Pondering the Yonder (it's the yeast we can do)

Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by Papajoe, Dec 2, 2010.

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  1. Papajoe

    Papajoe Myco-dental Freak of Nature

    Many of you know that I discovered the root cause of my MM/MAV is a systemic candida yeast infection. Some of you may remember the pictures I posted long ago of the acne-like rash that intensified when I started on my candida diet. Biopsies failed to show any meaningful bacterial presence in my acne.

    I'm still on anti-fungal meds, as I improve, I get more of the acne. I believe that the acne is the result of dead yeast - the body trying to rid itself of the dead yeast - sort of like the way the body festers around a splinter. So the more acne, the more I'm killing the yeast.

    Probably TMI for most of you, but here comes the interesting part.

    One of the areas where I'm getting the acne is my ear lobe. Specifically my left ear lobe. The ear with the MM. The right ear lobe, where I have no MM, has no acne.

    Many of us have been working on the assumption that MM is possibly caused by a virus invading the ear. It's a good bet as many have been helped by anti-viral medications. For myself, the anti-virals helped a little, but not very much.

    But I'm wonder what would happen if yeast organisms colonized/infected the vestibular nerve. Could some of us, especially those who have found improvement through diet and those who have found improvement through nystatin or other anti-fungal meds, really have yeast on the ear?

    I had been working on the assumption that it was toxins & byproducts of yeast that caused the MAV-type symptoms, and I still think that's true for the atypical symptoms, but I had also assumed that the MM symptoms followed from that. But perhaps yeast (as well as viruses) can infect the vestibular nerve as well.

    Thoughts? Comments?
  2. June-

    June- New Member

    Re: Pondering the Yonder

    Talk to Jordan. This sounds like what her husband experienced.
  3. CarolineJ.

    CarolineJ. New Member

    Re: Pondering the Yonder

    As you know I have been taking the Nystatin for a week now. Haven't noticed any improvement in my dizzy or ear symptoms yet but last night I noticed that on both arms each pore was reddish creating and patchwork of little red dots. They are not itchy or bothersome in any way just happened to notice them when looking in the mirror. I am interested in knowing if this is some kind of reaction to the Nystatin or if the Nystatin is doing something.
  4. Papajoe

    Papajoe Myco-dental Freak of Nature

    Re: Pondering the Yonder

    I believe it is a die-off of the yeast. I predict that if they get bigger, they'll look like acne. My first big die-off happened before I started nystatin, and happened just after starting the restricted diet. Less sugar for the yeast means some of them starve. Have you started a candida or low-carb diet recently too?
  5. Papajoe

    Papajoe Myco-dental Freak of Nature

    Re: Pondering the Yonder

    http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11891396 - fungus and otologists
    http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/8745774 - fungus and labrynthitis
    http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11716589 - fungus and vestibular nerves
    http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10616356 - fungus and vulvar vestibulitis syndrome
    http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/169773 - fungal infections of the nervous system
    http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12830865 - fungal infections of the nervous system

    http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/5895551 - unfortunately there is no text for these

    http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/14974438 - minor yeast connection to this one
  6. luckyswife

    luckyswife New Member

    My sister is a massage therapist and has something all over her neck,teaveling to her face and her chest.It gets real itchy and looks almost like someone who tans to much and their skin pigment is gone.She thought maybe she cought some fungus from a client.We researched it and I forget the name,but it is caused from "yeast"!She is a beer drinker and I told her to cut that out immedietly.So weird,is this something that could be hereditary?Like I mentioned,I was told I had an extra amount in my intestines two years ago.
  7. Wino

    Wino Resident Honey Badger

    I doubt it's hereditary in the formal sense. Rather, the hereditary part is the pre-disposition towards being affected by yeast.
  8. james

    james ''Everywhere I go there I am'' GS

    Very interesting that you bring this up.I have been wondering about the trigeminal nerve's involvment in all of this.This nerve is really important and is involved in migraine and TMJ which is what I am working with right now.

    If somehow,perhaps through TMJ or Migraine the nerves get inflamed, leaving them open and vulnerable to virus or fungus invasion.I don't know if a fungus can invade a nerve.

    On Scott's website I saw that he posted someone's latest theory on how the migraine brain looks normal and they think it may be coming from the meninges or dura matter,which cover the brain.Guess what connects up into the meninges?The trigeminal nerve.

