Stunned husband.

Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by Mnme, Nov 15, 2007.

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  1. princessmommy

    princessmommy New Member

    Is Lee going to be on Oprah?? Anyone know when? I never have time to watch it, but my Tivo does!

    I agree and disagree with so many of the previous posters and whatever I add to this post would just be a reiteration.

    I do have to say that Lee PM'd me when I was getting ready to have shunt surgery and gave me some really good resources/ideas of things to try that were non-invasive. I was having such frequent attacks, that my auditory nerve was becoming damaged and my hearing was going downhill FAST. I'm a professional musician by trade and I didn't have time to wait around to see if other non-invasive things that have a substantially less success rate than surgery would work for me.

    Thanks to Lee and others on this forum (SamC, Pardonme, etc.) I did my homework, got a 2nd, 3rd, and even a 4th opinion and went forward with the surgery. I am grateful to Lee for her willingness to present a different perspective and I feel her intentions were all meant to help rather than hurt. I wish her the best of luck.
  2. SpinininOhio

    SpinininOhio New Member

    Lee, I would not be doing all that I am today without the knowlege and care and advice and and empowerment and love you and Pardonme have shown me. You don't deserve what you are getting on this thread. Your husband does not either. Stay in the DBL thread or, if you do leave, create a thread on your website. There does seem to be a group willing to look more deeply into your wellness ideas (e.g.: Titus's suggestion to start a chapter-by-chapter book club). I want to be part of that.

  3. heavyduty

    heavyduty New Member

    My My My how the tide turns...I totally agree with nassman..this is such a silly game..and probably in the end MM is something thats best left for each person and there DR. for treatment..Not sure how someone has "cured" several people...Is he a Dr by chance?? I know that my personal Dr travels all over the world going to and speaking at events and is one of the leading researchers on MM..I dont think he has written a book tho..I do recall him telling me that MM "is different for each person and there is no one treatment or treatments thats going fix everyone" $$ is on the professoinal thats has more than 5 yrs of reseach or so in this field..

    if i cared to seach the internet i could find all kinds of treatments for MM or most anyother kind of illness and write a book..and then sell it for $$$..

    P.S. if anyone is offened by this..i dont care to hear about it !! keep your crappy msgs to yourself cuz i really dont care...this is my opinion and it my right to feel this way....and i have the balls to say it and not fear what the others think about it..but there are some here that are intimidated by some of the folks here and being ridiculed if they speak out about some think about it guys..

    Ya know the only thing i said about about any of this is i wondered why people come here to sell things...and i still do....
  4. Verti_Geaux

    Verti_Geaux New Member

    Geeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzz, let it go already! Enough is enough. Everyone is getting slammed and, IN MY OPINION, that is not the purpose of this board. We're here to help one another. If Lee's methods help people and her book helps people - Hallelujah! And if she IS helping people by her words, the worst thing she could do is leave. I think back upon God, the Disciples, and the Bible. Just because it was written, and the book was finished, God and His Men, didn't say my work is done, I quit, buy it, read it, and ......... good-bye! They kept reaching out to people. I know this is a far-fetching analysis, but the best I could come up with. So, please don't slam me for it.

    I don't know Lee or Darrell, but I'm sure their intentions are not malicious as some are accusing. If she wrote a book, wants to sell it, more power to her. Wish I had the drive, the determination, and the time, and the money, to seek all remedies to cure this crap!

    Let's focus, get back to why we're really here. I, myself, come here b/c since starting in May, I am making friends and love to talk to them, they do help me, I read suggestions, I like being comforted b/c I have no one to do that for me here, but, in the end, I make my own decisions. I've met a couple of people that I converse with outside of this forum and do believe that we'll be life-long friends.

    We are in the week of THANKSGIVING. I think we should all be thankful for what God has given us, dwell on that, and forget about this post!
  5. charisse

    charisse Been hanging here for 8 years

    There are some here who have known Lee for a long time encluding myself. If people could read what we have said about her that should give you a good idea of what she is like. I agree new folks don't know her but by reading what the long timers have said, might give them some peace of mind. I agree with Sarita too, many of her posts gave all the info she has in her book, those posts are gone because of many crashes here. I won't say any more on this thread, but please cut her and her hubby some slack.
  6. Rick

    Rick New Member

    ...I wasn't going to post again on this thread but something poped into my head (thank goodness it didn't hurt).

    ...I will probably never buy or read Lee's book and I hope I never have to. But that's because I got rid of the vertigo attacks with diet and a few other things. I have also never tried John of Ohios regimine and for the same reason and I hope I never have to either.

    ...But I will tell you one thing, I'm not kidding myself about my meniere's. I am only controlling what is effecting my meniere's now. I know that at anytime, my metabolism could change and the vertigo would come back with a vengence and I would, once again, be faced with figuring out my triggers.

    ...If that time should come again, I promise you I will try John's regimine, I will buy Lee's book, and anything else that's not dangerous. So I hope I don't have to buy Lee's book or try John's regimine because that would mean the "beast is back". But I would try them because I believe:

    Lee's and John's approach are legitimate and have indeed helped many.

  7. kass

    kass New Member

    May I add - Rick's 'approach is also legitimate and has indeed helped many' including myself in tandem with Lee's approach.  John of Ohio's regime has always been on my 'willing to try list' when and if necessary, for much the same reasons as Rick has laid out in the above post.

