Mastoidectomy - Endolymphatic Sac Decompression

Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by Verti_Geaux, May 28, 2007.

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  1. Karenb

    Karenb New Member

    The picture Linda showed is a lot like my head looked. My incision was that big only the top was more rounded. They shave the side of your head they do the surgery on so after I got a little better I had the other side shaved to match it. They use a drill to drill through the mastoid bone. It took me about 4 weeks to get back to normal.
  2. dzymom

    dzymom Road Trip

    The drill thing may be a bit too much information for me as I am off to surgery in less than 24 hours. Some things I'd rather not think of, you know?
  3. Verti_Geaux

    Verti_Geaux New Member

    Here's hoping DzyMom is doing well with her recovery! Can't wait to hear from you! Saying Prayers for you!!!
  4. Aladdin

    Aladdin Guest

    whose your doctor?
  5. Verti_Geaux

    Verti_Geaux New Member

    DzyMom's doctor? or my doctor?
  6. twinklenani

    twinklenani Guest

    Good Luck Hon! Let us knows how it goes! Blessings, twinkle
  7. hoopndoc

    hoopndoc New Member

    We'll pray for you and your surgical team, that everything is clicking that day - Be strong, and be confident - remember, the surgery, in the big picture of things, does not burn bridges (either with or without a shunt) - it's still considered nondestructive to the inner ear - your incision will look nothing like the one shown here, more like a recent description on the forum - expect a lot of ringing and sometimes disequilibrium the first couple of weeks and don't plan anything big for the first 2 - 3 weeks - just take it easy.
    Holler if you have any questions - I've been there, and will answer whatever I can
    Take care, and God bless,
  8. Verti_Geaux

    Verti_Geaux New Member

    Thanks Hoopndoc!!! I'll take all the Prayers I can get! Did you have ESD w/shunt? How many times? Did it work??? I'm just getting really apprehensive at this moment.

    Thanks so much for the Prayers!!
  9. moz414

    moz414 New Member

    I'm going into hospital this Thursday for the surgery and I'm a bit more relaxed now I've read this thread! I'm all prepared for the scar behind the ear (gonna tell my mates it's a war wound!). Just not looking forward to the recovery afterwards and sleeping's gonna be a real pain as I normally sleep on my left side (side of op). I get 2 weeks sick leave from work but from the sounds of it I might be off longer. At least I've had my holiday this year! I'll keep you updated with my progress and get my wife to take some photos post op.
  10. dzymom

    dzymom Road Trip

    Goodluck moz! I am on my third full day post-op. Still super tired, but I don't even miss laying on my left side. I always slept on that side before my surgery. I will try again today to post a picture of my site. I am not very computer savvy! Lisa
  11. Verti_Geaux

    Verti_Geaux New Member

    Wow! We have a lot having the surgery summer! Keep us updated MOZ! Mine is scheduled for next Tues, the 19th! Are you getting the shunt also? I'm keep you in my Prayers!!!

  12. Henrysullivan

    Henrysullivan New Member


    If you are about to have an extremely invasive surgery and your doctor hasn't even explained to you what the surgery entails, and furthermore, if you have not pressed him to explain to you what the surgery is all about, DO NOT HAVE THE SURGERY. Once you fully understand what the surgey entails, still, I advise you not to have the surgery until you are satisfied that you have exhausted all non-invasive treatments, especially if those treatments are documented by others who have your symptoms to have helped them. Surgery changes the equation, after which there may be no returning.

    Make an informed decision.

  13. Verti_Geaux

    Verti_Geaux New Member

    Hi Hank,

    Thanks for your advice! I really appreciate it! I think the reason I didn't know more about the surgery was because I'd only met my surgeon one time! Not the best circumstances, but he is based on PA, he flies into Baton Rouge, one week per month to do surgeries. Since I posted this the first time, I've talked extensively with his assistant and I was over there yesterday, so I know more about what is going on.

