Putting my money where my mouth is: NUCCA

Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by Wino, Jun 27, 2010.

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  1. June-

    June- New Member

  2. njspingirl

    njspingirl unilateral menieres..had vns and gent injections

    My neck is is straight..and its very stiff. Yes I get relief from nucca..but it doesnt always help with the spasms. This is getting very painful . Not sure what to do for the spasms.. tried ice, moist heat. advil, tylenol for arthristis, motrin...going on 4 years now.. PAIN PAIN!!!
    I dont know why I get spasms..does the bones move muscles or do muscles move bones???? got me freakin hangin. Only other option I can think of is to get some kind of injection . And I really dont want another needle stuck anywhere else on my body.
    I did find the "ten unit" online. But I think I need a doctors rx for it.
    Nucca today..hoping pain goes away.
    I will say this much for nucca, My dizziness has subsided alot and I can walk without veering off to the left now. Ive said this in the past. The pressure I once felt on the back of my head..at the base of the skull.. its gone. Another interesting thing that I brought up to the nucca doctor last week was the fact that I use to get these very loud "electric" charges on the left side of my head..it only happened when I laid down at night. It was very scarey. They have also vanished. Happy to get rid of them. Running late for appt..ck in later
  3. njspingirl

    njspingirl unilateral menieres..had vns and gent injections

    Ok back from my nucca appt. Pain is gone now..just stiff. I can usually tell when my alignment is out because of PAIN and dizzies. My thing is ..when I get adjusted, I need to get use to the new position. Once I do this..I feel normal again. I do get a kinda of wavy feeling afterwards..I tend to feel good..walk too fast and bam! wavey!!! I forget which is a good thing. I know its working. I just need to remember to walk slow and take my time. Try and not do things that throw the new alignment out. I am going to continue to do nucca for as long as it takes.
  4. corona

    corona New Member

    It's great that you can afford the exorbitant fees.

    I find trigger point therapy cheaper (almost free, actually) with the same results and no radiation.
  5. corona

    corona New Member

    You can't. In order to do so, you would have to work on all the tight muscles around your neck and head that keep your neck out of alignment. That's why adjustments don't hold. NUCCA by itself is not a lifetime cure. NUCCA plus diet, plus exercise, plus trigger point work, plus massages, plus physiotherapy has a good chance of working.

    Wino is NOT doing just NUCCA. He knows he can't attribute his success to only NUCCA. He is working out, taking supplements, has modified his diet, has changed his attitude (more positive and energetic) etc. It's an all-round treatment. If he is relieved of all his symptoms, it's not because NUCCA worked....it's because everything he is doing worked.
  6. njspingirl

    njspingirl unilateral menieres..had vns and gent injections

    how are you suppose to workout with the dizzies and pain? I'd like to know. I was a work out freak up until 4 years ago. I hit the gym 4 days a week. I am not talking about alittle bike ride . Full out lifting. Alot of what the men were doing. 8 years of dedication to my body. Then I had to stop because vertigo came back. So if theres is something I dont know about working out with the dizzies..feel free to let me know.
  7. studio34

    studio34 Guest

    You're right Hank, taking her word for it is not solid proof that the curvature is really there without seeing either some sort of xray or photograph. But if my neck feels ok and the expert says it is fine, I think I can be almost certain -- certain enough that I don't need a dose of ionising radiation to double check.

    Here's a point: how do you even know that losing curbature will result in pathology or problems? There's all sorts of people with twisted and bent spines that have no pain and get on with life just fine.

  8. njspingirl

    njspingirl unilateral menieres..had vns and gent injections

    and there are those who have alot of pain..so what is your suggestion for that?
  9. studio34

    studio34 Guest

    See a physiotherapist first before a chiropractor, but never throw away thousands on the latter.
  10. Taximom5

    Taximom5 New Member

    I saw 2 physiotherapists for a severe shoulder injury. Both said that chiropractors were worthless.

    The first one adjusted my back without asking my permission and without even telling me that she was going to do so. I couldn't stand up straight after she was done. She screwed it up so badly, I had to get an emergency appointment with my chiropractor to fix it. In addition, she relied completely on the orthopedist's report--and that orthopedist completely missed the fact that I had a tendon ripped off the bone. She treated my shoulder very aggressively--and separated my AC joint.

