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Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by Papajoe, Dec 2, 2010.

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  1. Jordan

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    I am not sure, Papajoe. I have to check on the meaning of the word "kefir" as I am not familiar with it. To me, garlic and yogurt don't really taste that good together but I don't think it is meant to. As I am sure many people know, garlic has numerous benefits and can work as a natural antibiotic. It is also used to treat yeast...so I think there definitely might be something to the garlic/yogurt combination if one can stomach it. My husband's parents (and most of their generation) grew up without access to medical care and had to rely on natural treatments of this type.

    A note of caution to Holly and others who may be reading: Some medications (including Xanax) interact with certain antifungals so it would be a good idea to check on any potential negatives if you decide to explore a possible yeast connection further.
  2. Jordan

    Jordan New Member

    Going back to Papajoe's original post, it is true (as June stated) that my husband had a somewhat similar experience. Basically he had a pimple in his Meniere's ear that would expand during attacks and become smaller between attacks...but it was always there. This went on for months. When he started taking L-Lysine the pimple became smaller and shriveled up...then returned during his next attack. Discussing this with Dr. Gacek, he believed this was likely to be a herpes lesion and said it would be appropriate to take antivirals. Sure enough, once he started taking Acyclovir, the "pimple" got smaller and finally disappeared. There was also another much smaller pimple in his bad ear that also went away.

    As my husband continued to take Acyclovir, he started getting what looked like bad acne on both sides of his forehead. It was coming in straight lines down the sides of his face so I started to think that it could be more viral lesions (pure speculation on my part). Sometimes it was only on the Meniere's side, while sometimes it was on both sides (this confused me). The "pimples" were rather large and would come and go as he continued the treatment. On the days he would get the pimples he would feel a bit off balance and then feel much better as they disappeared. Ten months into his treatment he also had a cold sore on his lip and felt off balance for a few days until it went away.

    My husband says he feels like the virus has to "come out" somehow and perhaps it is through these pimples. He feels like he is getting rid of toxins whenever it happens. I am not really sure what is going on but it seems somehow significant. He has not done any antifungal treatment but consumes very little sugar and has generally improved his diet since getting Meniere's. He also consumes a lot of garlic. I am not really sure if my husband's experience parallels what Papajoe is experiencing but I thought I'd recount it anyway.
  3. Papajoe

    Papajoe Myco-dental Freak of Nature


    And yes, heed the warning. Nystatin is generally safe, but the systemic anti-fungal meds must be monitored carefully.
  4. Papajoe

    Papajoe Myco-dental Freak of Nature

    It's possible. Do the pimples hurt (like shingles)? If so, I suspect viral. The fact that they are in a straight line suggests following a nerve pathway, so that may suggest viral as well.

    I also saw some improvement in my symptoms on acyclovir so there may be a viral/yeast connection (me and my oto and my ent/allergy docs have discussed the possibility).

    You might suggest he start a candida diet (though I think middle eastern diets are generally pretty low carb anyway, aren't they)?

    If he's already on low carb, you might ask the doctor for a trial of nystatin.

    Papa Joe
  5. Papajoe

    Papajoe Myco-dental Freak of Nature

    Interestingly enough...

    Saturday DW and I went shopping, and we stopped for lunch at a local Thai restaurant of which I am fond (I just recently started eating Thai again as I'm coming off my candida diet).

    I ordered it "Thai Hot" - which means most Americans can't eat it - they'd drop to the floor screaming. It's the first Thai Hot dish I've had in a while. Lots of them little Thai bird peppers. Lovely endorphin rush. On Sunday, I had an increase in Herx symptoms.

    I think earshurt may be onto something with the whole capsicum thing being anti-fungal.
  6. hollymm

    hollymm Me, 'in' a tree.

    Jordan: A note of caution to Holly and others who may be reading: Some medications (including Xanax) interact with certain antifungals so it would be a good idea to check on any potential negatives if you decide to explore a possible yeast connection further.

    Thank you for the heads up Jordan. I've often thought about what you've said before about this being a viral infection with your husband. It's something I need to look innto with my OTO. As far as having a yeast infection in either of my systemic regions, I don't really know what to look for. I don't eat a lot of yeast, in fact, from reading the information put out here, I eat a lot of things that fight yeast overload. Would Meniere's be the biggest symptoms I would look for or is there usually something else that goes along with it that I could look for as a gage to find out if something I'm digesting or not digesting that may be a culprit?

    Am I making any sense at all? There's a lot of confusion with me in reading all the information put out on this topic alone. I need to start small and I don't know where small is...
  7. Papajoe

    Papajoe Myco-dental Freak of Nature

    For me, the things that would raise a red flag (IHMO) (and any one of these could be a flag, it doesn't have to be all of them or even most of them).

    1. Have you ever taken large or lengthy doses of antibiotics or steroids or hormone replacement therapy?

    2.Do you eat a lot of carbs but not so much "good stuff"? Does a low carb diet make you feel better?

    3. Do you have any GI issues?

    4. Do you have reoccurring yeast infections of the throat or other places? What about UTI's which keep coming back even after treatment with antibiotics.

    5. Do you have frequent sinus problems for which antibiotics don't really seem to help?

    6. Do you have MAV or "atypical" MM symptoms? Yes, I think anyone with MAV should consider that Candida might be a factor.

    I posted some lab tests a few messages ago, but here they are again. I haven't tried any of these because I didn't know about the until after I was well into my anti-candida treatment. No need to test for it when the anti-fungals and diet help.

  8. hollymm

    hollymm Me, 'in' a tree.

    Whoa!! Thanks for being patient Papajoe and putting it out there yet again... ;D I've got the topic and reply number in my hand notes.
  9. jonathan

    jonathan New Member

    How long before you began to see a change from the nistatin?
  10. Papajoe

    Papajoe Myco-dental Freak of Nature

    It took a while to figure out it was fungal, so the first big improvement came about when I went gluten free. Going gluten free, it took about 10 days to see a big improvement. Then I got a bit better my simplifying my diet. When I got to where the diet couldn't control it anymore, I started Nystaitin and it took about a week for that to kick in.

    Papa Joe
  11. Gina05

    Gina05 Guest

    Thanx for bumping up this thread for me MTM, I appreciate that.
    First test done today, Endostomy, I have an ulcer. Not a bad one, but an ulcer none the less.
    Blood work is done, too, now I play the waiting game.

    Thanx, again, I printed some of the highlights!
    This is why this forum is so important to so many.

  12. Gina05

    Gina05 Guest

    :) , with all that I've been going through, I tank-you, MTM, for bumping up this thread. As I usually do, I do not read the last page, I go to the person who started the thread, and reply.

    I just called my OTO with this question.
    I definitely have a Fungal infection.
    I do nor have a Yeast Infection.
    But, I am being tested for Celiac Disease.
    In my World, prevention is the best medicine. And my OTO is the best one to ask.
    I left a message with her assistant, my OTO is always off on Wednesdays.
    We will see what she has to say, and how long it takes.
    Some of the doctors and dentists I'm dealing with have no clus what MM is all about. My Gastro is EXcellant, so is MY Orthopedic.
    My new/old primary.....I bet they are glad we are seeing them again!!!!!
    They have had to issue more ferrals for doctor visits and tests/procedures, I'm laughing just thinking about what they're cursing about us NOW? I'm just kidding, we have an EXcellant relationship with the whole staff.

    Wish me Luck!
    Ouch, my tummy hurts, and my throught is sore from the procedure yesterday. And my mouth, WTF!!~>SSit!


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