One crappy year!

Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by debin, Apr 26, 2014.

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  1. debin

    debin New Member

    I went to my ENT Thursday. I told him I have been having major throat drainage for the last 9 months. He thinks I could have allergies and allergist appt this Monday for all the testing. ENT prescribed nasal spray at the time and topamax. Of course he didn't know I would get my appt that quick for allergy testing.
    About two months ago was prescribed an anxiety med also from my regular doctor. Well that he'd didn't feel like it was doing anything so stopped that one.
    Last week noticed I am very tired all the time. Which we all are.... I decided to start tracking my blood pressure and it's super low on all recordings. I called my niece which works for a cardiologist and she said you really need to go back to your doctor that's too low. I have experienced small dizzy moments which I called mini spins. My ENT said mini spins are not typical of Ménière's. I think as I am aging and my water pill is causing my blood pressure to get low. May have to go off of it. So excited to really see what is going on.
    Bottom line is if you feel bad keep exploring and investigating. I'm not giving up!!!
  2. nicmger

    nicmger New Member

    Make sure to have them run the blood work. It is quite possible that you just need to add a potassium supplement to counter the diuretic. For me I was told to not keep my sodium intake as low as I first did after diagnosis because it immediately caused my blood pressure to drop significantly. I know when my mom's potassium would get low she would be very fatigued. Make sure to track as well if you are getting dizzy upon standing - that could mean that your body is not adjusting quickly enough (would happen to my mom; she would need to stand and wait for a couple of seconds before moving...or she could sometimes just end up on the floor).

    By the way I have had several "mini spins" and my doctor does not seem to think they are anything but my Meniere's. Gosh knows I have the rest of it.

    Last but not least....I don't test positive for allergies but have major sinus and drainage problems. Flonase along with Astepro nasal sprays have worked wonders for me. (Dymista is the same as the two of those but I believe not all insurance plans cover that one.)
  3. Intrepid

    Intrepid New Member

    I feel your pain. My BP runs 90/50 most days. I don't take a diuretic or any medication. It's just me. Not pleasant, especially when the weather turns warm and hot.

    Not sure what suggestion to give you. Hope you find some relief.
  4. debin

    debin New Member

    Thanks for info! My niece said there is an over the counter supplement called thermotabs the cardiologist prescribes to increase blood pressure. I'll see what happens with all these appts!!
  5. debin

    debin New Member

    My niece said anything below 90 for the top number is too low.
  6. Vicki615

    Vicki615 New Member

    I am not on diuretics but on bp meds for High bp, and I was told by my doctor is it gets low to drink 2 glasses of water, it will bring it back up. It has worked for me, but I am not sure how it will work if you are on diuretics.
  7. Nathan

    Nathan New Member

    If there were a like button I would be clicking it. Repeatedly.

    I'll go one general step further by saying that the boundaries of your enlightenment cease not from the age you stop going to school, but rather from the age you obstruct curiosity.

    You go, Debin. Here's to a crappy year getting better.
  8. debin

    debin New Member

    Thanks Nathan! Just keep on pushing forward and don't give up!
    I didn't add I'm going to do a trial run on hearing aids next month. The ENT said they have a new set that actually transmits like this...if you have hearing loss in your left ear or vice versa the bad ear side will transmit all sounds to the other ear. That's the set I'm trying. But of course I haven't got a dollar amount on them just yet$$$$

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