    The second physiotherapist said that chiropractors could be helpful, but that physiotherapists could do anything that chiropractors could do, and to prove it, he adjusted my back for free. He didn't cause any damage, but didn't help, either. I went back to my chiropractor, who did help.

    Both physiotherapists completely missed the neck and collarbone damage that was done by having one arm in a sling for a month. My chiropractor did not miss that, and fixed it. It made a world of difference, not only in reduction of pain, but in increase of range of motion and strength.

    While insurance covered my chiropractic care, I would have considered it money well-spent to recover range of motion and strength, and to eliminate pain. And it also would have been money well-spent to fix the problem that the first physiotherapist CAUSED.
  11. Wino

    Wino Resident Honey Badger

    Soooo, about today's treatment:

    Went back in for my 9:00. Unlike yesterday, today he did the leg length measurement and determined that my left leg was 1/16" shorter than the right. Almost imperceptible, but still present, and a change from yesterday. Of interest is the manner in which the leg length discrepancies are evaluated. Specifically, after lying down on the table face-up, he measures the legs. He then has me turn my head to the rigght and re-measures. Then I turn my head to the left and he re-measures. When I turned my head to the right, it made the discrepancy slightly bigger. As a result, he did a minor adjustment to the atlas today. As usual, this was followed by 15 minutes of muscle stim in the trapezius muscles and application of Biofreeze ointment.

    I felt no different after treatment than I had before. Yet, a few hours later as I was driving across the state for work, I started getting the onset of fullness again. This is not actual aural fullness with its attendant discomfort, but rathert the sensation that fluid is starting to accumulate. Fortunately, this did not affect my hearing at all. Unfortunately, this "onset of fullness" sensation lasted for a good 2-3 hours (much longer than any recent episode).

    I go back tomorrow afternoon, and as I understand it the follow-up x-rays are going to be done next Friday when I complete the first 4 weeks of treatment.
  12. cdedie

    cdedie Designed by DizzyNBlue

    Following all this with great interest Wino. Thanks for keeping it up.
  13. studio34

    studio34 Guest

    Unlike yesterday, today he did the leg length measurement and determined that my left leg was 1/16" shorter than the right. Almost imperceptible.

    For those of us using metric that's just 1.5875 mm. How on earth does he see that? You'd only have to have a thicker sock on one foot to throw it out by 1 mm or be laid out on the table slightly differently. Sorry, but to me that sounds ridiculous.

    Wino -- hope that fullness goes away and clarity returns again fast.

    Scott :)
  14. joy

    joy New Member

    Me too. :)
  15. hollymm

    hollymm Me, 'in' a tree.

    Me three
  16. Wino

    Wino Resident Honey Badger

    I posted this in another thread, but figured I'd re-post it here as an update.

    Incidentally, I missed my NUCCA appointment last Friday because I got caught up in a work matter. I haven't had a treatment since Thursday. As noted in the quote above, I have generally been well with the exception of these feelings of the beginnings of fullness. It was today where the episode really lasted longer than normal and my hearing feels slightly down. I nevertheless remain functional, but have trouble when people are speaking at a low volume or in hushed tones.

    I'm still trying to figure out whether the Valtrex actually has made me acutely worse. I believe folks have reported that they seemed to have issues for a couple of days and took it as a sign that the drug was working. So far, day 3 on the drug has been the worst day. I'm about to hit the elliptical, though, so we'll see how it goes after that.
  17. amberini

    amberini New Member

    ...and Wino, we living in this area are experiencing the pressure gradient between a High and Low pressure system with advancing tropical weather, could be a factor. FWIW
  18. Wino

    Wino Resident Honey Badger

    Definitely something else to consider. I haven't noticed being particularly reactive to pressure changes in the past, but it has happened on at least one occasion recently while I was on a work trip in Philadelphia. I'm going to keep a mental note to check the pressure readings on my bad days.
  19. amberini

    amberini New Member

    especially this Friday and Saturday and the moon is going full soon.

    Let's all chant...LOL
  20. Papajoe

    Papajoe Myco-dental Freak of Nature

    IMHO - I'd give the valtrex a couple of weeks. It's possible the initial doses just pissed off the virus without having had a chance to work yet.

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