    I HAVE to have this surgery. I'm a single mom, a teacher, and I HAVE to work. I have no family here, just friends. So, I cannot become disabled, nor do I want to be!!! I was flat on my back for 2 months - Mar. and Apr. And it was just horrible!!! I was having vertigo every 3-5 days that lasted up to 6 hours. I would rather die that live like that. I couldn't eat, walk, or hardly get out of the house, much less drive!!! And I have been fighting this for 3 years!!! So, NOT having the surgery is NOT an option. I don't have time to try MORE different meds (I'm sick of all that I'm taking-I hate taking pills), nor do I have time to try different devices, I have to do something over the summer in hopes that I can work fully in the fall. I understand that many are anti-surgery, but if it will help me, I'm all for it. It's just a personal choice. I just cannot lie around month after month after month, become disabled, and let this beast defeat me! I'm not that kind of person. I'm a "doer" and a "shaker", AND I have a child to raise! And if this surgery doesn't work, we'll go further. I just want to be fixed!

    Thanks so much for your concern! I really do appreciate it!!!

  14. Aladdin

    Aladdin Guest

    both forum members doctors?

    as far as placebo affect; my surgeon has waited well over 1.5 years to even consider doing this for me because he's going to drill to the superior canal and attempt to plug the holes - if it was a placebo affect (ie shunts) this is not just a casual operation and I can not see him risking his medical acredidations(sp) on a surgery that is still invasive and ...
  15. Linda1002

    Linda1002 New Member

    Anne-Marie -

    I'm not sure that saying some of us are anti-surgery is accurate. We just warn that it might NOT be a permanent fix, so keep that in mind.

    I went to several doctors during my 32 years with MM, and they all advised against surgery. I was down-and-out the first couple of months and I also raised my children and worked. Turns out that NOT doing surgery was the best thing for me.

    I hope it works for you, truly!
  16. Verti_Geaux

    Verti_Geaux New Member

    I do understand that the surgery may not work. I also understand that it may be a temporary fix. But, if it gives me 3 months, 3 years, whatever, I'll take it. I just can't live like this and don't want to. The breaking point was when my 13-year-old freaked out about me being so sick and bed-ridden. She was crying non-stop at home and at school because she thought I was dying. Had to see the counselor and all that. It just broke my heart and there was nothing I could do. So, I have to try the surgery for HER!!! It's just a personal choice and I know what works for one may or may not work for another. I'm glad you made the right choice also!
  17. dzymom

    dzymom Road Trip

    I think that it is as individualized as the rest of our disease. For me, the potential benefits of surgery greatly outweighed the risks. I was at a point where I needed to try. Hopefully it will work for me. The meniett didn't, but I know it works for many people. For me it was an expensive waste of time. But, I can at least say that I tried. My next trial will be the lemons!
  18. Verti_Geaux

    Verti_Geaux New Member

    I totally agree! I just have to try! It might be a mistake and if so, I'll deal with that then. I can't see my child breaking down like that again! And I can't see me like I was in Mar. & Apr. again! I'll do whatever I have to..... if this doesn't work, then gent or VNS, whatever! I have to be able to go to soccer, basketball, volleyball, and softball games, and band and piano concerts. Mar. & Apr. was so bad, death would have been better! I'd never take my life or feel that way normally, but it was horrible!!! I've been through a lot, cancer, the death of BOTH of my parents, and other surgeries. I'm a tough person and can take a lot, but I've NEVER felt so bad or wanted to die, but I did this spring! So, here's to the surgery..... 6 more days!!!!!!!!!!!! YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEe : )
  19. Dizzy Little Piggy

    Dizzy Little Piggy OINK OINK

    I wish you the best of luck with your surgery. Sure, it may not work for long but it also could. My attitude is try anything if you think it might help because doing nothing surely won't help.

  20. Verti_Geaux

    Verti_Geaux New Member

    Thanks Piggy!!! I totally agree! If I do NOTHING, then NOTHING will help. I just can't sit around and ask "what if". I'm a "doer"! Thanks so much!!!

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