Stunned husband.

Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by Mnme, Nov 15, 2007.

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    Have you ever read The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield?
    I enjoyed this book; his ten insights are valuable lessons for life - told via a sort-of entertaining story; I'd put it [the story] at maybe a 12 or 13 year-old level, and is confused a bit with some magical sensationalism (he totally lost me with the final book; maybe someone else can explain that one to me). Nevertheless, each of the lessons say something about human nature from which useful approaches to living and communicating and being happy can be learnt (and each one deconstructed has a logical and sane explanation, therefore, need not be written off as waffle). I recommend the book.

    One of the insights describes the positive effect the mood and influence of just one person can instantly have on the mood of a large group; the 'life-of-the-party' effect. Certainly it can work negatively as well.

    I agree with your sentiment; might be good if Lee shares her influence beyond this forum. I think she has done that already in writing and publishing a book. I believe Karma will now play its part in helping as well.
    But I hope she does not leave. I believe Lee is one of those that radiates happiness throughout our distributed, online party.

    Stay with us Lee. Your strength and wisdom are much appreciated.

    While I'm recommending books, another I'm getting through is 'Anatomy of an Illness As Perceived by the Patient', by Norman Cousins. Very good. Worth a read if you get the chance.
    Also 'A Short History of Nearly Everything' by Bill Bryson really puts everything into perspective quite well. (OK, nearly everything ;D)
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    I much agree.
    Is it possible to stay insulated from this? I think like I described earlier, have thought that I can [control what goes on in my head] but turns out I can't really, not fully. I think in that same post I was trying to explain how by its very nature, this forum will attract us as we go through that rather challenging cycle of low feelings we all get to deal with. So, by its nature, there is risk of exposure to some energy-sapping signals at times just by being here.

    All in all though, I see a collective strength being achieved through all of us coming together as one community. We are, evolutionary-wise, social animals after all. So on balance, I think it is a risk worth exposure to, balanced by the generation of positive outcomes. On the other hand, the risk likely depends on the beliefs and make-up of the individual, so for some may not be appropriate.

    Another powerful insight in that book was opportunity gained by sharing information. I really like that one as well. I think I will read the book again, too.
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    Oh, why can't we all just get along? I have been attacked on this forum for posting a prayer thread in the wrong room. Now Lee and her husband are being attacked for trying to offer a solution. I haven't read her book, and I don't know if I will, but I think we all have enough problems in our lives with stress, dizziness, missed opportunities with family and friends, vertigo, and drop attacks to be attacking one another. As we approach Thanksgiving, let's remember to give thanks for what we have: each other. Different, unique souls united with a common enemy (MM). Don't make your friends new enemies.
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    Amen! Kay Amen! PDA David
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    :-* :-* :-*
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    If Lee is really leaving, I hope there is someone here who can pass messages on to her. I love what she has to say and I enjoy communicating with her. Will PMs still find someone at their email if they're not on the board???

    Best of luck to you Lee, and God bless you for all you've done and will continue to do - somewhere. :)

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    ...I guess I'm just dumb as a stump because I'm not understanding any of this. But please don't try an explain it. I'm just a simple man who likes simple things and looks at the world very simply. Beforw I had to give up coffee, I went to the local convinience store every morning to fill my coffee thermous. It was something I enjoyed and I did it every day except on weekends.
    ...This place is the same way to me. I come here every day because I like to. When I don't ike it anymore, I'll stop coming. Obviously theres more to it but it's way to complex for me to understand. This has to be one of the weirdest threads I've ever read but it's one of the few like this (touchy feely) type that I've ever read anyway, so maybe there's others that are this deep. I'm getting a headache so I think I will gracefuly bow out of this thread and go back to talking about food allergies and the GI diet.
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    I wanted to let you know that although I am interested in Lee's book, I cannot afford it right now. I do plan to try to purchase one at a later date. There may be other people on this board who are planning the same thing. Don't despair if Lee's book doesn't sell as fast as you wish. It may take time.

