My family does'nt see or know about Menieres, they just keep asking what is it?

Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by Motor City Spinner, Sep 28, 2006.

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  1. Motor City Spinner

    Motor City Spinner New Member

    Hi Everyone,
    Please bare with me I have never dealt with chat rooms posting messages or anything. I found this site and was so relieved to see the simptoms are really the Meniere's and not loosing my mind. My family just don't get it that I'm really sick from this. They keep sayng go get a job that will cure your depression. I wish I could work, I truly cannot. Half the time I'm scared to drive a car. Once I had an attack in the car and I just sat there at a red light and held my head, could'nt move could'nt make a sound. It felt like the earth was spinning and shifting at the same time I had to keep my eyes closed and that was so frightening because all the time I knew I was at an intersection and could not do anything about it. finally it somewhat passed for me to pull the car over. I sat there and cried. My mom and sister think I'm dramatic I only wish I could get them to understand what this is like. I was so relieved to see that other people do have the same symptons I have and that it is all part of the Meniere's.
    Thank You,
    M C Spinner
  2. nassman

    nassman Guest

    Simply having dizziness does not mean you have meneire's.

    Do you have ringing in the ear? A sensation of extreme fullness? Do you have violent vertigo where the world is spinning? Do you have hearing loss?

    These are the common characteristics of meniere's.

    I'd go to a specialist such as a neurotologist and get tested.

    Good luck.
  3. Motor City Spinner

    Motor City Spinner New Member

    I did get tested by an ENT specialist and got a second opinion and was diagnoised with Menieres both times.
    Loss of hearing , vertigo,buzzing in my ear all the time, loudness fluctuates, dizzyness, fullness in the ear. I was diagnoised last April. I have been dealing with it since 2004 just did'nt know what it was.
  4. Wobbles

    Wobbles Storm (April 15, 1992 - November 17, 2006)

    Hi Spinner and welcome to the forum!

    When I first joined this forum years ago, I had the same reaction as you: gosh, I am not alone. There are others with the same symptoms. It’s nice to know that we are not alone in our boats. We can row together, knowing that we can reach the shoreline with caring companions.

  5. Aladdin

    Aladdin Guest

    welcome - sorry you're suffering but glad you are here
  6. gardenfish

    gardenfish New Member

    Perhaps if you had a burned face or a missing limb they would notice.
    Perhaps if you vomited on their feet the would notice.
    Perhaps if they could be in your body for one minute during an attack...
  7. gardenfish

    gardenfish New Member

    Re: My family does'nt see or know about Menieres, they just keep asking what is

    Brandon mentioned some things with with you might identify. If so, you could fix it so your family could read it.,133.0.html

    There was a ton of stuff about this topic before The Crash and there will be more. Please refuse to allow folks to get you down. You are sick. That is your problem. That they do not believe you is their problem.
  8. Gwendelyn

    Gwendelyn New Member

    Welcome MCS.

    You will never be alone here. We understand only to well. Many of us have people in our lives who just don't understand, myself included. There are many reasons for the people around us to be like that. One of them is that these people have never felt what it is like. I can honestly say that until I experienced vertigo I could never have imagined how awful it could make me feel.

    Hope you feel better soon.
  9. Linda1002

    Linda1002 New Member

    Print this out and show it to them:,46.0.html
  10. minnesotadizzy

    minnesotadizzy New Member

    Hi MCS,

    Don't worry what your family or friends think. You know YOU are sick, dizzy, not feeling right and as long as you know it... they will come along soon. Just don't worry, because it will put more stress on you and you know what that means.

    We all understand what you are going through and that is what matters right now! I won't drive... my life is up and down so fast, I will not take the chance of hurting myself or the next person.

    Everybody expects you to look like a cancer patient or something. I have bad days and bad spins and can't help but, cry myself. You take care of yourself first! Take care and I hope your family comes around soon for you.

    Dave.... Minnesotadizzy
  11. Erosangel

    Erosangel New Member

    My family did not understand either. Finally when my dad was diagnosed with the same thing they all began to understand. I did a lot of research. My kids and my husband understand but my mom just didn't get it. I had a hard time explaining why I couldn't fly in a private (little) plane to go see them for the weekend. (my dad used to fly). It was upsetting but honestly I figured it wasn't gonna help my situation to let them upset me. I decided to let them think whatever they wanted and just didn't talk about it. Then when my dad was diagnosed they apoligzed for not believeing me.
  12. burd

    burd New Member

    Know too that there are many different meds to ease the symptoms to keep us more functional, and many of us have recognized that we have enviromental or food issues that will trigger our symptoms, and that with some changes we can ease our symptoms overall.
    Unbelieving or trivializing friends and family seem to be a common experience, but Paul worded it beautifully when he said, "Please refuse to allow folks to get you down. You are sick. That is your problem. That they do not believe you is their problem."
    Sometimes it's necessary to pare some of these out of our lives for our emotional health.
  13. SMC

    SMC Look for the footprints in the sand......

    Yeah, what Paul said!!!!!! It is there problem. However, I too have had family and friends who just didn't understand. How could they? Unless they have been in the middle of one of these attacks how can they understand it? Compassion would be nice but it is usually reserved for those ailments that can be identified with. People seem to look for the worst in others. How very sad. Your family and friends should be the ones holding you up when you need them the most. At least in this forum you will find strength, encouragement and compassion. Welcome.
  14. SMC

    SMC Look for the footprints in the sand......

    AGGGGGGGGGGGGGG the word should have been their NOT THERE. Just chalk it up to brain fog. LOL
    The teacher in me just couldn 't let that one go.
    Sherry C
  15. burd

    burd New Member

    Sherry C.
    Don't let it bother you. I use to type well and spell well, but ever since menieres both of those have gone to hell. I felt better when once I realized that alot of us experience the same thing...guess we can lump it in with the brain fog fun of this condition! I am constantly fixing typing errors. And if one slips by and I just have to fix it, I click on the "modify" button at the top right of my post and I correct it.

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