Stunned husband.

Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by Mnme, Nov 15, 2007.

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  1. June

    June New Member

    I sell a product. I celebrate all kinds of things with my extended family. But I don't expect them to buy my product. My relationship with them is separate from my business. They were there before my business, they will be there after my business.
  2. Michael

    Michael New Member

    I am having a really tough time following this
  3. deercharmer1

    deercharmer1 Somewhere in the forest....

    Alllll righty, then....

    Darrell has posted his thoughts and they weren't received well....perhaps that wasn't the best move on his part, but what's done is done.

    Lee has said she is leaving the forum....she has the right to do that.

    Everyone has expressed their reactions.....well beyond the scope of the initial post.

    Those who (mistakenly) think that Lee was just here to make a buck off her book need not be angry any more. She's gone.

    Those who will miss Lee can still contact her through her website, and there is now a DBL thread for those who are following the practices outlined in her book.

    So with five pages and 855 hits, could we please just move on?
  4. barcl003

    barcl003 Guest

    Perfectly said, Deercharmer. I'd hate to scare away all of the Newbies with this kind of a thread! Heidi
  5. luckyswife

    luckyswife New Member

    I'm sooo lost too.
  6. JaniceM

    JaniceM New Member

    From a newbie thanks so much Deercharmer & ParrotHead. DearCharmer right to the point.
    ParrotHead, yes, that was the effect this was beginning to have on me as a newbie and I still need so very much to learn and felt this was the place for me. Then came the doubts as to whether there is such drama going on here or if this is an unusual situation. Just wanted to thank you both for your insight. I hope others will take your posts to heart.
  7. luckyswife

    luckyswife New Member

    Hang on newbies....this site is not ALL drama.Only every once in a while and that happens everywhere.You learn alot here and make more friends going through the same as you more then you know.
  8. Michael

    Michael New Member

  9. Mnme

    Mnme Guest

    Darrell here.
    Heads up on the cost of self-publishing a book.
    Here's a cheap site on printing costs alone ... NB: Discovering Body Logic is a higher quality paper, thicker cover and laminated and costs quite a bit more, however at least with this site you can see for yourself.
    300 books cost of PRINT alone = $13.66 AUD per book
    Professional editing 40 hours x $58 AUD per hour.
    Typesetting 10 hours x $58 AUD per hour.
    (And many other costs, including business registration, cover design etc.)
    And that doesn't even include the website or the 2 and half years Lee put into doing this (full-time)

    Profit??? Yeah right.

    The book mentioned by Oceanbreeze is available at this site SECOND HAND
    from $33.85 USD (that's about $38 AUD) per book plus postage.
  10. June

    June New Member

    I don't understand the original post. What is it you want us to do?
  11. Mnme

    Mnme Guest

    June, it just disturbs me that people are having surgeries, being given drugs etc for something the docs will even tell you they don't know the cause, and yet I've watched people correct themselves through the basics such as correcting diet, posture, tension etc. And I don't mean to down anyone here because I know what a rotten condition this is. I'm very passionate about these techniques because of the success stories I've been involved in. Now I'm off to work.
  12. June

    June New Member

    Darrel, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Lee is a better fly catcher than you ;-)
  13. nassman

    nassman Guest

    I seriously think this is all a pathetic game.....
  14. Verti_Geaux

    Verti_Geaux New Member

    Lisa, I totally agree. I'd love to try some of the chiro stuff or the book stuff, but I just don't have the time or the money. If I was a rich, stay-at-home mom, and had someone to take care of me, I would, but I'm not, I'm a single mom with bills to pay, so I have to do what's best for me. No one thing works for everyone and each of our lifestyles are different, so we just have to go with out gut feelings, work it out with God, and make our own choices. It's nothing bad toward any of the other methods, it's just what we have to do and what we are financially capable of doing.

  15. Titus

    Titus New Member

    I own a small publishing company. I've published four business simulations and have three other works in progress. The only thing I contract out is printing. It is extremely hard work, expensive, time consuming, and hard on your body and mind.

    Frankly, I hope and expect Lee will make money on her book. She gave us all the information free. She wrote me dozens of times through private messages as well as responded to posts I and many, many others here made. I hope she expands her web site so it has forums, other related books and even links to products. I hope it ends up being a thriving business....the beginning of a new career. I hope she visits other forums where people are suffering from chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and depression. If you don't want to spent $50, then DON'T.

    Lee invited me to Australia and offered to work on me! I've been on this forum for five years and have NEVER heard Lee respond to anyone in an inappropriate manner. That's more than I can say about myself and most of the rest of you.
  16. June

    June New Member

    Yeah, it would have been more dignified to say 'Folks, I am going to be spending all my time on my book website while I try to get that project off the ground. I'd be happy to have any and all join me there. I'll stop back when I get a chance.' instead of making up an excuse to have a fight and leave. That's kind of juvenile and unprofessional imo. But whatever.
  17. June

    June New Member

    Well I really kind of think that is what is going on. Nothing else would account for anger that I can see. Why would he be angry? There has been great interest in the DBL thead including myself. I think there is a lot to what Lee is saying and was on the verge of placing my own order when we all got blasted for something, I am not sure what, by Darrel. He says he is mad because I or you or somebody is seeing dr's, having surgery, taking meds when we should be doing what a poster on this board says instead. How does he know we are not doing those things? Why didn't he write this 2 months or 2 years ago? And frankly, it bothers me that Lee's friends are being used here too. THat's really not fair.
  18. June

    June New Member

    "What he is attempting to say is probably this.....wait till you've tried every non-invasive option available before you choose an invasive one."

    It's a matter of boundaries. It's not for him to make that call for anyone in the world but himself. And it's not as benign a statement as it sounds. Some people may be having conditions worsen because they are getting medical advice from Darrel (who btw has never even met or talked to them) rather than being evaluated and treated by a physician. Some procedures are necessary to prevent further harm, for instance. It would take a lifetime to try every non-invasive procedure and some would cause harm to some people. As an example, 10 years ago I had an acoustic neuroma. The symptoms are quite similar to those of MM and other inner ear disorders. Had I not had it dxed and removed I would most likely be dead by now. How big might that tumor have grown while I tried every non-invasive option available before choosing an invasive one? I'd be dead. But I guess Darrel is advising every one to have an mri before they quit the dr, right? And a ct, and ... Lee might have a lot to teach me, but it will be a long time before I am ready to listen again because of the strong arm tactics.
  19. June

    June New Member

    Thanks for your help.
  20. GinaMc

    GinaMc Me and my friend Sally :)

    OMG.. is all i can say... oh... and this is exactly why I don't come here as much.. i know... sad for me, sad that I would allow myself to get frustrated with bickering and arguing when I myself am usually the one telling ppl to just not read the post if it bothers you... so i'm also a hyprocrit.... call it what you like.. this place is not the same and thankfully I have met some very good friends on here that I can communicate with other than using threads... come people... stop all of this nonsense.. i feel so bad for the newbies.

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