New article published in "Hearing Health" on Menieres Disease

Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by solari, Apr 12, 2008.

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  1. jteeple

    jteeple New Member

    Thank you the time you took to write this. This is my first post/reply on the Board and my symptoms have not yet progressed to those you described, but any help with how to cope with this condition is so very welcome. All best, Jteeple
  2. vee826

    vee826 New Member

    I am new to this forum and I just can't believe that so many people feel what I feel. This article really helped me and will hopefully help my family understand (a little better) what I am going through. Thank you for that!
  3. Tschock

    Tschock New Member

    I think I'm going to cry! I feel like I have truly found a home on this site!
    I have tried for years to find someone else who can truly understand what I'm going through,instead of my friends and family who keep telling me it's all in my head...which,I guess,technically/physically it
    I'm hoping that every doctor in the world reads what you have written. They NEED to! Especially all of those well meaning psychiatrists and psychologists. The ones that put you on needless meds thinking that you're having some kind of nervous breakdown and that this is your body's way of "fighting back".
    How many of us have to suffer through all of those pills that do more damage than good,before a doctor of any sort realizes it's a "true disease" and not just a chemical imbalance?
    It's still so hard for me to accept the fact that my family thinks I'm crazy. My ex-husband left me because he thought I was crazy. My doctors don't understand the disease because they have never read up on it. It took 25 years of torture and 6 months of straight vertigo attacks before one doctor finally looked in my ears. And why did she look? Because she herself has Meniere's! I love her! She saved my life!
    Thank you sooooooo much for what you have written. I am now forwarding that link to everyone I know!
  4. Olkat

    Olkat New Member

    okay! I've got this frustrating disease and having a dang hard time trying to figure out what to do to make it better. I started having symptoms in Sept 08 and finally diagnosed in January after a hospital stay and countless other tests. I'm following all that the docs have told me diet wise but it doesn't seem to be helping much. My husband has Alzheimers and I am a caregiver. He doesn't understand why I can't function...why I'm sick from time to time. I've had him read about the disease but his short term memory is gone so he reads and forgets and doesn't understand why I'm sick and the doctors visits don't make me better. I'm a fixer and know I can't fix him any longer but am hoping some of you on this site can give me some much needed advice to try to make my life a little bit easier...thank you.
  5. JJ

    JJ New Member

    good article!
  6. staggerin

    staggerin New Member

    Nice article and you nailed it, best thing to do is just learn to live the best you can with this disease Many have much greater disabilitating health problems. It has taken me three years to begin the process of learning to live with it and trying to enjoy life more even though my life has changed so much thanks again Ron
  7. newflady

    newflady New Member

    Wish all the ones we love could get a copy of this to understand what we all go through!!!
  8. reggie

    reggie New Member

    question to john about metabolic syndrome


    I am new here but am very impressed and appreciatiive of your work.
    I have had the glucosr tolerance test and do have all the symptoms of metabolic syndrome; overweight (especially belly fat), high blood pressure, very high triglycerides, moderately high cholesterol. I am also highly allergic to pollen, grass, flowers,and certain fruits. I have been taking allergy shots for about 7 years with minimal if any improvement.
    I'm a 66 year old male and tests have shown a moderately low testosterone level.
    I went to a metabolic dr. about 2 months ago and he suggested the metabolic diet with exercise.
    Most importantly, over the past 30 years I have had intermittent dizziness, ear fullness, tinnitus and headaches. Over the 30 years, I've had 2 brief episodes of vertigo, lasting a few minutes each.
    I started having the menieres type problems shortly after seeing the metabolic dr.and then went on a very strict version of his diet; 6 feedings a day, measuring and limiting carbs no sugar soda, etc.
    My blood pressure has improved as has my blood sugar. It was around 95 fasting, now 85 fasting.
    Despite all of this, my ear symptoms have remained, but they seem to come and go during the day, sometimes within minutes. For example, the ear fullness comes on and the dissipates in a few minutes, same with the headaches, dizziness, tinnitus and sometimes nausea.
    I take numerous supplements includin vinopecitine, 10mg 3x day, E, gingko, alpha lipoic acid , chromium picolinate, c, calcium.
    I haven't taken the bioflavinoid because my dr. told me it would have an adverse effect on my blood sugar.
    My question: Is there significance to the fluctuating symptoms, and since my metabolic symptoms are improving on the diet, would you have any idea as to why the ear symptoms are not?

    Thanks for any light you can shed on this.

  9. Mike55

    Mike55 New Member

    New to the web-site and found your article to be helpful in my understanding of the disease. Thanks!
  10. JudyL

    JudyL New Member

    Great article. :)
  11. xtine

    xtine New Member

    This is just what I have been looking for try to explain to friends and family how I feel. Thanks.
  12. Bluesky

    Bluesky New Member

    Hi Ray,

    Just read your article...very good.

    I thank you very much for this really helps to be amongst one and another.

    It helps to give us strength to go on and accomplish what we can from life.

    You are the ray of light and that light feeds hope in our hearts.

    God bless

    Journey well.

  13. Taximom5

    Taximom5 New Member

  14. Bastet

    Bastet New Member

    Thank you!

    I'm new to this forum, but not to Meniere's. I've had it for 10 years and am soooo tired of its ups and downs. I sometimes will go a year or more without having any dizzy spells and then when one hits me, a near-depression also hits, for I had the hope of never having to suffer again.

    This past week, I've had daily attacks. My left hear has lost most of its hearing and I have a constant buzz, both of which I am used to and don't bother me much. But it's the horrendous attacks I hate. I went three months without any, and they started up again. I don't drink alcohol, coffee or use much salt. I've been working out more and losing weight, and it still started back up.

    BUT.....I also told myself this week, that, unlike before I will not let this run my life. I run my life. It's rough, but is it rougher than people with far worse conditions? People with terrible disabilities live wonderful lives, and so can I.

    Thank you again for posting such a positive article. This is exactly what I need to read right now. I am not alone. :)
  15. wobbly1

    wobbly1 New Member

    Nice article! It puts into black & white all of the feelings that I've been having anout the disease. Thank you!
  16. ladyisblue50

    ladyisblue50 New Member

    Awsome article! THANK YOU!
  17. Chariss

    Chariss New Member

    Very helpfull article Thanks
  18. Numania

    Numania New Member

    Wonderful article. I think I will be sending that link on to friends and family who find it hard to understand! Cheers.
  19. ihussain

    ihussain New Member

    a good and supportive article, excelent try
  20. petalpusher

    petalpusher New Member

    Thank you for this article. My daughter is an R.N. and says Menieres is not a diagnosis, it's what doctors use when they don't know what is wrong. Her lack of understanding makes it hard.

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