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  1. CGR

    CGR Guest

    I had not read these books since i was a kid, but i always remembered them fondly. Anyway, i am currently reading them to my son and i'm just amazed at how great they are. Most of the children's books i've re-read as an adult are good (e.g. wrinkle in time, Oz books, etc.), but the Narnia books are incredible. There's just something magical about them that takes me back to when i was a kid reading them. It's like the years have never passed and they have the same impact.

    Anyone else read them lately and found the same feeling you had as a kid?

    Btw, i posted this in the religion forum because they are clearly religious books. :)

    P.S. The two movies so far didn't do it for me. The books are so much more powerful.
  2. CGR

    CGR Guest

    I'm not religious but how can they be read in a non religious way? The whole point would be lost wouldn't it?
  3. Jordan

    Jordan New Member

    I read them as a child and had no clue religion was involved. For years, they were my favorite books.
  4. CGR

    CGR Guest

    I see what you mean. For me I just let myself be religious while I'm reading them. Maybe that's where the beauty of it comes for me. The religion in the books is the kind I wish really existed
  5. CGR

    CGR Guest

    In the LWandW how did they stay gone so long and not miss their mother? That was weird. Also odd how they completely forgot about the lamppost and wardrobe. I can see a real little kid forgetting after 30 years or so but not the bigger ones
  6. AmandaJ

    AmandaJ New Member

    now i'm gonna have to go re read them and think in terms of religious
    i love the books read them a few years ago to my kids think i enjoyed them more ;)
  7. CGR

    CGR Guest

    Yeah, reading them to your kid(s) is so much more fun because of the way they think.

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