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Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by smartcard, May 6, 2014.

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  1. smartcard

    smartcard Guest

    Hi to all, I am new to the forum, had to wait for some time to get the registration approved by the forum Administrator, who is doing a wonderful job trying to keep the forum SPAM free - Thanks you.

    Now to my Meniere's. I really did not know that I am having Meniere's since last 10+ years, until I got a vertigo attack in 2011 when I was visiting my ENT, who witnessed my vertigo suffering, and casually told me that I may have Meniere's.

    Last few months, since I was very sick with tinnitus, fullness and dizziness, I had to meet many Physicians and read lot in the net, and finally it seems that I am suffering from Meniere's due to after effects of a Chickenpox.

    I have gone through many times the documentations of JOH's Meniere's Regimen, and going to try it as it has given relief to many.

    However, my ENT did not agree with me to take all these supplements, as they may be harmful to different organs , particularly he was mentioning 2000mg of Vitamin C is too much for my body, and it may harm the kidney.

    Since I have no options, I am going to try the following supplements, to start with:

    1) l-lysine,
    2) lemon bioflavonoids,
    3) sustained-release vitamin C,

    Patient Age: 51y / Male

    Suffered from severe Chickenpox

    Tinnitus in right ear
    Did many tests, that included brain MRI, and everything seems to be normal.

    Vertigo with unbalance and vomiting

    Tinnitus in both ears
    Left ear hearing loss and then major Vertigo with unbalance and vomiting.
    After the Vertigo, the left ear hearing lost got corrected.

    Vertigo with vomiting and mild unbalance

    Severe Vertigo with vomiting and unbalance
    Fullness feeling (blockage) and hearing lose in left ear

    Current Situations:
    1. Tinnitus continues in both ears, sometimes the noise is increased
    2. Time to time feeling of fullness in the left ear
    3. Time to time some nausea and dizziness

    Current Medications:
    1. Betaser 16mg (Betahistine) – 2 times a day
    2. Ginkgo Biloba tables – 2 times a day
    3. Dizinil 50mg Tab (Dimenhydrinate) – to be taken before Vertigo

    With sincere thanks in advance for your prayers and suggestions.
  2. John of Ohio

    John of Ohio New Member

    Be sure to read and consider closely the latest version of the regimen (if you haven't), here:

    The physician is incorrect in thinking that the 2000 mg of sustained release vitamin C might harm the kidney. He's recalling some medical school information from several decades ago that showed that large amounts of ascorbic acid (vit C) fed to rats did cause kidney problems in those rats. But the amounts fed to the rats to get kidney damage would have been many 10s of thousands of mgs in a human. It's not a matter of concern.

    Keep us posted on your progress.

    --John of Ohio
  3. Vicki615

    Vicki615 New Member

    smartcard if your MM developed due to having chicken pox I would think you will have success with JOH and or antivirals. Keep us posted I wish you luck and relief!

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