Mm and coping w/ children

Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by saggy4, Sep 28, 2006.

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  1. yukookoo

    yukookoo New Member

    its soo hard, almost impossible without help. I was diagnosed before i got pregnant, but was not going to let this disease stop me from being a mommy.

    each stage has had its hardships, recovering from labor with a newborn, getting up nights, not sleeping etc.

    We got through it

    ok tips for toddlers - my daughter just turned 2 a month ago

    If possible child proof! The living room is pretty childproof here, so when i am feeling bad I lay on the couch and bring a large basket of books and we read together, well she reads I lay

    sometimes i lock us in the bathroom, put her in the bathtub, she can play in there for a while, while i puke and spin... although that hasnt happened much lately

    Restrain her in her carseat and sit in the car with music on....

    have a bag of toys that ocupy them and is only taken out for attacks

    food and snacks in high chair

    But I have no idea what i would do with 2,

    When i am sick like all day I call my mom or husband comes home....

    It was much easier to mommy through an attack before she was mobile :) and with 2 i have no clue....

    I use a cane, that helps, get rest, eat well etc.
  2. anouk

    anouk New Member

    I have 3 kids, 5,2,1 yo. I was diagnosed with MM juste before I got pregnant with my first child. Throughout these years, I managed. I work full-time, I was used to get up at nignt for my children, or to spend the night throwing up and getting up in the morning to go to work. In 7 years, I had many, too many vertigo attacks, but fortunately often at night and when my husband was at home. I had to deal last week with an attack while being at home alone with my three and it was just horrible.

    Now the disease has progressed too much and I am going to have shunt surgery, hopefully getting a better quality of life!
  3. Michael

    Michael New Member

    I have a step-daughter. Things are ok as long as she's kinda quiet. The screaming thing is a little much.
  4. yukookoo

    yukookoo New Member

    o i wanted to vent too haha noise is hard for me, but so far (probably cause she is still young and just starting to talka nd its so cute) it hasnt bothered me. We are a waldorf family, so we dont do tv, or noisy plastic toys, nothing she plays with makes noise on its own, so that helps a lot

    BUT the one thing I just cant stand is the pulling on me. Grabbing my legs or arms and swinging her weight around or using me as a jungle gym. Im sure that's hard for anyone but with the lack of balance its SO hard for me. I just want to scream or push her off me. Many times we have both fallen to the ground..... I have to just take a deep breath and say mommy cant balance with you swinging on me, I need you to ..... whatever redirection i come up with
  5. Aladdin

    Aladdin Guest

    oh my , my children are all grown and I have a hard enough time with them as adults
  6. wiggly-wobbly

    wiggly-wobbly New Member

    This is a post that hits me hard. My children were 5 & 7 when my MM first hit in 2003. I was mostly bedridden for the next 4 years (also dealing with chronic migraines and a pain condition). I finally managed progress, as I was determined to find a way to get up and around, taking part in my children's lives by getting an electric scooter (which I was able to finally ditch with more progress). I now walk 3 miles 3-5 days per week (I'm working my way back up once again), but I will never be able to regain the YEARS lost with them. They had to learn to help a lot more, and most of it fell on my daughter, as she is the older one, and my son has Aspergers- a whole other stress factor and medical/emotional rollercoaster. We ate a LOT of take-out, and my husband ended up shouldering SO MUCH. I'm VERY lucky that he has stood by me through all of this, and when I have my rough patches, the WHOLE family is there for me.

    The way I tried to stay in my kids lives as much as possible was to always be there to talk to and listen, offer advice, encuragement, and love. It was (and still is) very hard to be positive and a rock when you feel like SH**, but since there was no way I could physically do more, we ALL had to learn that familys are all different, everyone's home-life has its own unique problems, and that the important thing is to love each other.

    It took a while to get to where I'm OK with myself and my failings as a mom, as my husband and kids keep telling me I'm the best. While I know that THAT statement is a stretch, I'm realizing that I have good kids who aren't resentful, are loving, accepting, respectful, and do well in school. I guess that I'm not doing too horrible of a job. I was lucky to have a mom who kept a Better Homes and Gardern clean, seasonally decorated home, all home cooked meals, everything picture perfect. She was physically active (we waterskied every weekend in summers, went camping, & lots of other fun things), and I have felt so frustrated as this was the type of life I expected to give my family. HA! :-\! I then remind myself of the personal negative things that happened during my youth, and try to remember that while it seemed perfect, there were problems there too.

    My home is a MESS! Cleaning is too exhausing, so I do laundry, and throw in a chore here and there. Dusting and vacuuming are almost non-existant, as they involves lots of looking up and down, and bending-things which are harder on me. As I have not been successful at getting the kids to pick-up after themselves very well, we end up with piles of stuff, and then I end up issuing the every-so-often yell "I can't stand this mess" statement, where it MAY be improved upon. I hate to ask hubby to do more, and frankly, he won't. He does enough, and with school, the kids don't have time for more than basic chores.
  7. newflady

    newflady New Member

    I don't drive hardly at all anymore because I have been stranded or gotten so exhausted I had to pull off and sleep in a parking lot. I am so very very thankful for my mom who is mom/personal assistant. She also keeps me grounded when I try to have a pity party. So big((((((hugs))))) for you. I know it means the world to your daughter.

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