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  1. jimhopgtu

    jimhopgtu New Member

    I have had meniere's disease for almost a year, coming from one ear.
    I have responded very positively to prednisone where both my vertigo and hearing improve, but you of course can't stay on prednisone forever. The doctors now suggest I take methotrexate, which can be taken for an extended period of time, but also seems like a very risky medication. I am in my thirties with no other related issues and did test positive for autoimmune disorder issues.

    Has anyone else with a similar scenario taken methotrexate? Can you tell me about your experience?

    (i have done research so no need to forward me anything, just looking for actual experiences)
  2. June-

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    You may get more responses if you repost this question in the living room board. (This is now posted on the child board of the living room which does not get much traffic).

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