    Thanks Rick, I have always enjoyed your intelligent and patience postings - you are up there with the champions Lee and John of Ohio.

    In my humble opinion, the common bond you all (plus your devotees) share, is that dirty word called self-generated and self-managed WELLNESS !

    Warm regards, Kass
  8. luckyswife

    luckyswife New Member

    I can't believe people have the time to type a 7 paragraph thread here.Can we move on?
  9. Mnme

    Mnme Guest

    This time it's 'original Lee' here. I've sat down and had a good read through all these posts.

    First Intrepid asked if I had written this book for myself. Yes I did. In fact, I wrote it in memory of the time I was helped out of my specialist's surgery for the last time feeling absolutely devastated. I had been there before, but for some reason I thought 'surely this time he would help as I am so very sick', but all he said was this condition was life-long and that I'd just have to learn to live with it. How I wanted back then someone to understand what it felt like, and better still, offer hope of a brighter future.

    I watched others experience this sense of bewilderment for different reasons - a Butcher who knew he couldn't keep working due to a 'simple' chronic sore elbow, an athlete who couldn't aspire to the highest level of her sport due to chronic pain, a friend who felt helpless trying to be there for her kids with daily headaches etc. I'm sure everyone knows someone with a story like these. So although I wrote this for 'me' when I felt so lost, I hoped it would inspire others to see just how much is possible by simply going back and dealing with our body's own health clues - those things within our control. I've already had interest from a few doctors and a physiotherapist as they know these ideas work WITH what they do. And it's not just about menieres.

    Now I'm very sorry if Darrell's Aussie bluntness/lack of tact upset some people. But I'm sure you understand that our partners experience the frustration every bit as deeply as we do. As I said, you'd probably like him in person.

    But I have to say I'm astounded at the power in simple, old fashioned logic. Years ago I would have been devastated by all the negative things said in this thread. But not now. This time I know that 'theory' is nowhere near as powerful as 'reality'. So someone 'saying' something doesn't come close to someone who has 'experienced' something. If someone downs me, do they know me? If someone discredits these ideas, have they tried them? If someone thinks they know my intentions, do they? Actually, it's become habit to focus on reality and the positives: it helps in everyday life. And I tell you, the wonderful, positive posts stood out to me like shiny beacons. THANK YOU to all those people. 'Standing up' for someone is not always an easy thing to do, and I've found the most rewarding things aren't that easy.

    I have openly shared every single idea in this book on this forum at some time. Not all at once, as that would be impossible, but a bit here and a bit there. At the time, I thought it would be there forever. But just like that, the forum crashed. And again. But now all the ideas are written down, there forever. Not just my ideas, but from every single discipline so often discussed on this forum. And all set in context of how very devastating Meniere's disease can be. I'm proud of this as I believe it is a valuable resource.

    Sorry this thread has been so uncomfortable for so many. But every now and then it's good to clear the air and get things out in the open. I would never want to be responsible for getting people irate, as dealing with this illness is hard enough.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart to those people who have been willing to consider my ideas. And for this forum. Now I'm off to read Rick's post in case there is something else there to learn. There usually is! :)

  10. sotko

    sotko New Member

    Has any Dr cured or fixed anyone?? Does these Dr's see you out of the goodness of their hearts, and not charge you anything?? Didn't think so. The medical profession really has no idea when it comes to MM. They don't know what causes it, yet they throw every alternative therapy in the toilet. I have seen 2 of the best Dr's in Australia, and one of them also travels the world speaking at events, and they couldn't tell me squat. Did any of them check my neck? Did these so called experts check my jaw?? It took my chiro to ask about my jaw. They also charged an arm and leg to tell me nothing.

    So what is the difference with Lee and a Dr?? Lee spent years trying to get her message to people on this forum, for nothing. She decided to put it down in a book, to get the message across easier, and now she is getting slammed as a dollar grabber!!

    I've spent my dollars on the so called professional, who have spent years researching and studying MM, and they still have no idea how to fix someone, or even come close.

    People like Hank, Lee, Rick, Carribean and others give people hope. None of them deserve to be slammed.

    No wonder people leave this forum.

  11. pardonme

    pardonme Guest

  12. heavyduty

    heavyduty New Member

    If its self motivation and positive thinking that one is seeking or gets from that book then its all good..Some people need a kick start to get going and this book can be viewed as something of that nature..But the art of self motivation and positive thinking to make one have a positive attidude about there situation isnt new..Its kind of like is your glass half empty or half full..I would also venture that the self help practices/techniques and positive thinking that someone is searching for can be found in many places such DBL the internet and lord knows that there are plenty of infomercials with guys pitching there best sales pitch for a low low price..

    As for the Dr portion..I have the great confidence in my Dr..When he was telling me that i have one of the more stubborn cases of MM he has delt with..He has gone thru many many ways of tried to help me and make sure it wasnt something else like my jaws neck back or some type of a neuro problem..and the told me straight up..he looks at each person as if it were his brother or sister he is treating..he went on to say how much he hates that there isnt more known about MM and the limited ways to aleviate the symptoms of it because thats only what they can treat...they can suggest other means of control..

    But that leaves the human factor..whether its following a diet taking meds being self motivated or all comes to the person..they have to decide to pickup a book and read something on TV or even search the internet...there are options there...its a matter of how one decides to find it and/or are they gonna pay for it or discover it themselves ?? Looks like someone did and is selling whats your price?

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