Turmeric Root: Another person sees their symptoms begin to vanish

Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by earshurt, Dec 26, 2010.

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  1. Seadog

    Seadog Ambidextrous dumb-ass with out coffee

    Really? I am not being mean but there a lot of jokes going on in this thread.
  2. earshurt

    earshurt New Member

    Ok back to turmeric. Im taking one teaspoon before bed in a glass of hot milk. Any objections?

    If im not cured by morning, im coming after someone.

    Oh God please tell me you didn't? You will be dead by morning. It was nice knowing you pal. Can I be one of the six that carries your casket since I kilt ya with the turmeric?

    (see, my binary mind can do that)

    ok ya'll wanna have fun? I'm gonna start a thread about the golden mean ratio. it will be great fun.

    And CGR, you got the baddest avatar on the planet bud. No doubt!

    Thats the meanest, leanest, sweetest avatar in the house dude man
  3. CGR

    CGR Guest

    without me.
  4. CGR

    CGR Guest

    But seriously, is one teaspoon with milk ok? I read it on the internetz, so it must B 4 REALZ!!
  5. CGR

    CGR Guest

    Real men have yellow teeth. I don't want to be a real man. I want to be a sissy with nice white teeth. ;D
  6. CGR

    CGR Guest

    I think i'm starting to hallucinate. Is that normal? It's kinda cool the way the door is falling down slowly and then popping back up again.
  7. tm53

    tm53 New Member

    Naw, you are doing push ups. It's normal.
  8. CGR

    CGR Guest

    if the turmeric makes the hallucinations stop, i'm gonna be pissed.
  9. CGR

    CGR Guest

    Ok, i'm gonna smoke it in a bowl then.
  10. CGR

    CGR Guest


    "Turmeric rockz, oh yeah!"
  11. earshurt

    earshurt New Member

    No! I already told ya yer done fer son. Find poison control officer immediately. Are ya nuts?

    Seriously tho, I guess that is ok. And actually the absorption of the curcumin in the human body is a bit of a problem.

    Two schools of thought on this. I don't pretend to know but here goes.

    I been drinkin so i'm typing slow tonight.

    1. Black Pepper, the piperine enhances absorption. Put pepper in it.

    2. Fats also enhance absorption. So the milk may also help.

    People from India are smart as hel* on this stuff and they use "ghee" which is clarified butter. A fat. They do that to enhance absorption into the cells.

    I'm sorta thinkin that using a fat like milk has, along with pepper, with the turmeric, is the best of all worlds.

    The curcumin in turmeric unfortunately has a hard time getting into the body at full strength. I ASSUME without further study maybe because the stomach acid does or does not put the buzz in the thermomodaculator that puts the wizz in the down jack that inhibits the fizz from the upjack download from the satellite from mars that solidifies the signal from jupiter?

  12. earshurt

    earshurt New Member

    It is not good to drink when you have autoimmune problems. But myself being part of the human species, well i'm weak like everybody else. I still do it sometimes. It shuts down the cytokine storm while I do it, but afterwards the storm of cytokine inflammation is a payback because alcohol weakens the immune system.

    But of course with the mighty power of Captn Turmeric Root I can shut down that IL-12 increase which antagonizes the Th1 pit bull that wants to rip me ear off and eat up the myelin sheath on the nerves and my brain. So I dare!

    With the mighty power of Captn Turmeric I can drink and turn that Th1 into my little whimpering puppy dog.

  13. CGR

    CGR Guest

    One can only hope...
  14. earshurt

    earshurt New Member

    And actually for the brave study this.


    This is a solvent derived naturally from trees. It is a rocket ride to the blood stream. It is a delivery system like no other. Practically anything you mix with DMSO and ingest or put on the feet around all those tiny vessels will rocket into the blood stream like nobodys business.

    However, I caution you......DO YOUR OWN HOMEWORK ON DMSO.

    cuz its like this...if ya mix it with dmso and put in on yer feet...rest assured you will get SYSTEMIC BLOOD DELIVERY so make sure you want to do what you are about to do.
  15. CGR

    CGR Guest

    Why not just mix it with LSD and get it into everywhere imaginable?
  16. CGR

    CGR Guest

    Hey i resemble that remark
  17. bulldogs

    bulldogs New Member

    I have studied 15 pages of this and soaked it all in. Keep it coming EH.
  18. CGR

    CGR Guest

  19. bulldogs

    bulldogs New Member

    Do you have anymore references for tumaric I can look into please.
  20. bulldogs

    bulldogs New Member

    Can you really overdose on this.

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