    In TMJ the joint becomes inflamed and leads to swelling,the ear is 1/4 of an inch from the temporomandibular joint.This joint moves over 5,000 times a day with chewing and talking.My bite dentist says that it is very involved in balance,the position of the head etc.

    Not to hijack your thread,but I think something may be going on nerve wise which sets this whole thing off.The whole chain of events.Noticed also that we have a lot of teachers on here,we talk all day and loudly.Giving us more stress.

    Also Hank's nucca theory with the neck not being in alignment puts stress on this joint.All these factors may come together and we get swelling and virus and fungus invasion for some people.
    I also find it interesting that some people who have the vns then go on to manifest migraine.The problem may still be there and has not been adressed.Prosper Meniere saw a connection with migraine and mm 150 years ago.

    Just a lot of pondering I have been doing too....
  9. Papajoe

    Papajoe Myco-dental Freak of Nature

    You're most likely correct, but when I had my last visit with my ENT/Allergy doctor, I told him that I could point to symptoms (like the reoccurring bouts of acne) that led me to believe that I may have had candida for a good portion of my life. He mentioned that it's possible I could have been "infected" with yeast when I was born and traveling through my Mom's birth canal. So that possibility doesn't meet the classic meaning of hereditary, but I could still say "I got it from my Mom". ;)
  10. james

    james ''Everywhere I go there I am'' GS

    Some links that I have found.


  11. Papajoe

    Papajoe Myco-dental Freak of Nature

    Good pondering James. I know some folks here believe migraine is purely genetic, but I believe that a good case of candida will throw enough toxins in the system to create a chemically induced form of migraine - like if you were exposed to toxic chemicals from a spill.

    I believe that many of the "atypical" symptoms that some of us have may be caused by migraine, whether genetic or chemically induced. But my OTO said he though it was likely that I had both migraine and MM. And I've tried anti-virals, so that leaves the possibility that yeast might be damaging the nerves. But check the links I posted below (above?) - fungi can invade the nervous system per those pubmed articles. There is one article that discusses fungal meningitis.
  12. Papajoe

    Papajoe Myco-dental Freak of Nature

    I know we've talked about this before, and I know you're still having a rough time, but have you talked to your doctor about trying nystatin yet?
  13. james

    james ''Everywhere I go there I am'' GS

    Just looked at your links,I guess a fungus and many other things can affect the nerves and just about everything.Thanks for bringing all this up! :D

    I think they have just found a genetic link for regular migraine,maybe the genetic link doesn't apply to aura type and perhaps these are stirred up by TMJ or virus of fungus or what have you. :) I have a history of migraine with aura.Haven't had them for 30 years but now have gotten auras since all this started,but no migraine thank the lord.Perhaps the ''silent migraine is just nerve malfunction.Am wondering how much influence say the Trigeminal nerve has.Recently the brain gut connection has been established whereby the gut is really like a second brain.Maybe the trigeminal nerve is just a big branch office of the brain with it's own decision making abilities.
  14. Papajoe

    Papajoe Myco-dental Freak of Nature

    All of what you said could be true - it's still a big mystery - but I'm of the opinion that anyone with MAV or MM symptoms, especially "atypical", should consider trying nystatin and diet (as well as anti-viral meds) before undergoing surgical techniques or massive doses of steroids.
  15. Papajoe

    Papajoe Myco-dental Freak of Nature

    Oh, 10 extra brownie points to anyone who knows where "Ponder The Yonder" came from.
  16. burd

    burd New Member

    I want brownies so I desperately googled it and still couldn't come up with anything definitive. And then I see you meant brownie points, and not really brownies, so I will let someone else have a go at it. ;) :D
  17. Papajoe

    Papajoe Myco-dental Freak of Nature

    Here is your brownie, for the effort:

  18. Taximom5

    Taximom5 New Member

    There is a fungus among us....
  19. Papajoe

    Papajoe Myco-dental Freak of Nature

    And I'm a fun guy!
  20. KTabc

    KTabc Cheese Head Dumbass

    So much info--hard to keep it straight. So, I copy and paste what I need to into a work doc and print it off for reference! Gotta love people who share their success!

    I am still holding my own with diet and Nystatin for the last month. Have had some pimple like break out under the left side of my nose (left ear is bad) Never put it together. Don't have anything like it now, lasted about a couple weeks. Who knows..........feel like I have hit a plateau now. No noticable change for the last week.

    Thanks, Papajoe


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