksgiving Challenge? I know I really like to enjoy the holidays and would like to lose 5 pounds by the week before Thanksgiving. I'm back to doing my 2.5 miles faithfully every day and am staying away from desserts. I figure if I add one 20-minute session of cardio each day I should lose about a pound a week. So.......here I go.

    Who will join me?
  2. Peanut Brittle

    Peanut Brittle My Twerple Has My Heart

    Dear Titus,

    I admire your commitment and your willingness to take on challenges. How do you do it? How do you keep yourself focused?

  3. cowcollector

    cowcollector Don't hug a tree, hug a cow!!

    I am staying with it. Last week I measured with Derrick
    my trainer and in a month I lost 8 1/2 inches and 10 pounds.
    Since April I have lost 28 pounds. We can do it together!!!
  4. Dixie Chick

    Dixie Chick New Member

    Hey the chick is back on line and back on the board.
    I have been walking alot this week. I put my perdometor on first thing in the morning and keep of all my steps during the day and also I go walking 3 times a week we walk about 2.5 miles or more each night.

    Titus count me in I need every thing that I can get. I think I can loose at least 4 to 5 pounds befor the dead line here.
    You all will keep me on my toes I know
  5. Titus

    Titus New Member

    Jenski, I have to rely on God to get me up each day. You probably know I have bi-polar plus a bunch of other sh$%. Well, I just keep taking my little yellow pills and doing my balance exercises and PRAYING alot :D

    WOW....maybe I need to get a personal trainer. That would get my butt out of bed each day. Sometimes I get so discouraged because before all this I was so toned and so skinny and loved to exercise. I could eat anything and never put on a pound. Now these little pills that keep me out of the nut house :D make everything I eat turn to fat. The doctor told me I'm the only person he's ever known to take this combination of meds and ONLY GAIN 20 pounds. He said the average weight gain was 70 and most people went off them because of the weight gain. But I just LOVE to eat and LOVE to cook. Fortunately, I eat healthy food and love fruit. But the holidays will be tempting and I want to be down some so I don't feel the guilt :D
  6. Tizzy

    Tizzy New Member

    A think a challenge of some type is the little kick in the butt that I need to get off mine. Well actually I am pretty busy and acitve, but I eat terribly! I need a little motivation from you ladies. I'm in...!
  7. cdedie

    cdedie Designed by DizzyNBlue

    As soon as everything slows to a few spins - I'll be back in!!!!
  8. Dixie Chick

    Dixie Chick New Member

    Hey I feel kind of good today I walked 7723 steps yesterday. I put my perdomoter on in the morning and do my steps that way. I have been trying to up my steps every day. Well I think I have because on monday I only walked 3849 steps and on tuesday I walked 6987 steps so I am doing good so far. I am trying to go to 10,000 steps a day. I will let you all know if I ever get up that far.
    I have been trying to eat better and I am going to do this with all your help.
    Thanks for being here for me and every one elts.

    and I will c-u-lighter
  9. cowcollector

    cowcollector Don't hug a tree, hug a cow!!

    i went to tops and weighed in and lost 2 1/4 pounds this week!!
    we can do it!!!
  10. Dixie Chick

    Dixie Chick New Member

    Good for you cow buddy. I am clapping for you can you hear me???
  11. cdedie

    cdedie Designed by DizzyNBlue

    YEA TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Keep up the good work ya'll!
  12. ripper roo

    ripper roo lisa


    i have to confess i havent been in here for ages :( :(
    and i have slipped i tried on some pants that used to fit and now they are tight :'( :'(
    and i look in the mirror and im horified by what i see
    i looked at the holiday photo's i posted and i look like a different person :( :(
    and im getting really tired
    so i have to do this for myself i have to
    im determined

  13. Dixie Chick

    Dixie Chick New Member

    Lisa you are so right about saying you have to do it for your self.
    Like I told some one that I am not doing this for any one but my self.
    You have to love your self befor any one elts and you have to want to do it for your self and not any one elts.
    You have to be happy with your self.
    I always said to my self that I wasnt worth any thing and no one cared about me because I didnt look all that good and I was over weight. I didnt care about my self much and didnt like my self much.
    Then one day I said you know I cant do this Loosing weight for any one but my self. Well you know I was right. My hubby said he liked me no matter what I decided to do.
    So I am going to loose this weight. I might not end up as a real skinny person but you know if I loose even 10 to 20 lbs I will be happy with my self.
    Because I care about my self now and want to do this for my self and no one elts.

    Well enough said hope every one has a great weekend and hugs to every one

  14. cdedie

    cdedie Designed by DizzyNBlue

    Getting off some weight is always nice, but yes the main thing is to try to be healthy, which usually leads to weight loss!
  15. cowcollector

    cowcollector Don't hug a tree, hug a cow!!

    still sore from the training at the gym but sticking with it!
  16. cdedie

    cdedie Designed by DizzyNBlue

    I'm going to call helping Hubbie wash his full size van as a workout! Sure felt like one. :D
  17. Titus

    Titus New Member

    Went grocery shopping yesterday and bought all organic, healthy food. Made cabbage soup last night from all organic vegetables and lo-so, free-range chicken broth. It tastes wonderful. So, tomorrow I start Phase I of my wellness plan to get in shape by November 1.

    I've mapped out an eating plan and tentative exercise plan. The exercise depends on my symptoms. At the very least I walk 2.5 miles each morning and do stretches. On good days I can do more. October is my busiest month teaching so it will be a challenge....but that's why we call it WELLNESS CHALLENGE, right?

    So, I hope to be slightly firmer by November 1. I'm really not interested in losing pounds....just converting fat body weight into muscle body weight.

    Have fun you bunch of losers :D :D :D
    See you all lighter :D
  18. Amethyst

    Amethyst She believed she could, so she did.

    It's not been my best week - I hope next one will be much better. I did manage to get to the swimming pool once though (usually I try to be there twice a week).....and I did notice it's getting easier to get through my laps so it's not all bad.

    I also continued my yoga, although not as much (I try for each morning) and for my soul - the buddhist meditation is coming along very well - I find it easy to continue because it's such a wonderful break from all the anxiety/stress I've been feeling lately.

    Next week will be a better one - I'm determined! And count me in for the holiday goals....only thing is...thanksgiving is next weekend around here!!!....Yum turkey!!!!

  19. Titus

    Titus New Member

    Happy Thanksgiving, Amethyst!!!!
  20. AnnieKYOH

    AnnieKYOH New Member

    I am trying to lose too - however, it is hard with balance and vertigo going on. I have an exercise bike that I think I will try to start using this week. I do think eating right helps as well.

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