"Well, you can hear me" and other ignorant comments

Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by page66, Oct 13, 2006.

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  1. Andrea1962

    Andrea1962 New Member

    You know someone yelling the repetition at me wouldn't be as bad as...."Forget about it, it doesn't matter" (whatever was being said). If it was important enough to be said the first time, them it is important enough for me to hear it!
  2. Indigo

    Indigo Guest

    I have experienced the "well she heard that - how come she can't hear this - I think she has selective hearing and only hears what she wants to hear". Yep that's right of course I only hear what I want to hear - most of the time I work with my back to the rest of the office and I know there is a conversation going on but to me it is just a jumble of sounds - half the time I can't even hear my own name being called.

    I suggest to one person that they might like to have menieres for one day to see what it is like. I also told the people I work with that I hope they never get a disease that has no cure but only medication to mask the symptoms sometimes because as much as they upset me when they treat me like I don't exist - I would never ever wish something like this on anyone.

    I just get on with my life and people who don't like it I just try and ignore.
  3. wileyriley

    wileyriley New Member

    i have posted here before as riley722 but i can't log in under that anymore. this thread is so great. it really hits home with me. especially when people say oh yeah i get dizzy too. they just don't get it. i work and usually just try to hide my dizziness/vertigo away as much as possible. i get tired of the stupid comments. however, this is my favorite dumb statement...
    when i was first trying to figure out what was wrong with me at age 25, i went to an ent who told me "you'll grow out of it." Grow out of it?!!! what the heck are you talking about? i'm twenty-freakin'-five years old! anyway, 9 years later and i'm still waiting for that growth spurt.
  4. thornapple

    thornapple New Member

    Yeah....tell your ENT I am 56 and still waiting. Also...been waiting to "get used to it" for 6 years.

    There is a new intern at work who tiptoes up behind me and then knocks on the filing cabinet to let me know he is there. It startles me. It's like being stalked. Anyone else would hear the rustle of clothing, or some cue that somebody was approaching, but I can't anymore. Other people in the office kind of move in some way that I can see out of the corner of my eye, but this guy purposely creeps up where I can't see him, and he KNOWS I can't hear him.

    He thinks it's really funny that I don't hear him. Ha ha, big joke. I am old enough to be his grandma, but even age doesn't matter when you are behaving inconsiderately.

    I asked him not to do it, but he just doesn't get it. He enjoys scaring the crap out of me enormously. So I am going to get a bubble mirror at the auto parts store and install it over my computer so people can't sneak up on me anymore.
  5. BarbaraA

    BarbaraA New Member

    It is a great feeling to be able to relate to all these comments. I have heard most of them as well.

    I'm trying to get my 12 year old son to understand when he is talking to me he needs to be face to face. He just doesnt get it. The worst is when we are in a store & he is in front of me talking a mile a minute. I feel like I am missing alot with him beacause after a while he gets annoyed & wont repeat himself.

    I always tell people Imagine being really drunk after eating Thanksgiving dinner & then going on the tilt a whirl. The expresions are priceless. You can see by the look on peoples faces they just dont get it.
  6. nadin

    nadin New Member

    I think the worst thing that I have had happen was; I had take my son to the garden shop I was there to buy plants for the garden and he was there to see the train they had set up. I had just finished picking uot all my plants and went to collect my kid and these 2 little old ladies seen me go staggering up to get him and I heard one lady say to the other how dare that women go out with her child in public. I was toally appaled at the comment. At first I wanted to puch them out but they were in atleast their seventies. I walked over to them and I said it is obvious you don't have an education otherwise you would know that there are other things that can cause you to stumble and stagger like a drunk than just alcohol and it isn't drugs either. They just looked at me anf I turned and left .

    I have been called drunk I have been called a drug addict and it makes me want to just punch them out at first but i just laugh and think if only they new. I am very lucky my kids and husband as well as his family are very understanding and know what I am going through and help out whenever they can. My family on the ther hand are ignorant to the fact that I am affected at all. needless to say we don't talk much and I don't contact them unless I have to, which is never.

  7. eileen01232000

    eileen01232000 New Member

    I have just recently started seeing specialists for my ear problems, no dx yet, but my neurotologist said he thinks it is Meniere's. I have 2 tests to be done on Friday (ECoG & VEMP), then back to the neurotologist on Dec. 18 to get the results. I started seeing the ENT about 2 months ago, and since then have started thinking back over the years, and realized my symptoms started quite a while ago, I just always blew them off as something else...untill of course the big attack came :eek:

    When I try to talk to my family about these problems, ecspecially when referring back to how long I have been experiencing the symptoms...they always say stuff like "I think you're probably just over exagerating...you would have been to the doctor a long time ago had you really been having these symptoms for the last 4 years." Or, "I think you're just being overly sensitive...they can't be related." OR, "You're just scared that you may have this disease, so you're probably just taking every little thing and making it into a symptom." Really people? When was it that you got your Medical License??? Why don't you just shut up because you obviously have no idea what you're talking about.

