Relationship opinion needed, long read but very important!

Discussion in 'Your Front Porch' started by recentlydizzy, May 5, 2014.

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  1. recentlydizzy

    recentlydizzy New Member

    Thanks everyone, really, I mean it! I got in trouble today because she saw my solicitation for advice and well she was really mad at me. I guess working in a drug treatment center you pick up some new vocabulary because apparently I "put her on blast" what ever the hell that means. So I can't say anything more about my relationship issues. Big thanks to Intrepid, I took your advise to heart and was pleasantly surprised.

    After a couple hour nap she was hungry and wanted subway so we went together and I went inside and ordered it for her. When I brought it out to the car I pretended to be a guy checking out this hot babe in the car and tried to lure her into coming home with me. At least she isn't as mad at me now and she went to bed peacefully. Thanks again everyone!!
  2. Intrepid

    Intrepid New Member

    You're welcome :)

    Look for the good in your relationship and enjoy it.
  3. Jordan

    Jordan New Member

    Health insurance is definitely a biggie. We pay a lot each month for medical care since we do not have insurance. Still, it is possible to buy insurance as a freelancer. The reason I do not is because I am currently outside the U.S. and haven't found a plan in my location that I can afford. Two of my children have pre-existing health conditions, and the cost for their insurance is prohibitive in this country.

    Will definitely be back to discuss whether stay-at-home moms are lazy freeloaders. Ironically, though, I am too busy to tackle the topic at the moment since I am busy doing all the things that the job entails.
  4. nicmger

    nicmger New Member

    In case anyone seems to have misconstrued my words to recentlydizzy. By no means do I think that stay-at-home moms are lazy. Never said that not my words here.

    What I have said - and believe to my core - is that when the situation arises (as this one has) and the second income is needed, what you "want" or "prefer" no longer should have any weight. You do what you need to do, and without complaining or placing blame.

    Clearly the current situation is one that no one asked for. Recentlydizzy didn't want to have this thing impact his life and his financial earning capabilities...but it did. Life has changed. Unfortunate but true.

    Now it is up to both of them to determine how they respond to the change. And if both people are stressed, unhappy all the time (forget the impact of stress on MM)....I can only share how I would live my life. I would ask why continue to be a part of negative situation? What do I do to change it? Reality is you can't change someone else, you can only change your response and how you deal with it.
  5. Jordan

    Jordan New Member

    I get what you are saying, nicmger. As I explained, my mother had to leave her role as a housewife in order to work, and she worked hard. In that respect, could relate to much of what you said about your own mother.

    I was, however, reacting to the following statement made by another poster:

    I am a mom who stays home with my teens, and I am proud of that fact. Staying home with your kids is the cultural norm in most of the world and does not make one lazy or without ambition.
  6. lydibug

    lydibug New Member

    I think in relationships you take turns being the stronger half in different situations. As we have different strenghts and weaknesses in each of us. When one of you is struggling the other needs to step it up. You need to ask yourself do you feel supported and loved? BTW in this day an age are there actually still women out there that think we should be put on a pedastool. Say what. That is why I can't get a promotion. jk. i'ts my laziness, procratination, oh and I am blogging during the work day.....LOL
  7. BumbleBea

    BumbleBea New Member

    You seem to be very sensitive from what I've read. A Vet is always someone to look up to. And you're cute!

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