    My daughter published a book over a year ago. Her book is a candid, but encouraging book for burnt-out pastor's wives. Since the book came out she hasn't made a lot of money, but she has made dear friends from all over the world. Pastor's wives who bought her book emailed her to express their heartfelt gratitude and my daughter has been blessed so much by getting to know these women and sharing their joys and trials.

    You should be very proud of your wife for writing her book and for giving so much of herself to help others. She will be blessed more than you know.

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    Lee, I wish you all the best. I'll be in front of my television when you're on Oprah. You will remain in my thoughts and in my prayers for all that you've done for me. Thank you for your willingness to share your journey, findings, and most of all giving some of us hope. Your posts caused me to look beyond the symptoms and diagnoses and believe that I can move toward wellness. Thank you for always being positive and not giving up on yourself or on US! I'll always remember your kindness.
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    Hi Lee...sorry to hear you are leaving. I've really been enjoying the support thread. I am trying to purchase your book but having problems with paypal. Will keep trying. Take care

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    I am clueless in what way this forum has been not supportive of this thread, concept or book but why not just move it to the bodylogic website? That space will be 100% for supporters and any post that does not seem supportive can be deleted.
  15. June

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    Moving the discussion to body logic will also afford the chance to accrue people with different issues in addition to MM rather than pulling only from this tiny group.
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    I meant these posts to be on the DBL support group thread. Must be still foggy outside today.
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    I know that Lee and Darrell will probably never read this, but this statement is not true, If she really wrote this for us and not financial gain she would have made it an e-book and made it available to each of us at no charge.

    When I do something for someone, there is no charge for that service, I do it because I want to with nothing expected in return. Darrell being upset because we choose not to purchase this book is pure childishness. Sure his wife put a lot of time in to writing it, but so what, that is the price someone pays for writing a book. I have a website up on the internet where I make my living, I am not upset because most of you have never visited my site or purchased anything from it... (I have never made it know here to my knowledge).

    I have designed sites for other people free of charge, simply because they asked for my help, or because I offered. I am not bragging, nor is it my intent, but if you do something for someone, (unless a price is agreed upon before doing it) usually it is because you want to and is a gift of charity and not for financial reward.

    There are many on this site which give what they feel is solid advice and ask nothing in return, John of Ohio, Rick and Harry Sullivan just to mention a few. I have been greatly helped by using lemons, and not sure who posted that advice.

    If Lee's presence her was to promote her book, even when she was writing it, so be it, but do not get offended when we choose not to purchase it. I am sure Darrell's post was out of frustration, but like I stated earlier, if it was written for us then there should have been no charge for it. To condemn us for not purchasing it is just wrong.

    Just my 2 cents worth, I wish Lee the best with in her adventure with her book, I doubt I will ever read it, and it has nothing to do with this forum or the comments made in this thread. I would like to see it on Oprah's book list and hear that she made it on the show. (I do not normally watch Oprah).

    I hope that Darrell realizes that you can not expect a group of people that you associate with to purchase a product that will provide you with financial reward just because you feel it is right for them.
  18. nassman

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    Amen Kelly. Amen!
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    Excellent post KellyC.
    Which reminds me what ever happend to that menieres book by an RN that was circulating amongst members? Remember, Bergie won it, she mailed it to Storm, Storm mailed.....

    Meniere's Disease : What you need to know (Paperback)
    by P. J. Haybach (Author), Jerry Underwood (Author)

    I found it on the site along with several other "dizzy" books;
  20. charisse

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    I remember years ago when mnme started her discovery of what is in her book. She took alot of slams for her ideas back then but kept coming back. I kept thinking, what kind of person is this who could take all the punches and down right insults to her trying to help, and she keeps coming back? I learned she is a person who cares. I would have left here had I been treated that way. I've seen her handle all the darts with grace and style. I think she has earned any money she gets from all the work she has put into this book. I commend her for staying as I remember how she was treated here. Best wishes to you mnme :-*

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