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Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by Sholly, Jun 6, 2011.

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  1. bulldogs

    bulldogs New Member


    thanks, i agree. i takes a wonderful women to put the male egos in check and you have a way of doing it.

    your friend
  2. Henrysullivan

    Henrysullivan New Member


    I am delighted in your remission or hiatus, or whatever you might call it, from vertigo. And the point is not for me to argue whether symptoms go away from time to time. Of course they do. The point is that there is a cause for the symptoms, and when that cause is no longer active, or is successfully treated, the symptoms relent, or remit. But the cause for remitting or relenting is nothing one might accurately call, 'remission' or a 'remission factor.' Remission is a result, not a cause.

    And we got into this because Chris introduced the idea that something he termed the 'remission factor' could explain the positive results that folks experience using the JOH regimen. Well there is no such thing as a 'remission factor' that can explain anything. That is because the remission factor Chris relates is itself unexplained. We can't explain an unexplained phenomenon using an unexplained factor. He might call this factor, 'Factor X.' But it is not a factor and is not even real.

    Of course, once the symptoms are no longer present, like you, I expect most folks could care less why that might be. And I agree. But there is an importance. And that importance lies in how discovering the cause of one's symptom remission might help other people who still suffer. And in all of the valuable work that he has performed, that is largely what JOH has done.
  3. Henrysullivan

    Henrysullivan New Member

    Let me draw a distinction here, Duncan. The 'remission factor' idea Chris introduced does not relate to a certain cause of symptoms, said cause which goes into remission, and by virtue of that, the symptoms associated with it follow suit. The remission factor Chris relates is as if it is a cause in and of itself, and that this unexplained 'remission factor' causes symptom remission. Now to your point, HSV is likely a cause of certain cases of Meniere's symptoms. So it makes sense that if HSV, the cause, goes into remission, the symptoms it brought about might remit as a result. But symptom remission is a result, not a cause. It is the result of the cause remitting, or the cause being successfully treated, either once and for all, or being controlled by ongoing treatment.
  4. Henrysullivan

    Henrysullivan New Member

    Lee Anne, I respectfully disagree. The only debate going on here is whether this is a debate, which debate might fall under the umbrella of the rules of the forum.

    No, this is presently a discussion of terms commonly used in medical circles and what these terms actually mean to the one's who suffer the symptoms. This is informational, not confrontational. And it is all about supporting folks who suffer the symptoms this site is dedicated to support. There is no better way to support someone who suffers than to help them understand why they suffer, and understanding the terminology of those they hire to help them is a good first step toward that goal.
  5. chrisj

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    I'm not sure if you deliberately seek to misrepresent, or whether you read and don't comprehend (comprehension, not cut and pasting is the path to enlightenment).

    Here it is again, in short succinct sentences.

    1. (A statement of fact). Meniere's disease is typified by random periods of remission, and

    2. (A statement of opinion). In the evaluation of any treatment for Meniere's disease, the remission factor, the placebo effect and many other variables must be included in the equation to achieve a meaningful result.

    There you go, mate. Do not fill this thread (which you have commandeered), with another three pages of self serving, meaningless drivel, there's a good fellow.

    Now, back to my corn flakes.

    Kindest Regards,

  6. FadedRose

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  7. shartsoe

    shartsoe New Member

    Well, I'm new here. Very new. MM sufferer for more than 13 years. Complete hearing loss in the left ear from birth, occasional (1-4 years between) attacks of MM. No vertigo anymore, just simply tinnitus, fullness and loss of hearing. Having a doozy of one right now. 3 weeks versus the average 1 week duration so far, fluctuations hourly instead of daily. Was wondering where I could get a completely updated and correct version of JOH Regimen? Also, as I have malfunctioning heart valves due to rheumatic heart disease, I cannot take anything that stimulates my heart rate in anyway (save for a small cup of coffee in the morning). I am not sure for the protocol for posting - and I've never used a message board. They kind of confuse me, but I need support so very badly right now.
  8. Henrysullivan

    Henrysullivan New Member

    Yes, there is that possibility. Sometimes, I will admit, I feel like I must be speaking a completely different language. Great luck to you, Rose. Remission is what it is all about. We need more remission.
  9. Henrysullivan

    Henrysullivan New Member

    I will send JOH an message and ask him to get into contact with you, perhaps on this thread. Yeah, I do not know about the heart thing. He will seek you.

  10. bulldogs

    bulldogs New Member


    with heart problems, I would not be putting anything in my body without your doctors knowledge, especially from some guy on an open Internet forum.