    Also, I saw this horrible Audiologist. I was trying to tell her that I sometimes feel like I can't hear well, but that comes and goes, but I really have a problem with understanding what people are saying...word recognition I'm guessing. Anyways, trying to explain this to her and she tells me that I did pretty well with the speech recognition during the hearing test and that I probably have ADHD. Well duh!!!! First of all stick to diagnosing what you're supposed to. Secondly, my hearing isn't too bad yet (thankfully), so of course I can understand what you are saying to me while I'm in that sound proof booth, a plug in both ears, no other sounds going on, just your voice coming out of one of the plugs. Sure I can hear that "pretty well"....that doesn't mean I can hear someone 3 feet away from me with other noise going on in the background. How irritating....

    The ENT I was seeing was pretty nice at first (or maybe I was just distracted by the gorgeous doctor...heehee), but after I had a bad hearing test, 2 good hearing tests, then another bad one...he talked to me like I was faking it or something. Kept telling me it didn't make sense...maybe the machine is acting up, etc. very short with me. Luckily he reffered me to the neurotologist, who is absolutely wondeful :) not so gorgeous :( but he does have a pretty cute intern...LOL ;D 8)

    Wow!!!! Thanx for letting me vent....I needed it. Sometimes I feel like I'm surrounded by heartless idiots....I'm so glad I found you guys :)

  8. eileen01232000

    eileen01232000 New Member

    I also wanted to comment on 2 of the other posts..lol

    My favorites....It can't be that bad and You look alright to me

    You're right....it's not that bad, and because I look alright, I must be alright. I bounce off the walls walking down the hallway just for fun....and I run into things on purpose to cover my body in these bruises because it helps me look better in a bathing suit ::) ::) ::)

    Give Me A Break LOL

  9. dizzynana

    dizzynana New Member

    My favorite was from my immediate supervisor at work (I was a nurse in the operating room and the tile walls just bounced the sounds around) She would shout "CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?" and then cackle.....lot of empaty from a fellow healthcare worker.

  10. dlbach1

    dlbach1 New Member

    Well, not really about the hearing, just general mostly from my 'caring' neighbors. The older lady downstairs from me is always asking how I am doing (usually when anyone asks, I just say "I'm doing" I was in Ms. Jewels apartment and she asked for deeper info. I told her my doctor's and I were discussing surgery. Someone else came in (a friend of hers I dont know) and Ms. Jewel tells her that all I'm doing is upsetting her with talk of surgery. Well, she pried. Others know it is difficult for me and I try to rest on weekends, but yet they fuss at me because I don't knock on their doors and tell them how I am feeling. What is wrong with their legs to come and knock on my door or better still, my telephone number hasn't changed. People think you should be able to get up and run at their beck and call because you 'look' fine. No outward physical problems.
  11. typsytony

    typsytony New Member

    the emts' that took me from my floor to the hospital asked me how much I had been drinking and told my wife I should just sleep it off. Only after I was able to stammer out that I was not drinking anything but water that day did they say I should go to the hospital.
  12. nadin

    nadin New Member

    My favorite as well is never mind. My kids do that to me all the time. I think that because that this is just new to them in the past 2 years it has to be a habit. It is funny though how if they are not feeling well how they make sure we hear them say it. Huh, maybe we should to pretend not to hear it. Maybe play the game back. I wonder if they would get it. Ha ha

    Now if they have to repeat themselves more then once they say never mind it's not important. Ithink I will try my little game.

  13. mcfarkus3

    mcfarkus3 New Member

    My current favorite is "But you're not talking really loud!" from my boss.
  14. Titus

    Titus New Member

    I think the comments that hurt the most are from friends and family.

    One of my best friends said, "my uncle Jimmy had menieres and he got along just fine....he never missed work".
  15. gwyath

    gwyath New Member

    My all time favorite is "CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW"? OR you don't look sick to me.

  16. oaktree8

    oaktree8 New Member

    Ah, that's the one that really gets to me--my (fill in the blank) has MM and they do fine, they're working, drive, etc., and the unspoken comment is "So why can't you?"

    So frustrating

    Thank you for this thread it's so validating to hear that other people deal with ignorance and misunderstanding all the time too
  17. Jazza

    Jazza Saved by Grace Thru Christ Jesus

    "Every time I see you, you seem fine to me".

    From someone that never visted me at my home to see me at my worst or when I was unable to get out of bed.

    Kylie Minogue summed it up recently when it was remarked she looked well whenever she was caught on camera during her battle with cancer. She replied "you only saw me on my good days".
  18. Anubis

    Anubis Take a walk on the Wild Side

    I had some w*nker (supposedly a friend) say to me today - after I explained all about MM - "Nah - You're just getting old" ???

    And then theres the idiots who think it would be SO cool to be dizzy all the time! :mad:

    And!! If I get one more comment about being drunk again I'm gonna commit murder...... :p
  19. Titus

    Titus New Member

    "If you got out more, you'd feel better and it'd cheer you up"

    This is what I heard last week.
  20. Willie Marie

    Willie Marie New Member

    I got one over the Thanksgiving weekend that I had assumed people thought before but never outright said---"Well, you CAN walk without your cane can't you?" This came after a trip (travel makes it really bad for me--I had started the trip well, but by the time I got to my destination I could hardly stand much less walk). I had used the cane to get into the house and even made one trip across the living room with the cane--things had settled down a little and I walked across the living room without the cane--but had to be sure to hold on to the furniture--I just wanted to sit down and cry when the comment was made. But what can you do? If you try to explain they just come up with a dozen or more of the above mentioned comments.

    Willie Marie

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