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Discussion in 'Your Front Porch' started by Intrepid, Jan 14, 2011.

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  1. Intrepid

    Intrepid New Member

    The other thread disappeared so here's a new one.

    Nothing worse than a few old friends gone :(
  2. bulldogs

    bulldogs New Member

    That is bad, but true friends always re appear when you least expect and need them the most.
  3. bulldogs

    bulldogs New Member

    Do you really want to see my magic, please don't make me do it here and now
  4. bulldogs

    bulldogs New Member

    I will have to reach deep into my bag of tricks for a double dare, I'm usually at my best with a simple dare
  5. AmandaJ

    AmandaJ New Member

    ok rant time..........nothing worse than never ever being able to have ever donalds, KFC. subway, Burger King , Greggs , Bakers Oven , Pizza Hut , Dominoes , Papa G's (uk thing heheh ) Ephesus (uk again ) Chinese , Indian grrrr i am a junk food addict n now i have to watch all i eat me is PEED off but it's a no choice thing and yes it's not gonna kill me to not eat this stuff loads of people are Coeliac but atthe min it's new and it's S**T and i don't want it
  6. bulldogs

    bulldogs New Member

    Nothing worse than reading about all this technology for mm/mav knowing full well I will never see it. At 40 years old I feel like 60. Need to kick the young sig. other out as I am loosing my edge because of mm. Maybe older is better when you have mm.
  7. bulldogs

    bulldogs New Member

    I am seriously 40, I will be 41 on February 3.
    I was born February 3, 1970.
  8. survivedit

    survivedit New Member

    I don't think older is better with MM, but I think MM is a better determinant of age than chronology. I have been as old as 150, but am back down to about 70 something right now. Chronologically I have done almost 54 trips around the sun.
  9. bulldogs

    bulldogs New Member

    Good point Bob, I just fel like I have aged beyond my years and my sig other is so very young looking, she still gets her Id checked at bars. She just looks young. I told her she could leave if she did not want to deal with this mm. I feel bad for her. I used to live the dream life but now I have slowed down a lot, stay close to home a lot
  10. survivedit

    survivedit New Member

    There is more to a relationship than age BD. Don't sell her short. Apparently she sees something worth hanging on to.

    I used to live the dream life, too and I still do, it's just the dream has changed some - that's going to happen anyway, MM or no.
  11. bulldogs

    bulldogs New Member

    Thanks Bob,

    I now just focus on my kids and a few investments that I am involved with.
    Do you feel happier now or did you like it when you were a busy executive.
    In many ways life is better now. She is a good girl and I would die for her. Been together 12 years, never married, 2 kids.
  12. survivedit

    survivedit New Member

    LOL - I've never been any kind of executive, busy or otherwise.

    I was happy a long time ago and I'm happy now, but in a different way. Now it's more of a contentment type of happy, but is no less fulfilling than having a house full of kids and hitchhiking through Mexico with them sort of thing.

    12 years? 2 kids? Don't doubt that woman. Give her a hug and tell her you love her. She's there for a reason.
  13. bulldogs

    bulldogs New Member

    When she gets back in town Monday I am going to do something nice for her. She has been through a lot this past 2 weeks.

    what is the secret to winning the mm game, did you ever consider gent or anything such as vns or laby or was he thought of going bilateral always in the back of your mind.
    I really think dr Santina is on to something, see him January 27. Will ask many questions for you.
  14. survivedit

    survivedit New Member

    The only secret I know is to be tougher than an old boot.

    I refuse to give in or give it an inch that I don't absolutely have to. If vertigo kicks my ass I have no choice but to lay low, but I'm getting back up with the same determination I went down with.

    Not trying to sound macho, but that's about the story.

    I've tried everything - I could be the poster boy for MM theories and I'll continue to try things as they seem reasonable.

    I'm bilat now and have almost no balance function. A curse and a blessing at the same time.

    Please do let me know anything Dr. DellaSantina has to say - I'm very interested in that.
  15. lulu48

    lulu48 New Member

    Bravo Bob! Way to stand up to 'the beast' and not let him win. You have such a great attitude about fighting this disease, you are truly an inspiration.
  16. bulldogs

    bulldogs New Member

    Lulu, what is your secret. You give many inspirations as well.

    Have ever had any destructive procedures done?
  17. Conker

    Conker Guest

    To beat this beast you have to have a gigantic set of steel bollocks.
  18. Wino

    Wino Resident Honey Badger

    The proper ingredients at hand to fix me a good sandwich?

    :runs for the nearest exit:
  19. lulu48

    lulu48 New Member

    BD for whatever reason I have been very lucky in that my MM has not been nearly as bad as many here at the forum. I have some hearing loss in both ears (I'm bilateral) and vertigo about every 3 to 4 months apart. My biggest problem is my balance but it has never progressed to the point (so far) as to feeling like I need to have a destructive procedure done. Just need to use a cane occasionally. This beast is just so tough to wrap your brain around. Why one person has daily vertigo and another has it every few months is beyond me.

    And thank you very much for the compliment Bulldogs, that was very sweet of you to say.
  20. bulldogs

    bulldogs New Member

    I am being serious, do you have mm or mav? Not being funny!
    One doctor tells me I have mm and one tells
    mav. I am going to Hopkins for the tiebreaker later this month.

    If you have mm would you recommend destructive methods to get rid of it?

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