    Please be careful and consult a dr.
  11. John of Ohio

    John of Ohio New Member


    Apparently you are unaware of the document describing my Meniere's regimen. It clearly recommends discussing the entire regimen with a medical professional before undertaking it.

    If you haven't, read it in its entirety here:

    --John of Ohio
  12. chrisj

    chrisj Guest

    Good call, John....
  13. shartsoe

    shartsoe New Member

    Thanks so much. I am under the care of a doctor at Duke University and will see him again on the 14th. I'll run this by him to see if there is anything I should be aware of. Anything that acts as a stimulant, I'll simply reduce or omit if possible, but I'm willing to try anything at this point.
  14. John of Ohio

    John of Ohio New Member

    Well, it looks like the provider of my regimen document no longer posts it, or is somehow otherwise not appearing after entering this website:

    There are (well, were) two Internet sites offering downloads of my Meniere's Treatment Regimen, the one above, and the other, which comes up at the top after a Google of "John of Ohio," here:

    This latter one is most unfortunate, as it dates to 6 years ago and is inadequate in many respects. I have repeatedly emailed this website owner asking to put up new regimen documents which I have provided. But no response. This older write-up recommended only 1500 mgs of lysine, which is known today to entirely insufficient. I'm certain that hundreds of people have downloaded this, tried the regimen, and got no relief. Still, the site owner refuses to respond to my requests for posting the provided updates.

    And now, the other site, which was using a recent (but not the most recent) regimen document is offline.

    I have a brand new, revised and re-edited regimen document in PDF form, but have no way of getting it out to the MM public. Sadly, I don't believe there is a download feature on this MM website.

    Any suggestions?

    --John of Ohio
  15. Max Stooge

    Max Stooge New Member

    John, can you simply highlight, copy, and save the text of the pdf as a word document? Or copy and paste the text as a new post in the database? Then message Ray and have him delete any previous versions there.
  16. bulldogs

    bulldogs New Member

    Thanks John,

    I did read it, I was just letting her know to read it and consult her dr.

    I am glad you pointed that out. You are definatley on top of this stuff, after all you are the man/scientist who developed it.

    John- good job- you da man
  17. gert157

    gert157 New Member

    I believe you sent me the PDF a few weeks ago.. Would that be of any help to the person looking for your regimen?? I believe it is still in my mail.. Let me know if I can help you get this new person(sorry I forgot your name) the information..... I am not real computer literate but would be willing to try and help........
  18. gert157

    gert157 New Member

    Ok Hank,
    Since you acknowledge much of what you write is over people's heads, why do you do it??? That is why I suggested ego was involved here.. You mentioned that you all are not debating but you are "informing" if that is true, why all the nit picking about wording....."remission factor" for one.. How is that informing anyone? It's not...... Hank, you know me I'm not a big mouth, I'm getting thru this bastard of a disease the best way I can, each day a different day, and I don't see how you using 16 letter words and writing paragraph after paragraph of things I certainly don't understand, quite frankly I don't care to understand if someone takes off on a rant.... I stand by what I said, this seemed very ego like and a "pick me pick me" kind of thread.......... Unproductive...Your words have to be relatible Hank, if you're gonna take the time to write it, write it so the average person can understand, then it becomes useful, not jibberish........ I'm with Faded Rose, I don't get half of what you say..... I remember when you first joined this forum, I could understand you then.........
    I want to get this new person JOH pdf so they can take it to their dr. and see if its ok for them to take the supplements, period.... I will not engage any further in this thread, I repeat, I find it unproductive and setting up a scenerio for bickering and big time no-no and you know this Hank....... Lets stop it now and get back to helping and comforting and supporting one another that's what this website is for.... Using words and theories the average person can understand..........
  19. bulldogs

    bulldogs New Member

  20. dillon

    dillon New Member

    Sholly, Good luck to you with the JOH regimen. It worked beautifully for me for about 6 months then I had some issues that brough on quite a bit of stress and I'm wondering if that is the reason it stopped working for me. I've increased the Lysine as John suggested and hopefully I see some results in the next few months. Things have been pretty rocky to say the least lately but I am hopeful and continue to take the regimen with the increased dose of Lysine.

    John, I thank you from the bottom of my heart! I was at the point after seeing several doctors that basically told me to deal with it, I felt I was at rock bottom as they say. Then after having an attack at work, a friend found your regimen. It showed me that there were possiblities and as your regimen said that it will take trial and error to see what works. Since it worked for a while for me, I know I just need to keep trying different things. I continue to take your regimen and hope that the relief I had before comes back to me. Again thank you!

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