Today is Bills Birthday

Discussion in 'Your Religion & Spiritual Center' started by Seadog, Nov 29, 2010.

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  1. Seadog

    Seadog Ambidextrous dumb-ass with out coffee

    Bill died 10 years ago today. He was a brother in law but more like a brother. He was my best friend, fishing buddy, golf partner and business partner.

    I told my wife once that we would have to be married a hundred years to be able to sit across a table at lunchtime as many times as Bill and I did.

    Over this last weekend I had some extraordinary fishing luck. I kept running in to schools of large white Bass about 3 lbs each. I must have caught over three hundred pounds of fish in three days with a little over an hours effort every day.

    Bill had this infectious giggle that slipped out of him when he was nervous or having fun.

    I kept hearing his giggle and thinking what a blast he would have down at the lake.

    I bought the place right after he died.

    I told my wife that I wanted a lake house all my life and always planned on getting one. And, apparently we die.

    Happy Birthday Bill I still miss you every day.

    I just wanted to tell someone that.
  2. tm53

    tm53 New Member

    Your post, not that he died 10 yrs ago of course.
    Sorry for your loss Karl, my "Brother", fishing and hunting buddy died about 14 years ago, last day of summer.
  3. phildsc

    phildsc New Member

    Great memories, Karl. Cherish them.
  4. CarolineJ.

    CarolineJ. New Member

    Wow, very moving Dog. What a great friend you are.
  5. Titus

    Titus New Member

    That's a beautiful tribute. You had a good friend and were a good friend.
  6. Henrysullivan

    Henrysullivan New Member

    Thanks for that story, Karl.
  7. Prima Donna

    Prima Donna New Member

  8. cynthia

    cynthia I hope to shed this body for a better one some day

    That almost made me cry. That was so touching and moving, thanks for sharing yourself with us.
  9. lulu48

    lulu48 New Member

    Beautiful tribute Karl. You must have some really great memories of your time with Bill. Thank you for sharing.
  10. Daize

    Daize New Member

  11. cc635

    cc635 New Member

    I'm sure you miss your "brother." We bought a place at the beach after my husbands dad died four years ago (this Christmas Eve). My husband never would have done that before.

    Enjoy your days at the lake and thinking of your great buddy.
  12. carolyn33

    carolyn33 New Member

    Happy Birthday Bill! Sometimes you 'hear' important things and your deafness goes away..
  13. karenlr

    karenlr New Member

    The good memories are the ones that get us thru, I'm so glad you have those happy memories of a wonderful friend. Thank you for sharing.
  14. Seadog

    Seadog Ambidextrous dumb-ass with out coffee

    Thanks guys.

    He really was a great guy. We used to tournament fish together. His son was 12 going on his 13 year of age. Bill laughed at our last tournament and said "this is your last one Karl. From now on it me and Adam" (his son).

    He died a few months later. Adam is my number one fishing buddies these days and I spend as much time with him as he allows.
  15. dizzysheba01

    dizzysheba01 New Member

    Treasure the memories. Be sure to share them with Adam

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