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Discussion in 'For Friends & Families of Menierians' started by solari, Feb 11, 2010.

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  1. solari

    solari Administrator Staff Member

    Let's give this a whirl and see if there's enough demand to warrant this...

    I'm sure there are quite a few of you who are taking care of loved ones who suffer from Meniere's Disease or you simply care and want to help out somehow. Or you're taking care of someone with it and have suggestions and ideas.

    Be sure to let them know they have a place here of their very own now. :)

    Make use of it what you will and good luck!

  2. deercharmer1

    deercharmer1 Somewhere in the forest....

    Awwwww, Ray......you're the best.... :-*

    We love ya!!!!
  3. Amethyst

    Amethyst She believed she could, so she did.

    Wow Ray, thanks! I'm going to let my partner know he has a place to come to now :)
  4. dizzydeac

    dizzydeac New Member

    Thanks Ray! What a great idea!
  5. dizzysheba01

    dizzysheba01 New Member

    Great idea Ray
  6. anagnostis

    anagnostis Anagnostis - This is HELLAS!!!

    Congratulations Ray!
  7. Louise

    Louise New Member

    Hey, this is cool. Thanks.
  8. james

    james ''Everywhere I go there I am'' GS

    Wonderful,Thanks Ray!
  9. tucker

    tucker The Meniere's DVD Guy!

    Thanks, this is a great idea!
  10. RKostiukR

    RKostiukR New Member

    I think this was a marvelous idea!!!
    This site helps us with Menieres realize we are not alone in this. I hope it accomplishes the same for those sometimes forgotten ones who also live with it.
  11. cowcollector

    cowcollector Don't hug a tree, hug a cow!!

    thanks so much ray
  12. Tammy22

    Tammy22 New Member

    Good Idea.
  13. phildsc

    phildsc New Member

    I like it. Going to get my distant kids to take a look and maybe join in.
  14. Silver1516

    Silver1516 New Member

    My husband already checks in and reads this forum occasionally I'll tell him about this new spot. Thanks!
  15. SMRoz

    SMRoz Coast Guard Dizzy! (Ret)

    I agree with everyone. I think this is a great addition. Lets see how long it takes for it to catch on!
  16. ConfusedNAnnoyed

    ConfusedNAnnoyed New Member

    Great idea, people you live with or know don't realize how hard dealing with this is. This would be a great way to inform them and let them know what we deal with and how they can cope with us.

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