Just drank a half bottle of wine. I am a 54 year old Mom, I never do this!

Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by page66, Oct 4, 2006.

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  1. Leon

    Leon New Member

    Hi Page,
    I hope you feel better soon. This disease can be abusive to us at times. I've seen the times when I felt like I'd die, but was afraid that I wouldn't, and didn't. I agree with the previous posts that you should explain your feelings to your doctor. Maybe they can prescribe a low dosage for you. Keep us posted with your progress.
  2. cdedie

    cdedie Designed by DizzyNBlue

    Page, aren't these people great! You will never be alone here! Do keep us posted and good luck and bless you.
  3. page66

    page66 New Member

    Thanks so much for all the imput. The last two days, I felt so anxious and stressed that I couldn't do much of anything. The pressure in my ears and head was terrible and I am sure that the anxiety made it worse. I also had a tightening in my throat, and acid building up. I thought I was getting an ulcer. (Probably should check it out.) I am going to see about getting anti-anxiety medication.
    Last night I took two Lorazepam pills, went to bed at 8:30 and actually slept. It made a big difference for today. Things have calmed down quite a bit.
    Thanks for the input and for caring.

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